The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5172

Heavenly Dao is also a stage where the discipline is truly famous in this world.

Although the performance of Ye Mo in the past was outstanding, its reputation was not loud enough.

Really loud, is Heavenly Dao 擂.

At that time, when Heaven King was still Heavenly God Realm, he and Heavenly Dao had gone to Heavenly Dao and defeated him.

That battle, thrilling, unprecedented, and finally, Cang Tianjun defeated the imperial evil spirit with a weak advantage.

Of course, when it was Heavenly God Realm, nowadays, the gods have been promoted to the heavenly powerhouse for two days, and they are barely weak, naturally it is an unknown number.

Moreover, Heavenly Dao 擂, only allowing the Refining Heaven level powerhouse to participate, Tianjun, can not participate in the battle.

“Tiangong is ready to send me to fight?”

Ye Mo frowned, his face is gloomy: “Tiangong should know my current cultivation base. Since this Heavenly Dao battle, only the Refining Heaven level powerhouse is allowed to participate in the war, should it also send ten Refining Heaven ninth-level disciplines to participate in the battle?”

However, when he asked this question, he realized that there was a problem. This Zuo Tianjun seemed to collude with the evil spirits of the evil kings. The two gods were in the same league, and they must be plotting any conspiracy.

As long as Zuo Tianjun and the nine-day evil emperor say hello, the genius of the evil palace, I am afraid that he will not be lightly handed to him, and may even kill him directly.

He is deeply aware of the stupidity contained in it.

Heavenly Dao In the ring, there is very little discitle being killed, because Heavenly Dao’s rules are hard to die, unless the strength gap is too big.

“This matter, Zuo Tianjun and Right Tianjun have been negotiating for a long time, and even discussed with the Emperor.”

Cang Tianjun shook his head and looked at towards Ye Mo: “At present, in our Heavenly Palace, Refining Heaven’s ninth-order discipline, there is really not much, plus you have just promoted Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation to your horrible leap-level challenge. They all think that you are suitable for the war.”

“I am suitable for the war?”

Ye Mo sneered, said: “Master, I am even more suitable for the battle, Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation is more beautiful than the Refining Heaven 7 Tribulation, not to mention, the other party sent the discipline, must be the top genius of the evil palace, then Zuo Tianjun, no Is it clear that let me go to die?”

Currently, Ye Mo has not revealed that he has been promoted to Refining Heaven 7 Tribulation.

“Or, you don’t have to fight, but Yang Jian has just promoted Refining Heaven. You just got up. We also know Zuo Tianjun’s intentions, but you are indeed the best fit for Heavenly Dao’s discipline.”

The words of Cang Tianjun let Ye Mo also hear the helplessness.

Because, this Heavenly Dao is about the glory of the Heavenly Palace, especially the evil palace as a guardian. If the Heavenly Palace does not capture Heavenly Dao, the face of this temple must be thrown away.

Generally speaking, the guardian is basically not successful, after all, is three disciplines challenging ten disciplines.

Attacking success is very normal. Once the attack fails, it is very shameful.

“For the sake of your safety, you naturally don’t want you to participate. However, you are most hopeful and tied with them. After all, you have a good time. Once the formation is formed, you only need to delay the time. “”

Cang Tianjun said: “Heavenly Dao’s rule is that half an hour’s time, regardless of life and death, will end when the time is over, and the tie will be counted as you attack, and you will also be eliminated.”

“If you really don’t want to participate, you will find a way to get rid of it. After all, with your realm, you can not participate in this Heavenly Dao.”

Cang Tianjun is thinking about the Heavenly Palace and thinking about the safety of Ye Mo. This is also very contradictory.

However, in the Temple of Heaven, it is not really impossible to find a discussion of the attack, but in their view, Ye Mo’s ninety-nine return, may be able to drag off an opponent.

Ye Mo is still very interested in this Heavenly Dao ,, but Zuo Tianjun decided to make him feel ulterior and anger.

However, seeing the Master is so difficult, Ye Mo’s face is also smiling: “Master, since it is the meaning of the Temple of Heaven, then do it according to the meaning of the Temple of Heaven.”

“disciple, are you really going to participate?”

Cang Tianjun never thought that Ye Mo actually promised so refreshingly. After all, he also knew that the genius of the evil palace really met him and would never stay.

“Participate, why not attend? It’s hard to catch a glory for the Master, you can’t miss it.”

Ye Mo said with a smile.

“Disciple, that Heavenly Dao, it’s not a play, you shouldn’t be too contemptuous. Although you are in the top two, the discipline sent by the evil palace will never be weak.”

Cang Tianjun picked up.

The Temple has a strong genius, but the evil palace also has a powerful genius, not to mention, Ye Mo’s realm is not very high, participate in Heavenly Dao bo, bode ill rather than well.

“Master, you can rest assured, since you all think that I will be able to stand in an invincible position, and that is definitely no problem.”

After that, he bid farewell to Cang Tianjun and went to Xuanqing Glen.

He also does not intend to tell Cang Tianjun that he has been promoted to Refining Heaven 7 Tribulation. When he finally arrives at Heavenly Dao, he will show his strength again and let Cang Tianjun face.

With the strength of his Refining Heaven 7 Tribulation, defeating the god of Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation, there is no problem at all.

Right now, what Ye Mo wants to do is to continue to improve his strength. Just in time, there are two thousand merits in his Heavenly Dao card, which is not a small number.

Walking around the city, you may be able to find a natural resource that suits you.

Going to the Xuanqing Gorge, Ye Mo found thousands of feathers, Shi Lei and Chen Xing. It happened that they also wanted to go to the extraterrestrial city to buy some natural resources needed for cultivation.

Fortunately, the four disciplines are accompanied by peers.

Moreover, they want to go to the city outside the sky, instead of leaving the Heavenly Palace, they can pass the Array directly and pass it.

The city outside the sky, the vast majority of shops inside are Tianjun, and even some Tianjun have mastered more than a dozen shops. Of course, among the cities outside this world, there is also Chamber of Commerce.

The natural resources of those shops are all private and natural resources of Tianjun. As for Chamber of Commerce, it is the natural resource of Tiangong.

And if you want to buy these natural resources, you can only use merits.

Therefore, a lot of disciplines will try their best to do some tasks in order to get promoted.

When Ye Mo had four disciplines, they were already in the city outside the sky when they came out of the Array.

In the city, there is no such thing as the prosperity of Ye Mo’s imagination, but it is somewhat calm, but still can see some disciples, swaying among them.

“Hey, isn’t this Ye Mo who was fighting with Yang Jian?”

Ye Mo four discipline just wandered in the city for a moment, behind it was a shrill sound.

Ye Mo turned and looked at the three men on the way, imposing manner 汹汹,like a smile yet not a smile, he was also kindly, he was also Leng Leng’s reply: “Do I know you?”

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