The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5163

“this Monarch knows what you are thinking about, and you have a command plate of Cang Tianjun, you can summon Cang Tianjun, but Cang Tianjun is coming, at least you need a fragrant time.”

Montenegro Tianjun smiled lightly and looked at Ye Mo. He said: “Do you think that you can spend a fragrant time in front of the powerhouse against the heavens?”

Ye Mo is just a god of Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation, even if it can beat Mo Li.

In front of him, it is still an ant!

“You are not afraid of overturning in the gutter? You should not be too confident, Tiangong Qilong, but all died in my hands.”

Ye Mo indifferently said.

“What do you say? You killed the Tiangong Seven Dragons?”

Hearing here, Montenegro Tianjun was obviously shocked: “It seems that we really looked down on you. Since you have escaped the Tiangong Qilong chase, I can’t let you go today!”

Montenegro Tianjun increased the volume, and the whole body is also an unpredictable imposing manner.

The fluctuations caused by the imposing manner, I don’t know how strong, have completely surpassed the scope of Refining Heaven, and reached another level, that is, Breaking Heaven.

After Refining Heaven, it is Breaking Heaven, which can really break Breaking Heaven and rebuild its own avenue.


He twitched the long whip in his hand and pulled Ye Mo directly. As for the other hand, he gathered a strong offensive and shot it out.

However, just as Ye Mo arrived at the front of Montenegro, his body was directly illusory and turned into a huge array of methods that shrouded Montenegro.

“Is there a time for the ninety-nine? You have a way to deal with the gods of the same level, and there is a trace of usefulness to deal with the gods against the heavens. Do you think it is useful?”

Montenegro Tianjun sneered, his hands violently waved, a huge Montenegro, drops from the sky, facing the light beams and slamming, to destroy the light beams in the ninety-nine.

These beams were destroyed, the Great Array was broken by itself, and even Ye Mo was seriously injured.

However, at this time, the eighty-one light column began to work, and began to rotate. In the light column, the ray of light of the Primal Chaos was continuously washed out and bombarded against the Montenegro.

Although this trick did not produce any effect, it still eased the offensive of Montenegro Tianjun. Those black mountains bombarded the light column and immediately broke the light column.

I have to say that the powerhouse against the heavens is very powerful. If you take a random move, you will destroy the internal invincible defense and destroy it directly.

Ye Mo deep took a deep breath, but did not panic, made a huge laugh: “Montenegro Tianjun, do not know the time of a musk, you can destroy all the beams.”

If he put it before, he really didn’t know how long it would take.

Today, Ye Mo is promoted to Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation, and he has got thirty-seven dragon spirits, urging all the cards, his own Heavenly Dao, which is already comparable to the Refining Heaven 8 Tribulation.

This level of power, exerted a nine-nine-for-one, trapped a reversible powerhouse, and supported a fragrant time without any problems.

What’s more, this Montenegro Tianjun is just a Tianjun who has just been promoted to the sky. He hasn’t really started cultivating his own avenue. It is very difficult to break the ninety-nine back in a short time.

“How can this fellow? The strength seems to have improved a lot!”

Montenegro Tianjun was secretly surprised. He was also unambiguous. There was a lot of Heavenly Dao fluctuations in his body. He instantly rushed to the extreme and burst into all directions. He wanted to completely destroy the ninety-nine.

“Jiujiu one!”

Ye Mo is also unambiguous. Directly all the beams of light merge into a beam of light, directly blocking the horrible Heavenly Dao fluctuations.

Montenegro Tianjun was completely furious and rushed straight into the past. He punched the momentum of Mount Tai and broke the light column.

However, the huge beam of light was disintegrated and formed a nine hundred and eighty-eight light column. The Montenegro Tianjun was just broken a few beams of light.


Montenegro Tianjun is completely panicked. If he can’t immediately kill Ye Mo, once Cang Tianjun appears, his position as a prince can’t be completely saved. It is very likely that it will affect the beginning of the king.

When he thought of it, he no longer retained his means. He grabbed a pitch-black scepter in his hand, but he was the soul scepter, the chaotic Supreme Treasure he had just created.

He slammed and shouted: “Black Mountain is dead!”

A path of black qi, swept out of the scepter, gathered into a mountain, drops from the sky, breaking the space and the plane of the shackles, with a crazy offensive, directly to the Great Array.

This blow, Montenegro Tianjun can be said to have really used the full force, it is necessary to smash the Great Array and directly kill Ye Mo.

As a powerhouse against the heavens, once the Breaking Breaking Heaven mood, Heavenly Dao has to avoid it. That is to say, the rules of Heavenly Dao are difficult to bind the powerhouse of the reverse world.

For example, this space, is Heavenly Dao condensed, the powerhouse shot against the heavens, can instantly break the space, and even, the powerhouse against the heavens, want to resurrect some creatures, are with no difficulty.

This Montenegro Tianjun saw the situation is not good, and finally it was the most strong attack.

Among Void, there is a constant suppression of Montenegro and a mad rush to the Great Array.

Under these offensives, Jiujiu finally couldn’t bear it, and it was broken directly. As for Ye Mo, it was re-aggregated, and it flew out, and blood was mad.

Montenegro Tianjun sneered, the Soul Eater Scepter once again waved Heaven and Earth, a large number of black qi, gathered into a six-finger magic mountain, and pressed against Ye Mo.

“It’s over!”

Ye Mo complexion changed, the whole body was directly suppressed, and the Sea of ​​Conscioussness was also hit hard, and his eyes were black, and it was directly fainting.


Ye Mo Sea of ​​Conscioussness was directly hit by the powerful Heavenly Dao and was completely in a state of coma.

When he was awake, the Sea of ​​Conscioussness was still awkward, and he found himself in a room. He slowly opened his eyes, and realized that he was not dead. It must have been saved by expert.

“Ye Mo, you are finally awake, it seems that the situation is not so bad.”

A Taoist came over and saw Ye Mo wake up and it was a pleasant surprise.

“How is this going?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but think, he was already in the Heavenly Palace, but he clearly remembered that he was being chased by Montenegro and was suppressed.

Against the heavenly powerhouse, it is simply too easy to kill him.

Moreover, if his strength is improved, he will not be able to persist for so long.

In truth, if he is really stunned by Montenegro, it is absolutely impossible for the other party to bypass him.

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