The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5159

“I hope that luck can be better. I just didn’t want to experience it again.”

Yang Jian shook his head. In the dangerous scene just now, although they were thrilled, he didn’t want to come again.

“I can only look at luck!”

Ye Mo frowned, the tone is slightly dignified.

Three days God re-adjusted and tried again.

This time, Ye Mo directly locked a long sword, grabbed the past, and Ye Mo caught it, and he felt that something was wrong. He fiercely shouted: “No!”

Next, after some toss, the three gods have resolved a crisis.

For the third time, Ye Mo chose the wrong one. In the entire palace, there was a violent movement, and the energy of the bursts of madness swept away. The three gods once again joined forces to block.

Until the fourth time, when Ye Mo grabbed a long sword, but did not feel the fluctuations in the long sword, his face was happy, said: “This weapon, should be the Great Desolate weapon.”

“Be careful!”

However, at this time, the remaining six weapons, at the same time broken up, bursting out a lot of divine glow, sweeping on all sides.

If you take the wrong weapon, it will trigger the attack, this time, take the Great Desolate weapon, the other weapon, actually trigger the attack.

Yang Jian perceives the change, fierce shouted: “Ye Mo, you flee with the weapon, I will cover you!”

Between the words, his body began to change directly and turned into a huge Sirius.

On that day, the wolf body was more than 30 feet long, and the whole body was sunk to the blue, and the fangs were turned out, which was directly in front of Ye Mo.

“Ye Mo, let’s go!”

Ye Wuhen also feels very dangerous. The current situation is several times more dangerous than before. It is filled with the divine glow of lore everywhere. Once you stay here for a while, you will die.

“No, Yang Jian, he will die here!”

Ye Mo saw a lot of divine glow and continued to bombard the huge Sirius, hesitated.

However, Yang Jian shouted loudly: “You are going, this is the mission of the Heavenly Palace. Everything is done to accomplish the task. Let’s go. If I am dead, I will bear the glory of the Heavenly Palace!”

The huge Sirius, madly groaning, his claws constantly waving, breaking the divine glow of a path of.

However, the great hall has too many divine glows, plus to cover Ye Mo and Ye Wuhen, he can only use his Saint Physique to stop the attack.

Finally, he finally couldn’t bear it. Saint Physique was beaten back to the prototype. At this moment, his body was full of wounds and his body was full of blood.

The divine glow of all directions is still not stopped. The big cockroach in his hand is also constantly waving, colliding with the divine glow, and bursting into a huge collision.

The powerful method of swearing is also waving, almost to the extreme, any god, if you can see Yang Jian’s performance, you will be amazed.

Unfortunately, there is no god to see.

The divine glow in the palace is too much, and the formidable power of each divine glow is enough to kill a god of Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation.

In the end, Yang Jian finally couldn’t hold on, and the body suffered several divine glows, and it flew straight out and hit the wall.

At the same time, those divine glows, once again bombarded, are endless, to completely erase Yang Jian.

The array in this treasure trove is a lore, and it is not so easy to get the things in the treasure house.

After Yang Jian resisted for a while, he finally couldn’t resist it. In the heart, there was a feeling of powerlessness.

After all, still have to fall here.

“what a pity!”

Yang Jian secretly spit out three words. What he said is a pity, because he did not breakthrough to the opposite world.

Originally, this time, he had already prepared the challenge Deva Path. However, if Zuo Tianjun had a fate about Tiangong, let him go out.

Moreover, in order to be able to complete the task, even if he sacrifices, he does not hesitate.

“Yang Jian, you are born to the god of the Temple of Heaven, and the death is also the statue of the Temple of Heaven. To honor the honor of the Heavenly Palace, in the future, you will have to shoulder the responsibility of guarding the Heavenly Palace?”

In Yang Jian’s mind, he recalled that he had just become a god, what Father had said to him.

Even if you die, you must guard the glory of the Temple.

Today, he is finally for the Heavenly Palace, to lose his life here.

In his eyes, there was a hint of despair.

In front of me, it is already a dead gray, I can’t see any rays of light.

However, at this time, his eyes suddenly brightened, and a form appeared. It was Ye Mo, and he was also a sharp eyes opened. He said, “How come you?”

“Although it is important to complete the task, but the partner is more important, I have put the Great Desolate weapon back in the distance.”

Ye Mo faint said with a smile.

The weapon is put back in place, and the formation disappears instantly!

“You this fellow!”

Yang Jian smiled, and in the heart, there was a slight gratitude to Ye Mo. Perhaps he was also instinctively afraid of death, or he was not willing to fall here.

Because, he has not broken through.

“I always wanted to stop him, but he said, if even the partners can’t protect them, how can they guard the Heavenly Palace?”

Ye Wuhen is also helplessly said.

“In the beginning, I took it back!”

Yang Jian looked at Ye Mo and couldn’t help but say.

“Nothing, you can ignore our own lives and cover us to leave, it is enough to prove that you are a friend worthy of deep friendship.”

Ye Mo didn’t care. At the beginning, Yang Jian said that in order to complete the task, he would not care about Ye Mo’s life. Now, Ye Mo gave up the task and saved his life.

“Look, Ye Mo, he put the weapon back in the same place, and the ten weapons reappeared, as if the thing just happened, it didn’t happen at all.”

Ye Wuhen pointed to the great hall.

Ye Mo and Yang Jian looked at the past, and really, ten weapons reappeared.

“This is really awesome. It seems that we want to force a breakthrough. It is not so easy. We are looking around the walls of all around to see if we can find a way to break the line.”

Ye Mo frowned, just now, the power of rebellion reminds him that there is a possibility of hiding the wall on the wall. The Great Array in this treasure chest is divided into two types.

One is the Great Array that can be forcibly broken. If it is a Great Array that cannot be forcibly broken, it must have a broken way.

Obviously, this treasure house is in the category of Second Type.

Ye Mo and Ye Wuhen are observing the wall and looking for ways to break the line. As for Yang Jian, they are swallowing pill medicine and healing slowly.

Ye Mo groped the wall and finally found a huge image on the wall in front of the palace.

In the image, there are ten gods, each holding a weapon in the hands of the gods, which corresponds to the ten weapons on the wall.

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