The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5167

“What is the existence of this ancient heavenly man? There is no eternal body, but he has mastered the powerful Heavenly Dao.”

Ye Mo looked closely at the tomb, and there was nothing special about these stone accidents.


At this time, Ye Mo suddenly discovered that there was a stone sarcophagus, which was open, and there was a skeleton lying inside.

Upon seeing it, Ye Mo reached out and tried to grab a stone sarcophagus, only to find that there was a powerful Heavenly Dao bursting out in the sarcophagus, suddenly slamming out, bombarding him on the palm of his hand, swaying his palms and numb .

“Good and powerful Heavenly Dao!”

Ye Mo was shocked and muttered: “It seems that I want to gain something from the tomb of this day, only to start with the words on the stone.”

However, those words he simply did not know.

After racking his brain for a month, Ye Mo finally gave up, and the tomb of the tomb was really not comprehend.

It will take eleven months to get out, and Ye Mo can’t just stay like this.

Fortunately, he took the Great Desolate and took it straight.

Great Desolate Jin Dan’s energy quickly turned into a stream of streams, directly to the power of the Great Desolate with the body.

For a long time, Ye Mo could feel the Great Desolate aura, which was passed by Great Desolate, and began to climb again.

This process has been going on for a long time. Ye Mo didn’t even think that this Great Desolate Jindan was so powerful. At this speed, I am afraid that within a few months, the Great Desolate aura will rise again. Grade.

Sure enough, three months later, when the energy of the Great Desolate was completely exhausted, Ye Mo clearly felt that the Great Desolate aura, which had the power of reversal, got another breakthrough.

Perhaps, reached Earth Grade!

“This Great Desolate, is it too strong?”

Ye Mo was secretly surprised.

“This Great Desolate Golden Dan has no effect on ordinary gods. However, for the gods who have mastered the power of Great Desolate, it is the real Supreme Treasure. If this Golden Dan lets the Emperor Tiandi know, the other party absolutely I will get this Golden Dan at any cost.”

At this time, the power of rebellion suddenly sounded.

“How come you are out again?”

Ye Mo was amazed.

“The effect of Great Desolate Jindan has already pushed the power of rebellion to the level of Earth Grade. As long as this seat can converge on aura and communicate with you, there is no problem.”

The power of rebellion said: “And, you guessed it, this cemetery is indeed the cemetery of ancient people.”

“The text rubbing on the stone sarcophagus you can know?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but ask.

This power of rebellion, since I know the ancient heavens, presumably, there should be some understanding of this ancient heaven.

“This seat can tell you, but, when you get the benefit, you have to do something for this seat, how?”

The power of rebellion actually began to talk to Ye Mo about trading.

“no problem!”

Ye Mo is very happy to agree.

“You don’t want to be so refreshed. Maybe, this thing is very embarrassing. You may not be sure.”

The power of rebellion can’t help but say that what he wants Ye to do is indeed a bit difficult, but he has to do it.

“I just need to know that you won’t harm me.”

Ye Mo didn’t care, and it was definitely important that he had to do what he wanted to do.


The voice of the power of rebellion was passed over again. “There are many powerhouses in the ancient stone man, which should be counted as the powerhouse in the powerhouse.”

“Powerhouse in powerhouse?”

Ye Mo doesn’t understand.

“To put it bluntly, among the tombs of the heavens, all of the burials are among the ancient heavenly people. The famous powerhouses, such as the stone sarcophagus around you, are among the ancient heavenly people, Heavenly Dao ranked the 97th powerhouse. It’s already reaching the level of Descent Heaven!”

Hear this, Ye Mo shocked, this Descent Heaven is a more terrifying state of mind.

Cang Tianjun has just reached the state of Boundless Heaven, and it is enough to be rampant in the Heavenly Palace. As for Descent Heaven after Boundless Heaven, I am afraid that only the Eastern Emperor of Heaven in the entire Heavenly Palace will get that level.

Breaking Heaven, Chaos Heaven, Boundless Heaven, Descent Heaven.

The four state of mind against the heavens!

Today, this ancient heavenly man, a powerhouse of the 97th Heavenly Dao, actually reached the level of Descent Heaven.

“What about the first powerhouse?”

Ye Mo asked subconsciously.

“There are no first-ranked powerhouses here, not even the top ten.”

The power of rebellion said: “When you want to come, those ancient angels may not have all fallen. Now, since you enter here, don’t waste your chance to open a stone sarcophagus. Although they fall, they have their own days. Dao force, all of them are enclosed in the stone sarcophagus. Once opened, it will definitely hit many Force of Heavenly Dao. By then, you will use the ninety-nine to resolve.”

If you change to the ordinary god, if you don’t master Saint Physique like Ye Mo, you may not be able to get such an opportunity.

“Do you see that the sarcophagus is not? It has already been opened. This seat suspects that the sarcophagus was opened by the Dragon Blood Emperor.”

The power of rebellion continued: “When the seat followed Jade, the Dragon Blood suddenly surged in strength. This piece of speculation is related to this tomb.”

Hear this, Ye Mo In the heart, there is some expectation for this tomb.

Ye Mo’s gaze is looked towards the stone sarcophagus.

“There is no stone, no stone avenue, Heavenly Dao ranking, 40 VII, Descent Heaven mood.”

“Tianlei 罡, 罡 罡 大道, Heavenly Dao ranking, thirty-first, Descent Heaven mood.”

The power of rebellion introduces Ye Mo.

Ye Mo is darkly nodded. These ancient angels seem to use the name of the day, and these powerhouses seem to be terrifying, all reaching Descent Heaven.

This horrible powerhouse, how did they fall that year? Who else is there, can they kill them all?

“Ye Mo, with your current strength, choose the powerhouse of Descent Heaven, you may not be able to bear it, or look for a powerhouse in Boundless Heaven.”

Said the power of rebellion.


Hear this, Ye Mo points nodded.

In the Level 2 treasury, Ye Mo has truly learned the power of ancient people. Naturally, he dare not care. Once he forcibly opens a powerful sarcophagus, he may be shocked by the powerful Heavenly Dao. .

“The tomb of the heavens has been so many years, and there is not a discipline here. I am afraid that they simply don’t know, how this ancient tomb is, so it is cheaper to me.”

Said Ye Mo laughed.

The days ahead are still very long, as long as he waits for his realm to improve, you can continue to come here.

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