The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5169

“Ye Wuhen said a year ago, Yang Jian will be hitting the world in the near future, and it will eventually be delayed for a year. Presumably, he still made enough preparations. However, he will eventually choose to challenge several orders of Heavenly Dao. What?”

Ye Mo looked at the movements in the distance and was very excited, as if he were in the challenge Deva Path.

He knows that the breach of the heavens is to force the breakthrough of Heavenly Dao. At this time, it will cause the anger of Heavenly Dao.

Yang Jian wants to challenge Heavenly Dao. It is also his choice. It can be said that the higher the level of Heavenly Dao challenge, the higher the upper limit of future cultivation.

Soon, Ye Mo flew to the vicinity and landed over a palace, looking out into the distance.

A large area in the distance has been directly surrounded by Tianjun, and the Great Array is arranged. Many of the disciplines want to be close, they are all intercepted and can only be viewed from a distance.

At this time, the three disciplines of Qian Yu, Shi Lei and Chen Xing also flew directly and landed in front of Ye Mo.

Qian Yu directly asked: “Ye Mo, where did you go to cultivation this year? I heard the uncle say that you have completed a big task for Tiangong this time and rewarded you with a Heavenly Talisman. You will not be holding Heavenly. Talisman went to the five cultivation mysteries? However, we went to ask again, but asked if there was no whereabouts.”

“Then did you go to the secret of the tomb?”

Asked Ye Mo.

“What? You are cultivation in the secret of the tomb? How is this possible?”

Thousands of feathers were slightly surprised. They went to the four cultivation secrets. They all asked their responsible persons, but they did not go to the tomb of the heavens to find them, because, in their view, Ye Mo could not go to the heavenly tomb.

“I did go to the cemetery for a year, but I didn’t get any benefit.”

Ye Mo reluctantly loosened his shoulders.

Shi Lei patted Ye Mo’s shoulder and comforted him: “Ye Mo, you don’t have to be too discouraged. Almost every few years, you have a discipline to go to the heavenly tomb, where you waste a year, just, We didn’t think that you were so impatient and didn’t advance to Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation and went to the grave of the day.”

Generally speaking, the discipline to the cemetery of the heavens has reached the Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation.

Hong long long !

It was at this time that Void had a loud bang and interrupted the conversation of the four disciplines.

Another group of Tianjun appeared, surrounded the area, full of two layers of defense.

Once the real Heavenly Dao is on the scene, its Heavenly Dao is very horrible, and the usual discipline, if it is close, will definitely be affected.

Heavenly God Realm breakthrough Conversely, what can be said about Heavenly Dao’s journey, the most significant disaster, once the breakthrough, is the real merits Perfection.

Once the breakthrough is against the heavens and becomes the powerhouse of heaven, the power of Heavenly Dao, I don’t know how much to raise, the chaotic divine strength has not played any role, only the ability of the source of power can reluctantly rebel against the heavens. The degree is effective.

There are two conditions for breaking through the world, the first condition, the mental breakthrough Breaking Heaven, the second condition, the victory over Heavenly Dao.

Moreover, these two conditions, almost in the challenge Deva Path, have been reached at the same time. Once a condition is not completed, it is impossible to break through the heavens.

Breakthrough Against the horizon, picking the high-end Heavenly Dao challenge, in addition to the upper limit, there is one, that is, entering the legendary Emperor Realm, it is more relaxed.

If it is challenging the challenge of Rank 3 following Heavenly Dao, it is destined to stop at the half-step Emperor Realm, it is almost impossible to break into Emperor Realm.

Yang Jian, conservatively estimated to challenge Rank 4 Heavenly Dao, will not be weak in the future.

Therefore, Tiangong naturally attaches great importance to it, and absolutely no setback is allowed.

“I actually sent so many Tianjun, it seems that Tiangong pays great attention to Yang Jian’s breakthrough. Moreover, this cloud has so many cohesives, and it has reached hundreds of miles. It seems that he challenged Heavenly Dao, I am afraid it is Not low.”

Thousands of feathers look towards towards the distance, and the implication has already been converted from red to red.

Finally, a circle of aura like the sea is finally condensed.

In this scene, it has been stated that Yang Jian has already qualified for the challenge of Rank 1 Heavenly Dao. As long as Yang Jian wants to challenge, Heavenly Dao incarnation will definitely appear.

However, this is obviously not the limit of Yang Jian.

It is also a circle of aura like a sea of ​​clouds. This aura is at least doubled compared to the first aura.

“What does it mean?”

Ye Mo looked at the changes in the distance, and asked without curiosity.

“The second Heavenly Dao has already appeared, which means that Yang Jian is already qualified to challenge Rank 2 Heavenly Dao.”

Thousands of feathers indifferently said: “In fact, some gods want to challenge Rank 2 Heavenly Dao, but they may not be qualified to challenge Rank 2 Heavenly Dao. Can you challenge the Heavenly Dao? Just look at the aura of the sea of ​​clouds.”

At this time, the third red aura appeared, and the red halo was larger and more spectacular.

Then, the implication of the fourth red aura appeared, layer by layer, like a mushroom cloud.

Four red halos appear, which means that Yang Jian is already qualified to challenge Rank 4 Heavenly Dao.

Rank 4 Heavenly Dao, once you challenge success, then the potential is enough to rival the Eight Heavenly Kings.

“terrifying, this Yang Jian, really want to challenge Rank 4 Heavenly Dao?”

“That may not be the case. Although Yang Jian is already qualified to challenge Rank 4 Heavenly Dao, it does not necessarily challenge Rank 4 Heavenly Dao. After all, no genius has challenged Rank 4 Heavenly Dao success for many years. Remember Is Huang Tianjun’s a manifest? It’s called Huangfu’s love.”

“Huangfu love? Naturally remember, she is also the top 20 genius in the double list, and the long is also very beautiful. In the Temple of Heaven, there are countless pursuers, but unfortunately, when challenging the Rank 4 Heavenly Dao, Xiang Xiaoyu It is.”

“Indeed, I want to challenge Rank 4 Heavenly Dao, not only the strength, but also the courage and courage.”

All around’s discrimination, have been discussed, no matter what, Yang Jian’s future is definitely not weak, even if it is no longer good, challenge a Rank 3 Heavenly Dao, it is far more powerful than them.

Many Tianjun, also secretly sighed, looking at the four auras, and there was a hint of envy in their hearts. In those days, they did not even qualify for the challenge of Rank 4 Heavenly Dao.

Just when all the gods thought that Yang Jian had been here, the sea of ​​clouds had once again condensed a red aura.

This aura, covered in the base, has been expanded to hundreds of miles, almost to cover a large space.

For a time, all the gods were caught in a short horror, and then there was a violent sensation.

This Yang Jian has the challenge of challenging the Race 5 Heavenly Dao.

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