The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5157

Three Heavens continues to walk in the remains of the Great Desolate, as if the things just happened, did not happen at all.

Soon, Ye Mo three gods came to an area, the geology in front, with huge holes in each and everyone, each pit has a diameter of more than 20 feet.

“My Master has been here since, there are more than a thousand potholes in this area, of which there is only one pothole leading to an underground palace.”

Ye Mo continued: “Only by finding the underground palace, it is possible to find the Great Desolate weapon.”

Ye Mo owes all the information he has gained to the power of the heavens to Cang Tianjun.

“So many holes, do you want to search for each and everyone?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but ask.

“of course!”

Ye Mo’s nodded, jumped directly into each and everyone’s potholes. In fact, there are a lot of potholes here, which are direct exports to the outside world. Once they are sent out, they have to come back.

However, the next time you come in again, you may not be able to enter here.

However, the power of rebellion tells him that the potholes that actually lead to the palace underneath will convey a faint Great Desolate aura. This aura is very weak and ordinary gods cannot be felt at all.

Ye Mo is a life-threatening person and is naturally sensitive to this Great Desolate aura.

“Not this one!”

Ye Mo shook his head and jumped directly from the pothole. As for Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen, he followed Ye Mo.

Today, they are invisible and have a blind obedience to Ye Mo, because Ye Mo is familiar with the environment.

Ye Mo took Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen, searched for a few potholes, and finally stopped under a pothole.

Because, in the passage of this pothole, the Aura of Great Desolate is passed.

“This is the pothole!”

Ye Mo said with certainty.

“If that’s the case, let’s go!”

Yang Jian took the lead directly, went deep into it, and entered a channel of the veins, walking forward.

The passage was slightly dim, but for the three gods, it did not have much impact.

Moreover, this passage is very spacious, and there is no feeling of crowding in the three days.

After flying for a while, the entire passage actually had a huge shock. On the barriers on both sides of the passage, it began to madly peel off some gravel powder, revealing the relief of each and everyone.

Later, those reliefs actually came out from the stone wall and formed a statue of a statue.


The eyes of those stone elephants instantly lit up the pitch-black rays of light, began to move, suspended in the air, and intercepted the three gods.

“These stone elephants will copy your means. Once you attack them, they will instantly transform into your appearance. Therefore, it is very difficult to defeat these statues. You are the weakest. You can let the statues replicate. “”

The power of rebellion was just reminded, but Yang Jian directly rushed out and shot a statue on the body.

The statue was hit by Yang Jian, and it did not move. Finally, it directly turned into the appearance of Yang Jian, and also attacked Yang Jian.

“You are careful, these statues will be copied into your appearance, so don’t act to act blindly without thinking, you can always dodge, let me attack, let them copy me all.”

Ye Mo loudly said that he is now the lowest cultivation base realm, so that the statues are copied, Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen are to be erased, completely with no difficulty.

If all of the copies are Yang Jian, I am afraid they really have to be wiped out.

Ye Mo rushed out and slammed hundreds of punches and hit all the statues.

In the rest of the day, the statues turned into Ye Mo, flashing in the light, and attacking the three gods.

If it is a god to enter here, it must be absolutely dead, even if the innate talent is strong, alone, how could you escape the siege of so many statues?

Even Ye Mo, with the ability to leapfrog challenges, may not be able to withstand such a “self” with similar surface strength.

Moreover, these statues will be copied step by step according to their shots. That is, if Ye Mo and these statues are always fighting, the strength of those statues will get closer and closer, and in the end, they will even be exactly the same, even the challenge of leapfrog. The same ability.

It is the truth that Tiangong wants to choose a cultivation base that is low and innate talent.

Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen are both cultivation bases of Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation. To kill the statue of Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation, it is completely with no difficulty.

A few breaths of time, a lot of “Ye Mo” was destroyed by one after another, turned into each and everyone gravel, fell in the channel.

Ye Wuhen saw the gravel and sighed: “Ye Mo, Xin Zhi, you remind me in time, otherwise, it is really troublesome.”

“It’s really dangerous here!”

Yang Jian can’t help but feel up.

They are able to come here. If there is no information from Ye Mo, it is absolutely dangerous and may even be died.

“Let’s go!”

Three gods continued to move forward, and soon saw a palace underneath, and the palace gate was opened.

Here, according to the power of rebellion, it is only one of the treasures of the Great Desolate founder.

The Great Desolate’s within the body World has many treasures. These treasures are just ordinary treasures and are on the periphery.

Three days of God walked into the palace, the interior was very empty, magnificent, all around passed a faint Great Desolate aura.

On the walls of the great hall, there are ten weapons, swords and spear swords, all of which are out of the ordinary, with strong fluctuations.

“Those? Are you all Great Desolate weapon?”

Yang Jian couldn’t help but ask.

“Only one is the real Great Desolate weapon. As for the other nine, all are fake!”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but say: “Once you touch the fake weapon, you will definitely touch the Great Array here, and we will be completely insane.”

Of course, all of this is told by the power of rebellion. There are thousands of treasures in the Great Desolate ruins.

Moreover, these treasures are also graded. The treasure house they are now in is the Level 1 treasure house, which has more than a thousand. As for the number of Level 2 treasures, it will be reduced by half, and the three-pole treasure will be reduced by half to the last two. A level 9 treasure chest and an ultimate treasure trove.

The ultimate treasure trove is stored in the real treasure of the Great Desolate ancestors.

At that time, the power of the four Great Desolates was to escape from the ultimate treasure house.

These treasures are stored in different rare treasures, which are very rare treasures.

However, it is basically impossible to get these treasures. Even the Emperor and the Dragon Blood are just a Great Desolate in the Level 1 treasury.

As for the Level 2 treasury, I don’t even dare to go in.

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