The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5149

Zuo Tianjun has been staying in Lingtian Temple and has not left. He seems to have long guessed that Right Heaven will come to him.

Sure enough, Right Heaven Jun came, and he walked behind his hands and walked into the great hall, looking at Zuo Tianjun sitting next to him, loudly: “The Great Desolate relic, this Monarch has been selected, no need to be from the discipline Choose among the groups.”

“Oh? Who do you want to choose? How dangerous is the Great Desolate ruins? You should know better than anyone else. The general discipline goes, only dead end.”

Zuo Tianjun looked toward towards Right Tianjun, said with a smile.

Right Tianjun looks cold and said: “Since you know, let the general discipline go, only the dead end, you also choose from those disciplines? Tiangong’s discipline has a big fearless spirit, if you really let them go, They will never hesitate, but you know that you are taking their lives and joking.”

Right Tianjun and Zuo Tianjun don’t know how long they have been fighting. For Zuo Tianjun, nature knows very well. Although both sides are for the Heavenly Palace, Zuo Tianjun only seeks the purpose, does not seek the process, as long as it can achieve the goal, then the big one. Sacrifice, he doesn’t care very much.

“hehe, you don’t have to bend your feet, you just say, what do you think of?”

Zuo Tianjun asked.

“You and I have been to the Great Desolate ruins. I know the dangers. To be safe, I have to dispatch the most talented discipline in the Temple. If they can’t get the Great Desolate weapon, it would be useless to send other disciplines.”

Right Tianjun said.

“The most genius of the identification? At present, only Ye Mo is the most talented discipline in the Temple of Heaven.”

Zuo Tianjun said with a smile, and this voice fell into the ears of Right Heaven, but he was full of sneer.

What is not clear about this sentence is that you want to force Ye Mo to go out of the mission?

“Ye Mo innate talent is very strong, the top two in the list, but cultivation is still very weak. It is also dangerous to enter the Great Desolate ruins. Therefore, this Monarch believes that let Ye Wuhen and Yang Jian follow the action together.”

Right Tianjun said, the scorpion looked toward towards Zuo Tianjun: “What do you think?”

Zuo Tianjun’s expression is unchanged, but he said: “Ye Wuhen is nothing, but this Monarch’s discipline is currently retreating and making final preparations for the challenge Deva Path. It is not easy to get out.”

“In this case, there is no need to talk about it. You choose ten disciplines to go to the Great Desolate mystery. This matter has nothing to do with this Monarch.”

Right Tianjun’s sleeves are ready to leave.

Zuo Tianjun’s smile was slightly stiff, and he did not expect that this right Tianjun would actually come with him.

He also bite his teeth and finally compromised. “Well, this Monarch will let Yang Jian go out and let Ye Mo, Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen three disciples, and go to the Great Desolate ruins.”

In response, Right Tianjun also slowly walked out of the great hall.

Zuo Tianjun looked at the back of the right-day monarch, and he was sneer again and again: “Right Heavenly King, do you think that using this method, you can protect Ye Mo? As long as Ye Mo leaves the Heavenly Palace, he will die.”

The left and right Tianjun finally reached an agreement and agreed to let the three geniuses of the most powerful Tiangong go to the Great Desolate ruins.

Right Heaven Jun conveyed this matter to Cang Tianjun. Cang Tianjun immediately brought Ye Mo summon over and said directly: “disciple, before, what you said to the teacher, you should know, and finally, Tiangong decided Let you go to the Great Desolate with Ye Wuhen and Yang Jian.”

“I understand!”

Ye Mo nodded, has already prepared for the task, since Cang Tianjun has let him out of this task, it must have been coordinated.

“Tomorrow, you will start with the teacher!”

Cang Tianjun continued: “With you into the Great Desolate ruins, there are two gods, one of them is Ye Wuhen, you should have seen at the banquet, the strength of Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation, as for the other one, called Yang Jian, also the Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation, is the discipline of Zuo Tianjun.”

“Tiangong is going to let us three act together?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes, the two of them are acting with you. Although you are all the disciplines of the Temple of Heaven, but for them, you have to keep your mind, understand?”

Cang Tianjun reminded him.


Ye Mo nodded, said: “That day, the discipline will stay with you for the day.”

Cang Tianjun bowed his head and closed his eyes and meditated. As for Ye Mo, he sat on his side and stopped talking.

Both the mentor and the teacher, at this moment, are extraordinarily quiet, as if the outside world had a big shackle, and they could not pass here.

After a few hours, Cang Tianjun opened his eyes and looked at Ye Mo. He said: “Disciple, there is one thing for the teacher to ask you.”

“Why are you cultivation?”

Hearing the words of Cang Tianjun, Ye Mo gave a slight glimpse and did not expect that his master would ask him such a question. For a moment, he also opened his eyes, slowly said: “To protect his loved ones.”

“If there is no protection?”

Cang Tianjun asked another question.

“If there is no protection, I can only explain that I am not strong enough. Because it is not strong enough, there are many things that cannot be done. Therefore, I have to work hard to become the powerhouse of Heaven and Earth.”

Ye Mo is powerfully replied.

“Not strong enough?”

Cang Tianjun muttered to himself, and then sighed, saying: “If my child is not dead, perhaps, it is as big as you are, and it is also in the sky.”

“Master, have you ever had a child?”

Ye Mo was a little surprised and curious on his face.

“Hui Ji Tianjun is my Junior Sister. Although she has never acknowledged the relationship between us, we are in love with each other, and she still has our children, but because of one thing, for the sake of the teacher The interests of the Tiangong caused her to suffer the powerhouse, causing the child to be gone. From that day on, she began to hate to be a teacher.”

Cang Tianjun told Ye Mo about a story hidden deep inside.

“Sometimes, even the teacher is thinking, why is the teacher so sheltering the Heavenly Palace, what is it for? The teacher can’t protect his children, how can he protect this temple?”

When Cang Tianjun said it, his face was dimmed a little.

Ye Mo naturally heard the grief of Cang Tianjun’s heart. He said: “Master, you don’t have to blame yourself. In fact, the discipline sees it. Although Hui Ji Tianjun still blames you on the surface, she has forgiven you. ”

“She will never forgive her as a teacher.”

Cang Tianjun shook his head, his eyes looked forward to Ye Mo, said: “disciple, the reason why the teacher said so much to you, because the teacher has already treated you as your own child, so the teacher does not want Do you have any danger, understand? Promise to be a teacher, be sure to come back alive!”

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