The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5170

The five red halos, layer by layer, can be described as very eye-catching. In the Heavenly Palace, all the emperors, including the Emperor Elder of the Emperor, are also staring at this scene, whose face is incredible.

Five red halos, this is definitely the first time in recent tens of thousands of years, all the disciples will definitely remember this historic moment.

“Five red auras, tsk tsk, just don’t know, will he choose to challenge Rank 5 Heavenly Dao!”

Thousands of feathers are also amazed.

Ye Mo at this time, is also all around looking and found that densely packed, all are the head of the gods, all moved towards the distance.

“Yang Jian, do you really want to challenge Rank 5 Heavenly Dao?”

The voice of Zuo Tianjun was passed away, directly dispelling all the guesses of Yang. Yang Jian not only qualified for the challenge of Rank 5 Heavenly Dao, he also challenged Heavenly Dao, also Rank 5.


For a time, all the faces of the discipline changed, and each and everyone showed an incredible expression. I couldn’t believe it. Yang Jian was going to challenge Rank 5 Heavenly Dao.

Moreover, Zuo Tianjun asked this question. Naturally, Ye Mo challenged Rank 5 Heavenly Dao. However, Zuo Tianjun did not want Yang Jian to challenge.

After all, the risks are too great.

“Master, I have decided to challenge Rank 5 Heavenly Dao, no more scruples. For this day, I have made a lot of preparations. Even if the challenge fails, I have no regrets.”

Under the rolling sea of ​​clouds, Yang Jian’s voice came from the voice, and the sound went straight into the sky, wearing a cloud crack, and an imposing manner for all disciples to evoke.

Today, Yang Jian is not a powerhouse in the face of heaven, but it is being integrated with Heavenly Dao, which has produced an extremely powerful power.

“Yang Jian really wants to challenge Rank 5 Heavenly Dao.”

“It’s so exciting!”

Many disciplines are extremely excited and can see the challenge of Rank 5 Heavenly Dao, which is enough to show that the discipline of Tiangong has become more and more powerful.

Hong long!

At this time, Void once again made a huge change. The aura of the five red clouds and seas began to stack together, completely broken up, turned into a red fog, and covered the entire area.

A burst of powerful Heavenly Dao volatility, passed from inside, followed by a fierce fight, passing through.

However, there is no such thing as the gods can see inside. Challenge Deva Path is to really fight Heavenly Dao incarnation. It is not allowed to be explored by anyone. Once it is explored, it will definitely be backlash.

Public disciples, what you can do is wait patiently.

After three days and three nights, the red weapon disappeared instantly, and a form fell from the air and slammed on the ground.

Many Tianjun and disciples, looking at the weak silhouette, are secretly sighed, thinking that the impact failed.

However, the silhouette that fell to the ground slowly stood up and laughed: “hahaha haha!”

This sound, the wind and the mountains and rivers, the sound of the sky.

An indescribable imposing manner, constantly emanating, the powerful Heavenly Dao fluctuations, from his body, those of the Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation’s powerhouse, can not withstand his power.

“Yang Jian has been promoted to the sky, and success has defeated Rank 5 Heavenly Dao. The future is boundless and can surpass the Eight Heavenly Kings.”

“Yeah, he is now a real anti-world powerhouse, and his mood has already broken through Refining Heaven, but it is much stronger than the Tianjun in the middle of the Refining Heaven.”

“This scene will definitely be recorded in the history of the Temple of Heaven.”

“Yang Jian challenges Rank 5 Heavenly Dao success. Next, there is hope to challenge Rank 5 Heavenly Dao, that is, Song Wu Xue Ye Wuhen and Ye Mo. Ye Mo has a lot of time to attack the world. As for Song Yuxue and Ye Wuhen, there is great hope.”

“With Ye Wuhen’s innate talent, even if you don’t challenge Rank 5 Heavenly Dao, you can challenge Rank 4 Heavenly Dao, and you shouldn’t be underestimated.”

“Song Yuxue has been oppressed by Yang Jian before. Now, Yang Jian breakthrough is against the sky. He is finally going to make a comeback. In the Identify Heaven 9 Tribulation’s discipline, I am afraid no one can stand out.”

“That is natural, Song Yuxue’s innate talent may not be weaker than Ye Wuhen, and he has been promoted to Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation very early.”

When these figures talked, the whole space has been restored to calm. As for Zuo Tianjun, he also flew to the front of Yang Jian. The loud voice: “Yang Jian, now, you have succeeded in promotion, and also challenged Rank. 5 Heavenly Dao, the teacher will give you the identity of Rank 5.”

“many thanks Master !”

Yang Jian is a salute, this time he gave a secret heavens, he naturally accepted it.

Many Tianjun saw this scene, but also filled with a smile.

“The Tiangong has the existence of Yang Jian, and it will definitely be stronger. I don’t know how the Emperor knows Yang Jian success and challenges Rank 5 Heavenly Dao.”

“Yang Jian will be focused on training in the future. Tiangong will almost put all the natural resources on him. His future cultivation will not have to worry about the natural resource.”

Many Tianjun are also talking about it.

In the Temple of Heaven, there are three kinds of Heavenly Kings, and the first kind of Heavenly King is the Tianjun who is responsible for some important matters, such as Montenegro Tianjun, Xuanqing Valley Lord and Saint Physique Palace Palace Lord.

Second Type Tianjun is the Tianjun who controls some powers. Both Tianjun and Bada Tianjun have mastered the great power. These Tianjun are basically Rank 4, and their status is very high.

As for the Third Type Tianjun, it is the Tianjun who is truly purely cultivation. These heavenly kings represent the power of the Tiangong. The Tiangong will consume a lot of natural resources to train them and make them the guardians of the Temple of Heaven. In the future, if With the powerhouse, they will also become the sharp blade of the powerhouse in the Temple of Heaven.

Yang Jian, naturally, will choose to become the Third Type, and it is still the focus of training.

“It really challenges Rank 5 Heavenly Dao success!”

Ye Mo looked at this scene and was secretly shocked. Even if he was, he was very impressed by the genius of Yang Jian. In the future, he will definitely become his enemy.

“Yang Jian challenges Rank 5 Heavenly Dao success, all the disciples, one month off, you can leave the Temple of Heaven, and one month later, you must return to the Temple of Heaven!”

Zuo Tianjun announced again.

For a long time, all the disciples cheered. For many disciples, they were kept in the Heavenly Palace for too long. Naturally, they wanted to go to Divine World to relax and relax.

In the Heavenly Palace, only when there is a real joy, will it be celebrated.

“Ye Mo, I have been promoted against the realm. I will wait for you to advance to the heavens. At that time, I will challenge you. Although you are the second in the list, I am Yang Jian, I will beat you. !”

Yang Jian also flew directly at this time, locked Ye Mo, and challenged Ye Mo in front of all the disciplines and Tianjun of the Tiangong.

Yang Jian is the top ten in the double list. Now he challenges Rank 5 Heavenly Dao and success is promoted to the sky. As for Ye Mo, the top two in the double list, if it is promoted against the sky, the strength should not be underestimated.

However, in all disciples, Yang Jian has become a climate. As for Ye Mo, it is a problem to be promoted to the sky.

In the presence of so many disciples, Yang Jian challenged Ye Mo with a cultivation base, which gave Ye Mo a great face.

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