The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5173

The three disciples were said by Ye Mo, they were all stunned, and the snow-robed man headed by him quickly adjusted and satarded with a smile: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t know me, you will know me soon. Out, Heavenly Dao, I am like you, a crime of attack.”

“Oh, how is it?”

Ye Mo asked, thinking, can become a crime of attack, strength and innate talent are very strong.

The man in front of him really gave him a very strong feeling, even stronger than Ye Wuhen.

“I came to advise you, Heavenly Dao, on the other hand, you can directly surrender and admit defeat. Otherwise, you are likely to be killed by the powerhouse of the evil palace. You should know that the evil palace has already hated you. ”

The man likes a smile yet not a smile, among the deep pupils, flashing a glimpse of the fine mans.

“What? Ye Mo, have you participated in the Heavenly Dao collapse? How is this possible? What is your realm? Uncle Shi let you go?”

Qian Yu heard this news, complexion greatly changed, this Heavenly Dao 擂, whether it is attacking or defending, basically let the recognition of Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation participate, Ye Mo what realm? Going to go to die?

Moreover, because of the war, the evil palace definitely wants to kill Ye Mo, this time Heavenly Dao, if Ye Mo really participates, the other party will definitely squat.

“Thousands of feathers, you still advise him, just, Zhang Liyou, he just broke through the Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation and can replace him.”

The man snorted and left.

“Hey, Ye Mo, do you really agree?”

Thousands of feathers could not help but ask.


Ye Mo doesn’t agree, said with a smile: “What? You still worry that I will die in Heavenly Dao?”

“I listened to the Master. This time, our Tiangong as the attacking party will pick out ten powerful disciplines. You may become one of them. I don’t think you are really selected.”

Thousands of feathers said.

“Ye Mo, this Heavenly Dao is not simple, neither side will subordinate, if it is the same as realm, even if the gap is big, it will not be too different, but your realm is too low.”

Shi Lei also sighed, said: “I really don’t know what this Tiangong thinks.”

“You don’t have to worry, since the Master let me participate, there is his truth. Right, who is the man just now? Since he can represent Heavenly Dao on behalf of the Heavenly Palace, the strength should be good.”

Ye Mo asked instead.

“He is not a small one. You have only come to Tiangong for a few years. I don’t know him. It should be normal. He is called Song Yuxue. He is the genius of the same period with Yang Jian. Unfortunately, he has always lost to Yang Jian. The rays of light are completely concealed. Now, Yang Jian is promoted to the sky, and he is completely out of the way.”

Thousands of feathers said.

This Song Yuxue, although not the top ten genius of the double list, is also the existence of the top 20 in the double list, and it is the double list twelve.

His innate talent is even stronger than Ye Wuhen. However, Song Yuxue has been reluctantly suppressed by Yang Jian. As for Ye Wuhen, he is the best genius of his period.

Basically, every period of the Heavenly Palace has a stunning generation, but the only thing that can really be remembered is first.

This Song Yuxue, really speaking about strength, will definitely not be weaker than Ye Wuhen.

“It seems that there are still a lot of genius disciplines in this palace.”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but say.

“How do you say that there is not much that you really qualify for Heavenly Dao? Otherwise, your Master should not send you.”

Thousands of indifferently said: “And, that Song Yuxue said, Zhang Liyou success promoted Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation, perhaps, he can replace you to participate, that Li Ning’s innate talent, also not weak.”

“Since I decided to participate, I wouldn’t back down, and, this Heavenly Dao, I don’t mind, let’s go, let’s see if there is any natural resource to buy.”

Ye Mo is no longer a waste of words. Since there is still a month, he naturally has to make some preparations.

Although, with his current strength, against the Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation, there is no problem at all. However, the genius sent out by the evil palace must be extraordinary, and it is the ability to have a leap-level challenge.

At present, if there is no special opportunity, he wants to promote the Refining Heaven eighth-order in a short time. There are still many difficulties, and naturally he wants to improve from other aspects.

Thousands of feathers three disciples See Ye Mo indifferent, but also shook his head, secret sighs and stands up, it seems that this Ye Mo does not know how cruel the Heavenly Dao 擂.

That Heavenly Dao is not the Heavenly Palace, the Heaven Palace is a test, no matter what, there will be no danger to life, as for Heavenly Dao, but there has been a case of fallen.

Moreover, there was no fall in the face of Heavenly Dao.

Ye Mo strolled around the city for a while, and there was no favorite natural resource. Moreover, with his two thousand merits, in fact, some precious natural resources can be purchased.

“Ye Mo, it’s better to go to Chamber of Commerce. The shops on this street are all Tianjun’s. They sell natural resources. For us, there is no rare natural resource, natural in Chamber of Commerce. Resource , all are in the palace, maybe, you can find what you want.”

Qian Yu saw Ye Mo strolling for so long, and did not buy any natural resources, could not help but say.


Ye Mo’s nodded, under the leadership of Thousands of feathers, directly entered a huge palace.

Inside, it is a hall, empty and incomparably, with many disciples, all of which are swaying back and forth.

In the hall all around, there are a lot of bulletin boards, which list a lot of natural resources, these natural resources, almost all of them are clearly priced.

There are natural resources from 10,000 merits to 100 merits.

However, the natural resource of more than 5,000 merits is very rare, basically it is rare pill medicine, or chaotic Supreme Treasure.

Ye Mo entered it, directly locked in the natural resource of two thousand merits, and finally found that two thousand merits, can only buy a Mid Level.

“High Level days, at least 5,000 merits. As for Mid Level, it is not very useful for me, not as good as Zulong 70.”

Ye Mo shook his head, Zulong 70 two, he now mastered 40 seven doors, almost every door, are very powerful, comparable to Low Level days of Mid Level, do not know how many, even comparable to High Level of Heaven, there are also.

Therefore, he really wants to buy the heavenly technique, but also to buy the High Level, just the price of this High Level is a bit expensive.

“High Level Heaven, Float Nikki, eight thousand pages!”

Ye Mo just regained his gaze and was attracted by a High Level celestial technique. The shogunate is actually a sacred technique, and the page is still 8,000 pages. This High Level is very suitable for him. .

Just, when he saw the price, it was frowned.

Because of this High Level, the price is as high as 6,000 merits, which is not a small number.

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