The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5165

Montenegro Tianjun shot Ye Mo, and no one can testify, plus behind the Montenegro Tianjun, but there is no beginning of the king, relying on the words of the Ye Mo family, naturally no credibility.

Ye Mo also shook his head, and Montenegro’s Tianjun almost killed him. He could do nothing, and naturally he was not convinced.

“Disciple, since you are already awake, go to Lingtian Temple with your teacher and be prepared to be rewarded!”

This time, Yang Jian, Ye Wuhen and Ye Mo success brought back the Great Desolate weapon, which is a real great contribution. Three days God can directly give seal heavens.

Although their strength has not reached the level of anti-day, it is also a matter of time, and in order to recognize the contributions of the three disciplines, it is not an exaggeration to give seal heavens.

On the following day, Cang Tianjun took Ye Mo and went directly to the Lingtian Temple of the Inner Heaven Palace.

This Lingtian Temple, only three gods can enter, except for the Emperor of Heaven, it is the right and left.

Even the Eight Great Heavenly Kings, if they do not receive orders and requests, they cannot take the initiative to enter Lingtian Temple.

In Tiangong, the most defensive building is Lingtian Temple, and secondly, it is the Tianmen Gate.

The punishment of Tianmen, the meaning of the words, is the place to implement the criminal law.

Many gods, even Tianjun, once they violate the rules of the heavens, those who are serious will be executed in the penalty gate.

At this moment, the left and right heavens are in the great hall, Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen, who are waiting in the temple.

Ye Wuhen saw Ye Mo and directly greeted the past, said with a smile: “Ye Mo, I can’t think of you being able to come back alive. After I left, what happened in the palace? How did you escape?”

Ye Wuhen is very curious about this.

How dangerous is the Level 2 treasury, and only experienced it personally!

“I am lucky to escape.”

Ye Mo said, but also deliberately looked at Zuo Tianjun.

As for Yang Jian, he also greeted Ye Mo.

Zuo Tianjun saw Yang Jian like this, but also secretly surprised. For Yang Jian’s temper, he is very clear, has always been coldly, has been alone, never greeted his peers.

Now, my own disciple, actually took the initiative to say hello to Ye Mo.

What happened to them in the Great Desolate ruins?

“Today, your three disciplines, success bring back the Great Desolate weapon, which is a great contribution. This Monarch represents the Heavenly Palace and gives you the title of Heavenly King!”

Zuo Tianjun said, there are three more robes in his hands, and it is a heavenly robes.

However, Yang Jian waved his hand and refused: “The position of Tianjun, for me, does not make any sense, Master, this day, the monarchy, you take it back, Tiangong cultivated me, what do I do for Tiangong, It should be.”

“I don’t want to, I don’t want to be remembered by some Heavenly Kings. After all, I am not a cultivation base.”

Ye Wuhen waved his hand and was not very interested in this day.

“Since they don’t want it, then I am too embarrassed to pick it up.”

Ye Mo also said.

The title of this Heavenly King does not make much sense to him. Although he gives the secret heavens, he has some improvement in his own strength. However, this kind of promotion is given by the outside world, not by its own cultivation.

“It is the most genius of the Tiangong in recent years.”

Zuo Tianjun saw three people refused to accept Tianjun robes, but they were not reluctant. Anyway, they would wear this day’s robes.

“Since you are not willing to accept it, this Monarch represents the Heavenly Palace and rewards you with a Heavenly Talisman.”

Zuo Tianjun took back the robe and took out three Heavenly Talismans and gave Ye Mo three disciplines.

This Heavenly Talisman is the most practical for them.

“In less than three years, the power of destiny is likely to be in the world. On that day, it may be horrible by the power of Pluto. Even though there is a Great Desolate weapon that you have taken back, it is also a crisis.”

Zuo Tianjun said: “Yang Jian, Ye Wuhen, then, you will fully attack the heavens, and the Heavenly Palace will fully assist you. As for Ye Mo, you will be at the cultivation of Tiangong.”

Both Yang Jian and Ye Wuhen are likely to break through the world in three years, and they will become a big climate. As for Ye Mo, it will take a lot of time.


The three disciplines are cup one fist in the other hand.

On the side of the right Tianjun, came out and reminded: “The five cultivation secrets, you still have to try the heavenly tomb, you are going to waste more than just a Heavenly Talisman, but a year, you Go back!”

Three disciplines withdrew from Lingtian Temple. As for a few Tianjun, they stayed in Lingtian Temple and talked.

“Ye Mo, when you are promoted against the heavens, I will definitely come to you to fight.”

Yang Jian stood in front of the great hall and said to Ye Mo.

At present, Ye Mo’s realm is far worse than him. He has no war with Ye Mo now.

It will not be long before he will be promoted to the sky. If Ye Mo is also promoted to the sky, he naturally wants to fight Ye Mo.

“If I am promoted to the sky, I will definitely fight you!”

Ye Mo also said.

The most genius two disciplines in the Temple of Heaven are directly related to the war. This kind of battle is not a battle between life and death, but a contest of genius.

Once they are promoted against the heavens, and only their two disciplines, they are most qualified to fight.

As for Ye Wuhen, it’s a little worse.

“hahaha, then help you advance to the sky, and soon, you will wait for me to fight Heavenly Dao!”

Yang Jian laughed heartily, it is flying away.

“I estimate that a few days later, Yang Jian is likely to challenge the Deva Path, but I don’t know, he will choose a few orders of Heavenly Dao!”

Ye Wuhen faint said with a smile.

Challenge Deva Path, the impact of the reverse of the heavens, for the Tiangong, is definitely a major event, at least, within a few years, may not happen.

In fact, many of the disciplines, the early cultivation to the extent of the ninth order of Refining Heaven, has been unable to resolve the impact.

Be aware that once the shock fails, it is death.

Yang Jian, as the most genius of the past few years, his breakthrough will naturally attract a lot of attention.

“Then would you choose a few robbing Heavenly Dao?”

Ye Mo asked a question, very curious, Ye Wuhen is also the top 20 genius in the double list.

“Rank 4 !”

Ye Wuhen stretched out four fingers, indifferently said: “My goal is to achieve the achievements of the Eight Heavenly Kings. After all, the discipline can’t weaken the Master’s name.”

Eight Great Heavens, all challenged Rank 4 Heavenly Dao, success promoted against the heavens.

As the disciple of the Eight Great Heavens, and the genius of the top 20 in the double list, naturally they will not weaken their names. Even if they cannot surpass, they will not be able to challenge Rank 3 Heavenly Dao.

Challenge Deva Path, for them, is definitely a choice for life and death, challenging the high-end Heavenly Dao, once it can’t breakthrough, it will definitely be killed by Heavenly Dao.

Therefore, challenge Deva Path is very particular.

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