The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5152

This Great Desolate ruin is actually equipped with the strong Great Array method. Heavenly God Realm’s powerhouse can enter. As for the reversed powerhouse, it will immediately encounter a vision attack.

Therefore, the place where the three Great Desolate Supreme Divine Artifacts are sealed is not accessible to the gods.

The cultivation base is high, can’t get here, the cultivation base is low, and there is no strength to get the three Divine Artifact.

Hearing this, Ye Mo couldn’t help but say: “It seems that I am happy.”

“There is nothing to do with the joy of empty space. With this seat, at least you can be sure that you are safe and sound, and you are looking for a few pieces of Great Desolate treasure. Otherwise, you will definitely return empty-handed, and maybe fall here. ”

Said the power of rebellion.

“What is the origin of this Great Desolate ancestor? What is your origin?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but be curious to break the existence of Heaven and Earth. This strength is too terrifying.

“Young fellow, don’t you know, curiosity kills the cat? At the moment, it’s not what you should know. When you have a certain chance, you will naturally understand.”

The power of rebellion said: “Now, what you have to do is to complete the mission and bring back the Great Desolate weapon, so that the Heavenly Palace will seal the power of the destiny.”


Ye Mo was a little surprised, very puzzled. According to the truth, should this power of rebellion not hate the Heavenly Palace? Why would you agree to let Tiangong seal the power of destiny?

Could it be that the strength of the four Great Desolates, and the competition?

“Well, you don’t have to ask too much. When you are promoted against the heavens, this seat will tell you something.”

Said the power of rebellion.


Ye Mo nodded, no longer ask, the power of his life to follow him, should not harm him.

“If you move on, you will actually enter a vision area where Wind, Fire, Thunder and Lightning are rampant. Once you enter it, it is very troublesome. You should find a chance to open them. It is best to let them die here. These two young fellows, innate talent are not weak, and if they grow up against the heavens in the future, they must be your enemy.”

Said the power of rebellion.

Obviously, the power of rebellion is to kill the heart, do not want to let them grow up, innate talent strong discipline, promoted to the opposite world, it is truly a climate.

Zuo Tianjun wants to kill Ye Mo, which is also the truth.

“They are two, it should not be a bad person.”

Ye Mo shook his head. According to his speculation, Zuo Tianjun could not send Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen to kill him. Instead, he would send other experts. As for the two disciplines, the most important purpose is to complete the task.

These two disciplines, one character is arrogant, one character is restrained, and has been influenced by the Heavenly Palace since childhood. Everything is also for the Heavenly Palace. In essence, they are not bad people.

Zuo Tianjun is a true ambition, and it is enough to ask sin and him simply by colluding with evil.

However, he is Zuo Tianjun, who has a high weight and a general god. He simply cannot move him.

“Oh, this year, there are too many pedantic gods. There are too many gods used by people. How many gods are really good and wise for the Heavenly Palace?”

The power of rebellion is coldly snorted and no longer speaks.

Ye Mo stopped and said: “Yang Jian, Ye Wuhen, I am afraid there is danger ahead. Why are we going in which direction, how?”

Moving on, you will naturally fall into the Great Array and will encounter attacks from Wind, Fire, Thunder and Lightning.

These vision attacks can be violent, and once they are hit, they must be annihilated.

“Why don’t you go ahead?”

For Ye Mo’s proposal, Yang Jian naturally does not agree very much, light snorted.

“Because there is danger ahead!”

Ye Mo indifferently said.

“Is there a danger ahead? How do you know that this map does not show up, there is danger ahead.”

Yang Jian holds the map in his hand, coldly said.

He obviously has some doubts about Ye Mo, because Zuo Tianjun swears at him and makes him be careful about Ye Mo. Maybe Ye Mo will do something here.

Sure enough, this Ye Mo is moving.

They are doing well, why is Ye Mo suddenly saying that there is danger ahead?

“My Master said.”

Ye Mo indifferently said.

“What did Cang Tianjun say? Who are you? Don’t think that Cang Tianjun has been here, my Master has also been here, this Great Desolate relic, incomparable gigantic, and the location is different every time.”

Yang Jian sneered, said: “You just need to follow us and you can find the mark that my Master made here.”

His map is just a part of the area. The Great Desolate remains so large that it can be mapped to the map.

Of course, the mark may also disappear completely. After all, the terrain has been changed tremendously for so many years.

“If he doesn’t agree, let’s go with it. There is this seat, the Great Array of Great Desolate, but it won’t hurt you.”

The voice of the power of rebellion passed over.

Ye Mo is no longer talking, and behind Yang Jian, he continues to move forward.

Sure enough, I didn’t take a few steps.

With a bang of hong long long, Void flashed a path of pitch-black flame, and the three gods turned and looked at Void, the endless flame of a path of, which was falling far away from the sky. .

This a path of black fire, landed, like a meteor fire, falling constantly.

“Young fellow, this endless flame seems to attack you. In fact, it is to arrange a battle, but you don’t have to worry, you just have to stand in the center of the law, there is no danger.”

Said the power of rebellion.

“Not good, dangerous!”

Yang Jian complexion slightly changed, my heart was fierce.

As Ye Mo said, it is dangerous here.

“This flame is powerful, but the speed of landing is too slow to hurt us.”

Ye Wuhen’s face is slightly dignified, said solemnly.

Countless endless flames, slowly descending, hiding the sky and covering the earth, with a fierce offensive, shocked down, like a path of the meteor.

However, Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen instantly launched a powerful cultivation base, in which the body shape flashed in succession, and those fires and rains could only be wiped by them, but they could not be harmed at all.

As for Ye Mo, it flashed too, and escaped the thunderous fire that lasted a scent.

“It’s just that!”

Yang Jian sneered, looking at the burning flame on the ground, his face showed a disdainful expression.

However, at this time, the black flames on the ground actually began to connect with each other, forming a flame array, which directly surrounded the three gods.

In particular, the four orientations of the law, rising out of four pitch-black flaming giants, blocking four directions, completely blocked the three gods.

Suddenly, Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen were dumbfounded, and their faces were incredibly expressive.

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