The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5151

Before coming here, Zuo Tianjun had already told him about some of the Great Desolate ruins, so he was more careful.

In the past, he did something impulsive, because his strength was too strong, especially now, in Heavenly God Realm, it is absolutely invincible existence, and breakthrough is just around the corner.

For the Heavenly Palace, he still decided to come here.

However, it is very careful!

“These ancient visions do not know how they were born. It is said that these ancient visions are to block the existence of the powerhouse.”

Ye Mo expression is also a little nervous, and I sighed.

Before they left, Cang Tianjun had to come back alive to prove the danger here.

“Ye Mo, in our three disciplines, your innate talent is the strongest, but the cultivation base is the weakest. You don’t want to drag our hind legs. Once there is danger, I can’t guarantee that I will save you. After all, it is most important to complete the task.”

Yang Jian looked towards Ye Mo, could not help but say one.

For him, the task is the most important. As for the others, there is no point at all.

They came here this time, but they shouldered the hope of the Heavenly Palace. It is also their responsibility. There is no point in life before these lives.

“Don’t say that many, I will protect myself, I will be in danger, and I will not save you. In a word, the task is the most important.”

Ye Mo looked at Yang Jian and smiled a little.

He knows that characters like Yang Jian have been influenced by Zuo Tianjun. Whether or not Zuo Tianjun sent Yang Jian to kill him, Ye Mo would not expect this Yang Jian to save him.

Soon, they flew to the end, with a white light, which was the entrance to the Great Desolate ruins.

After passing this entrance, it is really a remnant of the Great Desolate.

“You remember to keep up!”

Yang Jian finished the sentence, it was directly flying into the entrance of the passage. As for Ye Wuhen, he did not speak, but also followed the past.

“It seems that it is really dangerous, and you don’t have to count on them to save.”

Ye Mo thought of this, but also followed directly to fly in.

When they came out of the entrance, there was an endless Void 茫茫, which Void didn’t know where to go.

As for the foot, it is a broken continent, looking from afar, full of emptiness, vast and endless, everywhere is a hole in each and everyone.

These holes seem to be what hits.

Hong long!

At this time, Void suddenly dropped a flash of lightning and rushed directly to the three discipline.

Their faces changed dramatically, and they were directly moved to avoid the three directions. The flashing thunder and bombardment went straight to the point where they had just left, and they blasted a huge pothole.

“This geology is very sturdy. The general attack may not be able to cause any harm to this geological area. It is actually a lightning strike that can make such a terrible attack.”

Ye Mo secretly marveled, he looked around all the way, it was a scene of the sky, everywhere in the distance, the ancient flash of lightning that landed, and even the eight wild storms, various visions, from time to time burst out, there is a kind An ancient and desolate taste.

Here, it seems that there is no life aura, all around a piece of time, the surface is covered with the threads of the years, showing the ancient and the sky.

The three gods gathered again, and all around swept the sweep, not dare to have a slight care.

When you come here, you may encounter a big robbery of drops from the sky at any time. Once you are hit, you will die.

“This should be the Great Desolate ruins. What we have to do now is to find the Great Desolate weapon here.”

Yang Jian said.

“In this case, let’s not split up. There should be no other signs of life.”

Ye Wuhen explored it and found that there is nothing dangerous except for the harsh environment. Just pay attention to it and there is nothing.


Ye Mo waved her hand and said: “Tiangong makes us three disciplines together. We better not to split up. If we are in danger, we can work together.”

“Ye Mo is right. At the moment, we are still working together.”

Yang Jian also agrees with Ye Mo. He talked about a lot of things from Zuo Tianjun. Zuo Tianjun used only one danger to describe it. This place, although not seen at the moment, is dangerous.

However, he did not dare to despise.

At the moment, the three disciplines are gathered again and go forward.

Every time they take a step, they are very vigilant.

When they came here, they had to beware of it.

Moreover, the more peaceful the eyes are, the more they feel that something is wrong.

“I can’t think of it for so many years, I have come back to this place!”

At this time, Ye Mo’s with the the body, resounding a voice, is actually the voice of the power of rebellion.

“How come you started talking at this time?”

Ye Mo curiously asked.

“This is to isolate the outside world. Even if the seat wakes up, those heavenly kings can’t feel it. As for the two disciplines next to you, their cultivation base is still shallow and not afraid.”

Said the power of rebellion.

“Resist the power, listen to what you mean, have you been here?”

Ye Mo continues to communicate with the power of rebellion.

“This seat is coming out from here. Naturally, I have come here. You know, where is this? This is the with the body World of the Great Desolate.”

The power of rebellion.

“What? Within the body World?”

Ye Mo was shocked. Every Eternal Realm’s powerhouse has the with the body World. Basically, most of the gods, with the body World are empty, used to collect their own things, only very few The gods, like Ye Mo, will come out with a Great Array in the body World ,cultivation.

“Yes, his within the body World is the so-called Great Desolate ruins. There are many magical treasures in it. Unfortunately, you can’t get it.”

Said the power of rebellion.

“You mean Great Desolate weapon?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but ask.

“of course not!”

The power of rebellion, said: “The Great Desolate weapon is just the most common treasure in his place. The magical treasure in this seat is the three great Desolate of the Great Desolate ancestors, Divine Artifact. In that year, he split the heavens and Earth apart’s Great Desolate, the Great Desolate, and the Great Desolate town.”

“What? Is there such a treasure in it?”

Ye Mo was amazed and listened to his name. He knew that the three Great Desolate Supreme Divine Artifacts were very powerful and should be the three magical treasures of the great Desolate ancestors.

“Then you should know where?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but ask.

“This seat naturally knows where it is, but with your current cultivation base, you will die.”

The power of rebellion is low, and only the extremely powerful Tianjun can reach that place.

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