The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5168

Of course, this sarcophagus is not so open, even if it is the powerhouse that seals Boundless Heaven’s state of mind, the power of the stone seal is terrifying.

“Come on, pick it up, even if you open the sarcophagus, you may not be able to absorb it for a few months.”

The power of rebellion is reminded again.

Hear this, Ye Mo couldn’t help but ask: “Then you think, which stone should I choose? I don’t know the text rubbing on the stone.”

The power of rebellion guides Ye Mo, the toad of the most corner of the looked towards, said: “The powerhouse sealed in the stone sarcophagus, called the tianlongzi, the cultivation is the Tianlong Avenue, ranked 101, Boundless Heaven mood, ranked His former one has reached Descent Heaven’s mood.”

This Tianlongzi, cultivation of Tianlong Avenue, Heavenly Dao is the strongest of Boundless Heaven, which is the most suitable for Ye Mo.

If you choose Descent Heaven, Ye Mo will not be able to withstand it.

“Well, let me try and see if I can open the stone.”

Ye Mo’s nodded, the big hand grabs, it is to grab the stone sarcophagus, this ancient heavenly man will establish such a tomb, in fact, is also reserved for future generations, let the descendants inherit those powerhouse Heavenly Dao.

However, Ye Mo grabbed the sarcophagus and could not open the sarcophagus. The sarcophagus cover was as if it was completely integrated with the sarcophagus.

Ishigaki can’t open at all.

No matter how easy it is for Ye Mo to try, it is difficult to open the sarcophagus.

Ye Mo even had the idea of ​​forcibly destroying it, but in the end he gave up.

“Hey, is this?”

At this time, Ye Mo found some text rubbing at the bottom of the stone.

“When you go down three times, you can get my strength!”

The power of rebellion is directly read out.

Ye Mo put the stone sarcophagus down and made it directly. If it was true, the stone scorpion cover slowly moved away, a white giant dragon, which came out from the inside.

The giant dragon is an energy body filled with powerful Heavenly Dao. It has two wings on the back and is similar to Ye Mo’s Heavenly Dao dragon.

However, the Heavenly Dao contained in this giant dragon obviously does not have to be horrible, not his Heavenly Dao dragon, which is comparable.

Ye Mo spurred Saint Physique and launched with the body World, the giant dragon, which also directly entered into the body of Ye Mo.

At this moment, Ye Mo began to provoke a return to the ninety-nine, as for the giant dragon, it was suddenly bursting, turned into a powerful Heavenly Dao, constantly began to shock Ye Mo’s with the body World.

When the time came, Jiujiu returned to the scene and began to break.

Fortunately, his current chaotic divine strength is very strong, and almost instantly, the Great Array is restored, and the impact of Heavenly Dao on him is constantly being resolved.

However, Ye Mo found that this Heavenly Dao is too horrible, not a large amount, but a big one. After all is Boundless Heaven level Heavenly Dao, it is not so easy to integrate and absorb.

For a full half a month, Ye Mo couldn’t absorb the Heavenly Dao.

However, with the return of ninety-nine, Ye Mo is not too worried. It is only a matter of time to integrate it.

I have to say that this ancient celestial man is terrifying. Even if it is died, the Tiandao force left over from his life is terrifying. Moreover, it is still the most pure Heavenly Dao energy in the Sea of ​​Conscioussness. It is only ancient. People, after falling, can save this energy.

Another half a month later, the energy was finally refining by Ye Mo, and it was introduced into Sea of ​​Conscioussness to enhance the mood of Ye Mo.

These energies have made Ye Mo’s perception of Heavenly Dao significantly improved.

Originally, he was just promoted to Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation. Now, absorbing the energy of Heavenly Dao, his Heavenly Dao has a natural improvement.

Three months later, his state of mind rose again and reached the sixth stage of Refining Heaven.

In the last five months, when Ye Mo integrated all of the energy, Ye Mo’s mood improved again, reaching Refining Heaven Rank 7.

The mood is continuously upgraded by two levels, which makes him a step away from Refining Heaven.

It’s absolutely exciting to raise two levels again in eight months.

At the same time, he absorbed this Tianlong Avenue, and he was quite aware of this road.

The avenue, also the Heavenly Dao, is a new force condensed by Heavenly Dao.

Once you reach the state of Chaos Heaven, you can condense your own unique and unmatched avenues.

Although Ye Mo did not reach the level of condensation, he also got a little bit of insight.

Today, Ye Mo is promoted to Refining Heaven 7 Tribulation, and there is no pressure to beat the powerhouse of the Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation.

“One year has arrived, please leave the tomb quickly!”

At this time, the voice of the guards came from outside and urged him to leave. One year has passed. Ye Mo has to leave no matter whether Ye Mo has comprehend or not.

Ye Mo was a little bit sad, and he finally left. He got the benefit here, but he could not be known by the gods of Tiangong.

After all, no one can get any benefit in it, and re-arrange the stone sarcophagus, it is out of the secret of the heavenly tomb.

The guard saw Ye Mo coming out and hung his head, not toughly said: “Is it a waste of time in it?”


Ye Mo sighed, just ready to leave, suddenly felt that, above the sky, the sea of ​​clouds began to shake, as if there was something terrible.

After careful investigation, I found that the clouds and seas that are hundreds of miles away are all gathered in one direction. The circle of the sea of ​​clouds is swept together like a storm.

“what happened?”

Ye Mo was so shocked that he was directly shocked and looked at the distance in an incredible way.

“It seems that Yang Jian is going to hit the opposite world. This thing has already spread in Tiangong. Many of the disciplines have emerged from the retreat and witnessed this historic moment.”

The guard said.

Ye Mo eyes shined , it seems that this Yang Jian is already ready to attack the world.

He has never seen it before, and the gods are hitting the scenes of heaven.

When I thought of it, he flew straight out. At the same time, many disciplines also flew over. They all moved towards a direction, and it was the place where the clouds swept.

“It seems that Yang Jian is ready to break through the world.”

“Yang Jian should be regarded as the most talented discipline in the Heavenly Palace in recent years. I don’t know if he can break through the heavens?”

“Breakthrough is not a problem. The question is, will he choose to pick a few orders of Heavenly Dao?”

Many disciplines are extremely excited.

These days, Yang Jian wants to break through the things of heaven. It can be said that the genius is like a genius like Yang Jian. He breaks through the heavens and naturally receives a lot of attention.

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