The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5164

Ye Mo no matter what he thinks, he can’t think of it. What happened at that time, the only thing that knows the inside story is naturally the three spirits of Ye Mo, two Artifact Spirits and one anti-life spirit.

The picture, back to the scene where Ye Mo fainted.

When Ye Mo fainted in the past, Montenegro Tianjun was a slap in the face and a palm of the hand went.

However, at this time, a large number of Qi of Primal Chaos swept over and directly hit and blocked the attack of Montenegro.

At the same time, in the Qi of Primal Chaos, a palm was swept out and directly patted, and Montenegro was directly shocked.

“Dignified Heavenly Palace’s Tianjun, actually to the Heavenly Palace’s discipline, this is a complete look at the true face of the Temple of Heaven, your Tiangong, on the surface of the banner of justice, in the back, actually made such a dirty thing, Ridiculous, ridiculous!”

The Qi of Primal Chaos directly condenses into the silhouette of an old man, but it gives a peerless imposing manner.

Montenegro Tianjun stared at the old man, and finally he said: “Are you the second Primal Chaos Heaven?”

Tiangong is the second-time Primal Chaos Heaven who has been wanted for the second time. He naturally recognizes it, but he did not expect that this Primal Chaos Heaven will actually help Ye Mo.

“I am not a god now, I have a new name, called the sky!”

Since the second Primal Chaos Heaven escaped to heaven, he re-named himself a name called the Sky.

Killing the sky, this means destroying the Heavenly Palace!

He has disdain for the position of Tianjun given to him by Tiangong. He has a new mission, which is to destroy the Heavenly Palace.

“Destroy the sky?”

Montenegro Tianjun sneered: “A big tone, just because you dare to destroy the sky? Can you destroy it?”

“Only by your decision on your heavenly palace, one day, one day, your heavenly palace is destined to be destroyed.”

It was sneer, this time, he also planned to come to this Great Desolate ruins, and found that he could not get in. He was just about to leave, and he realized that there was a big battle here.

I don’t know how to look at it. When I watched it, Tianjun’s Tianjun actually killed Ye Mo directly.

Aside from the grievances of him and the Heavenly Palace, Ye Mo is kind to him, and he will naturally not die.

What’s more, the Montenegro Tianjun in front of him, in his eyes, simply can not withstand a single blow.

This Montenegro Tianjun, but the heart of Breaking Heaven, succumbed to Breaking Heaven, as for him, but the real Chaos Heaven powerhouse, condensed Great Dao of Primal Chaos, to defeat him, completely with no difficulty.

“Hey, this Ye Mo this Monarch will kill, if you save him today, can you save it later?”

Montenegro Tianjun seems to have noticed that there is a powerful aura sweeping over, letting go of a swearing, body movement, slowly disappearing in place.

Heaven looked at Ye Mo and sighed: “Little fellow, today is your life, you are staying in the Heavenly Palace, and there will be an accident in the morning and evening. Later, you are not so lucky.”

After that, he also left directly.

Just after the sky was gone, a stream of light swept from a distance and landed directly next to Ye Mo, gathering together into a vigorous silhouette, and it was Cang Tianjun.

When he saw Ye Mo, frowned, he went around and explored it. Then he swung it up and took it back to the Heavenly Palace.

……… ..

When Ye Mo woke up, it was already in the attic of Cang Tianjun.

“Nature is that Heavenly King will bring you back.”

Seeing Ye Mo is full of doubts, Daotong lightly smiled, turned a few pill medicines in his hand and handed it to Ye Mo, saying: “Cang Tianjun said, wait for you to wake up and take these pill medicines, Can gradually restore Sea of ​​Conscioussness.”


Ye Mo took the pill medicine and took it. He said, “I was rescued by my Master? My Master?”

“Meditate in the main hall of the attic.”

Dao Tong said.

Ye Mo went straight to the door and went to the main hall. After seeing Cang Tianjun, he also handed the ball: “Master, many thanks!”

“Who is the person who hurt you?”

Cang Tianjun opened the eyes and asked directly: “The other party seems to have noticed that the appearance of the teacher is to leave directly.”

“It’s Montenegro!”

Said Ye Mo gnashing teeth.

“What about Montenegro? It seems that they really started to work for you.”

Cang Tianjun’s eyes flashed a little bit of killing aura, killing aura, and asked: “However, how do you persist from the hands of Montenegro Tianjun? You sent a message to the teacher, and found you for the teacher. However, it took a lot of time to take an Incense Stick to burn.”

Although Montenegro Tianjun has just been promoted against the heavens, it is really a killing of a Heavenly God Realm powerhouse, even the Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation.

Although Ye Mo has mastered the ninety-nine, but Cang Tianjun does not think that Ye Mo can persist for so long.

“I got some fortuitous encounters in the Great Desolate ruins, and now I have been promoted to Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation.”

Ye Mo said truthfully.

“What? Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation?”

Cang Tianjun is amazed and excited. “It’s really a fortuitous encounter. Yes, you told the teacher, what happened to you in the Great Desolate ruins? What happened?”

Ye Mo told him about some of the things that happened to him in the Great Desolate ruins, and of course, it also concealed something.

“However, even if you are promoted to Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation, plus your means, it will not last long. The strength of Montenegro Tianjun, this Monarch is very clear, it is the strength of Breaking Heaven, the power of Heavenly Dao, Not that you can afford it, he really wants to kill you, you can’t hold on for a long time!”

Cang Tianjun still has some doubts.

Ye Mo promoted Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation, but he was excited, but he was not too excited. There must be some stories.

Hear this, Ye Mo is also a doubt, if it is really like the Master guess, what happened during the period.

“Ye Mo, Primal Chaos Heaven appeared, and saved you. The Montenegro Tianjun seemed to notice that Cang Tianjun appeared, and he left directly. Primal Chaos Heaven Jun also left.”

At this time, with the body World, the voice of the black front came.

“Is Primal Chaos Heaven saved me?”

Ye Mo’s heart is moving, but it’s not clear, “Master, maybe the powerhouse that passed by, saved me.”


Cang Tianjun nodded, no longer guessed: “Whoever saves you, you have nothing to do, if you have an accident, it is really difficult to blame for the teacher.”

“Master, let you worry!”

Ye Mo said.

“Hey, this Zuo Tianjun really did a good job, not only sent Tiangong Qilong, but also let Montenegro Tianjun ambush you.”

Cang Tianjun sighed: “Unfortunately, unfortunately, although he shot you, we have no way to take him.”

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