The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5155

“This fellow, actually directly opened the Great Array, what should we do?”

“Don’t worry, as long as we can find the source of the Great Array, we can directly kill it.”

“Perfect Saint Physique can’t last long, and once he lifts the Great Array, he will die.”

The Seven Dragons were in the midst of the ninety-nine, and they were slightly panicked and even lost their way.

Already have a few dragons, I feel a little panic.

Among them, although they have Refining Heaven, but the real cultivation base is higher than Ye Mo, only the Dragonly Heavenly Venerable and the dragon scales Heavenly Venerable, the Dragonly Heavenly Venerable still swallows a lot of pill medicine, in a short time, Cultivation went to Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation.

As for the other five dragons, they have just stepped into Refining Heaven.

The reason why they have the confidence to kill Ye Mo is because they have mastered the Great Array.

“Tiangong Qilong, tell you the truth, it was just that I deliberately fell into the Great Array of Eight Storms. I want to test it. Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen, really want to kill me. As a result, I actually attracted you. , okay, let me erase all of you!”

In the Great Array, the loud sound of hong long long is passed.

Then, the entire Great Array began to vibrate. The 81 light column began to rotate, and finally a Primal Chaos-colored rays of light shot, madly rushing to the Seven Dragons.

In the return of the ninety-nine, Ye Mo is the real Ruler, he is to kill all the dragons in one fell swoop and get all the dragon souls in them.

In the Great Array, the Seven Dragons gradually began to calm down, because the array of methods they had assembled together had already been completed. At the center of the formation, there was a giant of Three Heads and Six Arms.

His three heads have different expressions. As for the six arms, they hold different weapons. They are not long swords or long knives. There is also a huge white pheasant, a Vajra circle, which seems to kill the dragon.

As soon as the giant dragon appeared, the daylight began to stir constantly, stirring the whole space into a huge whirlpool, and letting the chaotic rays of light attack, it is difficult to hurt them.

I have to say that the seven dragons united together, and the great Array of the dragons that they turned into is very powerful. In those days, they used this trick to kill a god of Refining Heaven.

You must know which time they are ordinary gods.

Nowadays, they all reach the mood of Refining Heaven, even if they are in the midst of the ninety-nine, they are not weak.

Perfect Saint Physique is powerful, but it also has shortcomings. It is not a long time to maintain. Once the time is up, Ye Mo returns to the prototype, Ye Mo will definitely appear again in their formation, they want to kill Ye Mo is also completely with no difficulty.

“haha, Ye Mo can’t hold on for a long time, true body wants to see, he can stick to when.”

The Dragonly Heavenly Venerable is also crazy, and the reason why the Holy Dragon Heavenly Venerable sent them over is to have a full grasp of defeating Ye Mo.

“Hey, do you think that you, the Great Array, will be able to protect you all the time? If so, let you see and see, my real means!”

At this time, the sky over the ninety-nine scenes, actually gathered a pitch-black silhouette, it is a reverse body, he is wearing a cloak behind him, covering Heaven and Earth, binocular lightning, piercing the sky.

As soon as he appeared, the black qi was infiltrated into their Great Array. At the same time, the reverse body directly rushed and slammed into the Giants of Three Heads and Six Arms.

“What? What is that ontology? So powerful?”

The Heavenly Venerable and the Dragonly Venerable Venerable, at the same time, they were all behind, they all ushered in a huge ancestor dragon phantom, each bursting out a sacred 70 two-style, fierce attack against Ye Mo, attempting to stop Under the inverse of the body.

However, those two tricks fell on the anti-life ontology, and there was no use at all. When the fate of the roulette appeared, their attacks fell on the anti-life, and they directly turned into nothingness.

At the same time, Ye Mo’s this fist is also inciting on the giant’s head. The reverse Qi of Life directly infiltrates the past and continues to wash away, to directly disintegrate it.

“This is against Qi of Life, he? He actually mastered the power of rebellion!”

Heavenly Venerable saw this scene, turn pale with fright, and the heart was shocking, as if to see the most incredible existence.

The power of rebellion, he once heard from Sheng Long Tianjun, is the most special kind of Great Desolate power among the four Great Desolate forces, because the real use can be extremely powerful, and will not be used. It will be very weak.

This Ye Mo, who actually mastered the power of rebellion, was beyond his expectations.

“This fellow, it is not simple, kill him!”

Heavenly Venerable is also a dragon spirit, only to see the dragon phantom behind him, constantly opening a big mouth, squirting a path of lightning, condensing, forming a densely packed grid, above the grid, there are strips The electric dragon, constantly flashing, condenses into a killing.

“Zhulong 70 II, Heaven and Earth Dragon!”

That grid, when it empties, directly hits the body of Ye Mo, and will cover the body of Ye Mo directly.

However, after ninety-nine, the chaotic rays of light were released again, and the 81 ray of light merged into one, instantly tearing the Heaven and Earth Dragon Net.

As for the Heavenly Venerable, the face is also white, and the entire Great Array is shaking and can’t hold on.

Once this Great Array is broken, they simply can’t hold on.

“Stand up, launch the trend of the dragon!”

The other six dragons are roaring. The dragon scorpion giant in the center of the Great Array, in the palm of one hand, directly grabs a huge Vajra circle, and slams it, and directly slams the body of the rebellion. At the same time, the four armes are long. Blade and long sword, slammed away.

This blow, in their view, even if Ye Mo’s rebellious means are more, it will certainly break the ontology.

“Reverse the attack!”

However, the anti-life of the body is not afraid. The blow of the dragon is the power of the seven dragons. They are launched together. If so, he will return all these attacks to the seven dragons.

The several attacks were bombarded on the body of the rebellion. A lot of black qi, crazy in the body of Ye Mo, ruined the body, and as for the Tiangong Qilong, it was a heavy blow at the same time, each and everyone was pale. The blood rushed out and flew straight out.

As for the Great Array of the Dragon Slayer, it was also instantly destroyed.

“How is this going?”

Dragon scales Heavenly Venerable slammed, directly stabilizing the body, and then chaotic rays of light bombarded again, making him have to resist.

“That is the means of rebellion. Reversing the attack can all transfer the attacks that it bears. It almost ignores any rules and directly blesses others.”

Dragonly Heavenly Venerable shouted: “Our dragon squad has been broken. We can only gather now, and spend it with him. As long as this Great Array disappears, we have hope. Otherwise, it is very possible. He was completely erased.”

“How is this? Why is Ye Mo so horrible? It’s the ancestral inheritance, and he still has the power of Great Desolate, and must pass this information out.”

Dragon roar Heavenly Venerable is also screaming, behind him, floating a huge Zu Long head, suddenly screamed, issued Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering dragon roar.

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