The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5158

“Resist the power, you know, which weapon is the real Great Desolate weapon?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but ask.

“How can this seat know? The Great Array in this treasure chest, all arranged before the Great Desolate ancestor fall, this seat only knows the danger, but does not know, how to crack.”

The words of the power of rebellion did not deceive Ye Mo. If he really knew it, the jade of that year would have been looted here.

Be aware that anyone who can get all the treasures of this Great Desolate relic can truly become the powerhouse of Heaven and Earth.

Hearing this statement, Ye Mo’s nephew has also sunk. It seems that the current situation is not based on the power of rebellion.

They want to get the Great Desolate weapon and they have to rely on themselves.

“What are you both good at?”

Ye Mo suddenly asked.

“I am better at attacking!”

Yang Jian indifferently said.

“I am good at defense. The storm that my boneless fan can make can condense a very strong wind wall. The Heavenly Dao attack of the ordinary Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation can hardly hurt me.”

Ye Wuhen said.

“It’s better than this. I’m going to take the weapon, Yang Jian. You are responsible for helping me to resist the next possible attack. As for Ye Wuhen, you will use defense. I will take the weapon, regardless of success or not. Go, then, it’s time to act, what do you think?”

Ye Mo asked about God’s opinion for two days.

“it is good!”

Two gods also nodded at the same time, agreeing with Ye Mo’s suggestion.

Ye Mo looks at the five weapons on one side, and his face is more and more dignified. There are more than one thousand Level 1 treasures, each of which contains many arrays and institutions.

Even the Emperor of Heaven and the Dragon Blood, when they were Heavenly God Realm, they took away the Great Desolate in the Level 1 treasury, but did not go deep into the Level 2 treasury.

As you can imagine, the danger of the level 1 level treasure chest.

If it’s a single person, he doesn’t have much confidence at all. From the ten weapons, take the Great Desolate weapon.

“I want to take the weapon!”

Ye Mo walked to the edge of the wall and reached out and grabbed a long spear, because he used spear, and Ye Mo instinctively chose the weapon.

As for Yang Jian, it also sacrificed a pair of wolf scorpions, and Ye Wuhen also sacrificed a boneless fan.

Next, it is the most dangerous moment!

Ye Mo grabbed the past and wanted to hold the long spear, but he immediately felt that something was wrong, and the long spear actually began to oscillate.

Then, a burst of spear glow, from which the long spear swept out, like a volcano, directly erupted.

Ye Mo’s face changed dramatically and she retreated.


At this time, Yang Jian has already shot, and the big smother in his hand is like a scorpion, and the bombardment on those spear glows violently fluctuates.

At the same time, he even waved a big bang, a phantom that respected the Sirius, madly smashed the past and covered Ye Mo.

Ye Mo at this time has already retreated to Ye Wuhen’s side, and his body has already condensed a wind wall to resist it.

Those spear glows, hitting the wind wall, for a while, still can’t breakthrough.

“Yang Jian, I opened a hole and you rushed in.”

Ye Wuhen yelled, with a wave of his arm, opened the wall with a hole. Yang Jian saw it and drilled directly into it. The mouth of the wind wall healed again.

“You quickly pour your own chaotic divine strength into the wind wall, I can feel that this wind wall has not been maintained for a long time!”

When the words fall, the three gods simultaneously provoke the chaotic divine strength, constantly infusing the past, making the wind wall wrapping them more swept, forming an indestructible defense.

However, the long spear, which contains a very violent energy, the constant outbreak of the spear glow, has caused the entire space to blow up the spear glow storm.

If they are not protected by the wind, it is definitely not a good place to go.

“Here, it is too horrible. The Emperor and the Dragon Blood, how did they take the treasure from here?”

Ye Wuhen can’t be sucked in a cold breath.

Fortunately, this time they are the three gods to act together. If they are alone, they will definitely die.

“You see no, deep in the palace, there seems to be a door, perhaps to another palace.”

Yang Jian also said: “My Master was in this treasure house, and he said, if you can succeed to get the treasure, it may open the door of the next palace.”

His words have just fallen, his face changed in vain, because the spear glow of the outside world has swept more violently, and the wind wall of all around has begun to be distorted and may break at any time.


Ye Wuhen yelled.

However, at this time, Ye Mo’s body was shocked, and he frantically poured his chaotic divine strength into the wind wall.

Today’s Ye Mo, the chaotic divine strength is comparable to the god of the 70 eight power source, I don’t know how strong it is, even if Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen add up, it can not match his chaotic divine strength.

Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen were surprised to see the defense of the wind wall re-enhanced and the incredible look at Ye Mo.

“Ye Mo, it seems that you got their dragon soul, and the ancestor strength of Dragon has improved again.”

Yang Jian exclaimed.

Ye Mo only combines the three dao force sources, and the chaotic divine strength is so powerful. In his view, one is that the strength of the dragon is too strong. In addition, Ye Mo has cultivated some special means to be able to source the power. All are poured into the power of the true body.

Of course, there is still a possibility, that is, the power of Great Desolate, but in the books of the Temple, the conditions of the power of Great Desolate have been recorded.

The first point must be an inverse heavenly powerhouse.

Therefore, in the recognition of all Tiangong gods, Heavenly God Realm’s powerhouse is impossible to control the power of Great Desolate.

This is also the day of that many kings, seeing the power of Ye Mo, did not guess, Ye Mo mastered the power of Great Desolate.

“Yes, now, I just got their Dragon Soul, the power of the true body, it’s already a hundred feet, not necessarily weaker than you.”

Ye Mo is still a bit modest. Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen are not mediocre people. They only compete for chaotic divine strength. They think they will not be Ye Mo’s opponents.

As time went by, the spear glow of all around was also slowly dissipated, and the three gods also recovered the chaotic divine strength.

The wind wall disappeared, and Ye Mo was also relaxed. “There are still nine weapons, which means that if we are bad luck, it is very likely that we will pick the wrong eight times.”

It seems that it is not that easy to take the Great Desolate weapon from it.

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