The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5160

The ten weapons, it is the ten weapons hanging on the wall.

However, this picture gave them a hint of what to do. For a moment, Ye Mo couldn’t see it.

“Ye Wuhen, Yang Jian, look at the picture, the method of breaking the line, maybe it is hidden in that picture.”

Ye Mo pointed at the painting.

Yang Jian stood up at this time, looking at the picture and watching it carefully. As for Ye Wuhen, he was also studying the picture.

However, after three days of research, the three gods did not study one thing.

“I seem to understand!”

Ye Wuhen suddenly spoke, his face with a smile: “Look, this is a god, although they are standing on a mountain, but there are high and low, it is likely to represent the status, standing in the highest god, holding in the hand It’s the long sword of the Great Desolate weapon.”

Hearing this statement, Ye Mo was also suddenly realized, “I also understand that as long as we follow the order, from the lowest to the high, and take away the weapon, we should be able to break the formation.”

To verify this guess, Ye Mo directly corresponds to the picture and starts taking the first weapon.

Really, when he picked up the weapon, it did not produce any fluctuations, but disappeared directly, followed by the second, the third and the fourth, and the weapons disappeared slowly.

In the end, only the long sword of the Great Desolate weapon is left.

The Great Desolate weapon, on the surface, looks like the ordinary long sword, but there is no difference, but it contains the Great Desolate aura, which is used to deal with the power of Great Desolate.

Ye Mo took the long sword and the entire space of the great hall was completely dimmed.

Hong long long !

At this time, in the depths of the great hall, two portals were opened. The first portal was over the sky and said “outside exit”. The second portal was written with the “Level 2 treasure chest entrance”.

That is to say, now they can choose to go out, or they can choose to continue to the Level 2 treasury.

“Since we have got the Great Desolate weapon, let’s leave, the front level of the 2 treasury is probably more dangerous.”

Ye Wuhen is also hesitating, perhaps, there are more things in the Level 2 treasury, but it is definitely more dangerous.

“Let’s go, I go to the Level 2 Treasure!”

Yang Jian said.

“Crisis is often accompanied by opportunities. I also want to try the Level 2 treasury. However, once you enter the Level 2 treasury, unless you get the treasure, we will never come out.”

Ye Mo indifferently said: “Once we can’t get out, it’s hard to get stuck here, and we can’t bring the weapon back.”

“Actually, I also want to try!”

Ye Wuhen also grinned.

All three of them are rare geniuses in the Heavenly Palace. Naturally, they will not be afraid of danger. Only when they are in real danger can they make their strengths even further.

“It’s better than this. We reach out and hand the back of the hand. A few leave with the Great Desolate weapon and return to the Heavenly Palace to make a difference. As for the majority, we will continue to travel. How?”

Ye Mo suggested it.

Since he came here, he naturally refused to leave like this. It is not easy for them to walk here step by step.

“it is good!”

Yang Jian also nodded to agree.

The three gods are surrounded and stretched out together. As a result, Ye Wuhen and Ye Mo, the palm of the hand, and Yang Jian is the back of the hand.

That is, Yang Jian will return to the intersection with Great Desolate weapon. As for Ye Mo and Ye Wuhen, you can continue.

Yang Jian saw such a result. Although he was not reconciled, he could only help but smile. “You should be careful!”

After all, he took the Great Desolate weapon and left.

As for Ye Mo and Ye Wuhen, they are ready to go to the Level 2 treasury.

“Let’s be careful!”

Ye Mo chanted a sentence and stepped directly into the entrance to the Level 2 treasury.

The next moment, they came to another great hall. This great hall is not the same as the first great hall. It is not magnificent, but it is very worn, and even can’t be worn out, as if it is Hell.

In this great hall, there are bones everywhere, and the reminder looks very small. It is the skeleton of the ordinary Martial Artist.

These skeletons, I don’t know how many years have elapsed, but also with the fluctuations of the bursts, which are scattered and very powerful. It is not the usual Martial Artist.

It can be seen that the masters of these cheekbones are extremely human during their lifetime.

“How can there be a skeleton? Our gods fall, can’t be turned into a skeleton? And, this bone is so small, it seems like a creature.”

Ye Wuhen glanced at the bones of the floor and couldn’t help but marvel.

If the god is trapped here, even if it is dead, it is only a statue.

“How can there be a skeleton of the ordinary person class?”

Ye Mo frowned, kneeling down, exploring the cheekbones and discovering that the cheekbones are extremely hard, even if they are now, they may not be able to destroy.

“This is not the skeleton of the ordinary person class, but the bones of ancient people!”

The power of rebellion is not to be said.

However, the words of the power of rebellion made him slightly a bit stunned.

“Ancient Heavenly Man…. What do you mean?”

He was the first to hear this ancient angel, and these ancient angels were only the size of this, just like ordinary creatures.

“The whole film of Heaven and Earth, the mystery, do you really think that there is a god? Only the gods have the power to control the entire film of Heaven and Earth? At the beginning of Heaven and Earth, there is a strong existence, then It is an ancient man.”

Lightly snorted, said: “These ancient people, perhaps also broke into this Great Desolate ruins, were killed by the array contained in the Level 2 treasury, and this level 2 treasury should be It has also disappeared.”

If you reverse the power, let Ye Mo’s throat roll sharply.

This ancient heavenly man, like his body and ordinary creatures, where did their strength come from?

Moreover, in this space, there are still ancient people?

Thinking of this, Ye Mo is also very emotional inside.

“Is this Heaven and Earth still there in ancient times?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but ask.

“This point, this seat is not clear, this seat suggests you, it is best to stop here, here is not what you can explore, these ancient people, each and everyone strength is very strong, now, all fall it’s here.”

The power of the reverse is helpful.

In his opinion, Ye Mo is completely lucky. They entered the Level 2 treasury. They used to have the ancient celestials to break in and destroy the Great Array here. If there were no ancient angels coming in, their two gods would surely touch. The array here is sure to die.

“Take all the treasures here, leave!”

Ye Mo points nodded, no longer communicates with the power of rebellion. These ancient angels, all buried here, destroying the Great Array, they are also cheaper.

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