The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5154

Today, Ye Mo is considered to be in the most dangerous situation. It can be said that it is the best time to kill him. Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen still have not shot, but to save him, completely dispelling Ye Mo’s scruples on both of them.

“it is good!”

Yang Jian points nodded, the double wolf in the hands, is also a slight fierce, ready to start.

However, at this time, a form suddenly landed, and it was the Tiangong Seven Dragons, which directly stopped Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen.

This sudden scene made Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen all look awkward.

How did this day suddenly appear in the palace seven dragons?

“How come you?”

Yang Jian asked curiously.

“There is no beginning to let us come, the purpose is to kill Ye Mo, when he was the identity of the ancestral inheritance, he killed the discipline of the beginning of the king without Young Master Ye, today, we will kill He, revenge for the discipline of the beginning of the king.”

Said Dragonly Heavenly Venerable.

Ye Mo saw the sudden appearance of the seven forms, first shocked, his face immediately showing sneer, it seems that the real want to kill him is not Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen, but the Tiangong Seven Dragons.

Perhaps, this Tiangong Qilong has already entered here, waiting for an opportunity to ambush him.

“Longdi Heavenly Venerable, you do this, isn’t it?”

Ye Wuhen couldn’t help but say: “He is the discipline of Cang Tianjun. Although the grudges between your ancestors and the inheritors, I should not intervene. However, once Cang Tianjun is investigated, it is not very good!”

“What’s not so good? He killed No Young Master Ye. Didn’t he have pursued him? The grievance between the ancestors and the inheritors was solved by ourselves.”

Dragonly Heavenly Venerable said that with a big hand, the other six dragons directly surrounded Ye Mo.

When Ye Mo saw it, he probably guessed that the Seven Dragons were afraid to unite and form a formation to kill him.

However, Ye Mo is sneer again and again, saying: “I don’t think you will be shooting, but you really thought you could kill me?”

“Oh, now that you are caught in this eight storms, you can’t escape. Today, you will die.”

Heavenly Venerable coldly said: “Want to blame, you blame you for killing No Young Master Ye, of course, and the identity of your ancestral inheritance. Originally, you became the eighth dragon of the Tiangong, and perhaps you can also fight with us. Unfortunately, you don’t have this opportunity.”

Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen also shook their heads, and they didn’t think of such a thing.

However, Yang Jian still stood up and said: “The grievance between the Dragonly Heavenly Venerable and your ancestral inheritance, I should not have intervened, but it is not so good that you are in danger.”

“Yang Jian, really want to kill a god, no matter what process, we only ask for a result. When the true body kills Ye Mo, it will go with you to find the Great Desolate weapon. At that time, Cang Tianjun asks, you only Need to say, Ye Mo fallen in the Great Desolate ruins!”

The Dragon Emperor screamed and said: “Six Dragons, we will display the Great Array together and kill it directly.”

The seven dragons sang aloud, and behind them, they all floated five dragon souls, especially the Dragonly Heavenly Venerable, which actually had seven dragon souls.

A total of thirty-seven dragon spirits emerged and turned into thirty-seven Daofather dragon phantom, which directly blocked Ye Mo.

At the same time, their chaotic divine strength is also connected, turned into a dragon slaughter method, to directly kill the Ye Mo this dragon.

Ye Mo is in the Great Array, but there is no panic, but said with a smile: “Thirty-seven dragon spirits, not bad, since you want to kill me, then don’t hang me, you are welcome, perfect Saint Physique, Chaos is one!”

Hong long!

Ye Mo directly shows the chaos, a Great Array, which spreads directly, but instead shrouds the Seven Dragons.

As for the eight wild storms, they were also touched, and the madness began to sweep the storm. However, in the midst of chaos, there was no use at all.


At the same time, Qilong was shocked. He did not expect it. It would be such a scene. Ye Mo, who was able to directly perform Saint Physique and break through the storm, directly blocked them.

They want to escape, but unfortunately, it is too late, because they have just prepared to arrange the dragon squad, and want to take it back immediately, it is impossible, and even encounter the backlash of the dragon.

Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen, also startled, stepped back and forth, and escaped the blockade of the ninety-nine.

“This is his chaos. It turns out to be a Great Array. It’s really amazing. If we are not far away from him, I am afraid I will be caught in the Great Array.”

Yang Jian was surprised.

“Yang Jian, what do we do now? Now, Ye Mo shows that it will kill the Tiangong Seven Dragons.”

Ye Wuhen couldn’t help but say.

This day, the Seven Dragons and their relationship are good, not to mention, Shenglong Tianjun is still their uncle.

“This thing, we still don’t want to intervene, the grievances of the ancestral inheritance, let them solve it themselves. Whoever lives and who dies is not something we can manage.”

Yang Jian obviously does not intend to shoot!

“If that’s the case, then let’s wait patiently!”

Ye Wuhen is also nodded, looking at the Great Array in front of him, and I don’t know what happened.

After a long time, Ye Wuhen couldn’t help but ask: “You said, who will survive?”

“Not good said that although Ye Mo showed a nine-nine return, the strength of the seven dragons is also out of the ordinary, although among them, the cultivation base is high, but the Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation, but they are seven dragons cultivation, It’s all the means of killing dragons. It’s very simple to kill the ancestral inheritance.”

Yang Jian analyzed it.

A pair of seven, this battle, Ye Mo how to have no chance of winning!

Moreover, the Tiangong Seven Dragons are the real seven dragons, all of which are success Refining Heaven. Together, I don’t know how many ancestral inheritances have been killed. Ye Mo is just a ninety-nine one-on-one, and simply can’t help Tiangong Qilong. .

“That may not be!”

After all, Ye Wuhen has seen Ye Mo’s means. He once returned to the game with a nine-nine return.

Therefore, whoever wins this battle is still a suspense.

“Tiangong Qilong, not as simple as you think, and they are lying here, do you think they have no preparation? It seems that no beginning is a revenge, after all, Ye Mo killed his discipline.”

Yang Jian sighed.

“Ye Mo is not as simple as you think.”

Ye Wuhen said.

“In this case, how do we gamble?”

Yang Jian sai嘴said with a smile : “I bet the Tiangong Seven Dragons, the bet is to do one thing for each other.”

“it is good!”

Ye Wuhen points nodded, then, they are waiting for the results, to see if this battle, who can survive.

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