The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5174

In the Heavenly Palace, common disciple performs a difficult task, and it is possible to get a thousand merits. As for the general task, only a few hundred merits can be obtained.

If you want to take out six thousand merits, you must rely on time to pile up. If you have been in the Heavenly Palace for centuries or even thousands of years, relying on the usual accumulation of time and wanting to get six thousand merits, there is no problem.

Like the Ye Mo, the discipline that entered the Temple for a few years, can’t get six thousand merits.

However, this celestial technique is too attractive to Ye Mo, High Level, eight thousand pages, and, in addition, a stick art, Ye Mo wants to get it anyway.

Moreover, give him a month, perhaps, can master this heavenly master.

“Thousands of feathers, how many merits do you have on your body? Can you lend it to me first?”

Ye Mo asked instead.

He wants to buy the Futu Nine-Pole, and he is also preparing for Heavenly Dao, to improve his strength by one point, to be a great man, and to be a High Level. For him, it is the most suitable.

Moreover, he can improve his combat strength in a short time.

In the wind, the formidable power, although not weak, but lacks aggressiveness, he must go to cultivation to be a more powerful stick.

“Do you have a fancy in the floating squad?”

Thousands of feathers saw Ye Mo’s gaze and always stared at the floating squad. He couldn’t help asking.


Ye Mo nodded, said: “Look at the introduction, it is very suitable for me, but these six thousand merits, let me have some headaches, you should know, I have just come to the Temple for a few years, can not get so many merits.”

“how much do you have?”

Asked a thousand feathers.

“two thousand!”

Ye Mo replied.

The two thousand merits, one thousand was obtained from the event of the power of Pluto, and one thousand was obtained on the Saint Physique list.

“Shi Lei, how much merit do you have?”

Thousands of feathers ask.

“one thousand!”

Shi Lei replied.

“I only have one thousand!”

Chen Xing also followed.

“I only have a thousand in my body, plus your two thousand, we are together, only five thousand.”

Thousands of feathers are owned, and the merits of their four disciplines add up, and they can’t change this skill.

Moreover, this time they came to the city outside the sky, but also want to buy some materials, if the merits are given to Ye Mo, the plan will be stagnant.

Ye Mo also saw the dilemma of the three gods, not allowed to say with a smile: “If you can’t make up six thousand merits, then forget it, I will go see something else.”

“I have six thousand merits here, do you want to?”

At this time, a purple robe man slowly came over and looked at Ye Mo and said: “I introduce myself, I am Zhang Liyou.”

“Zhang Liyou?”

Ye Mo took a glimpse of it and thought about it. He found that the name seemed familiar. It turned out to be the discipline that had just been promoted to Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation.

With his current strength, he can participate in Heavenly Dao, but the list has been fixed and cannot be changed.

“Yes, let’s make a deal. I can give you six thousand merits and let you buy the High Level.”

Zhang Liyou faint said with a smile.

His face is very beautiful, but it is a little pale, like a weak scholar.

“Transaction? What transaction?”

Ye Mo’s heart was moving and he was looking for him to talk about the deal.

“With your strength, participate in Heavenly Dao 擂, nine deaths and still alive, I can take the place to participate, as long as you take the initiative to apply for withdrawal, these six thousand merit points are yours.”

Zhang Liyou said.

For this Heavenly Dao, Zhang Liyou naturally pays great attention to it. When Tiangong confirms ten lists, he is still Refining Heaven 8 Tribulation. Now, he is promoted to Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation. He wants to apply for it, but he is rejected by Tiangong Wu Qing. It is.

In his view, with the strength of Ye Mo, how is it not qualified to become the attacking disciplinary, on the platform, it is completely sent to death, or self-inflicted.

If he didn’t promote the Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation, and the Heavenly Palace replaced Ye Mo, it would be okay.

However, he is now promoted to Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation, and Tiangong still does not let him replace Ye Mo. This makes him very depressed. Could it be that he is not better than Ye Mo?

Since the Temple of Heaven does not allow him to participate, he can only take another path and take the initiative to let Ye Mo withdraw.

“What do you think? You just came to the Temple of Heaven, maybe you still don’t understand the danger level of Heavenly Dao. I can tell you that with your strength, going to attack, you will be killed by your opponent.”

Zhang Liyou continued: “And I, to be honest, naturally want to participate in Heavenly Dao. After all, it is a rare opportunity. Unfortunately, Tiangong does not let me replace you. If you voluntarily withdraw, Tiangong should not refuse. “”

When Qian Yu heard Zhang Liyou’s words, he couldn’t help but say: “Ye Mo, this is a good opportunity. Zhang Lie is the top 30 genius in the double list. If he replaces you, you don’t have to worry about anything.”

In his opinion, this is definitely one move, two gains, and it is free from danger, and it can get six thousand merits.

This is a business that does not lose money.

“Ye Ye, this is very strong, but it is only inferior to Ye Wuhen. Now it is promoted to Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation, and its strength is to be able to rank at top 5.”

Shi Lei is also persuaded.

However, Ye Mo did not agree, waved: “Heavenly Dao is a rare opportunity, I don’t want to give up.”

Zhang Liyou frowned, simply did not think that Ye Mo would refuse to do so simply, continue to persuade: “Ye Mo, Heavenly Dao 擂 opportunity is indeed rare, is a good opportunity to be famous, but the time you come to the Temple is still short, cultivation base still Shallow, this time, it is not your stage.”

In his view, Ye Mo is the top two in the list. It is a shame. Unfortunately, the cultivation base is too low. Even with the ability to leapfrog, the three sacred geniuses facing the evil palace are only courting death.

Although, at present, they still don’t know which three genius guards will be sent by the evil palace, but they will definitely be the three strongest.

“Can you speak in one step?”

Ye Mo’s face is smiling, and people can’t guess his mind.


Zhang Lishuang’s heavy nodded, as long as he can let him attack, let alone borrow a step, even if you borrow ten steps, there is no problem.

“Thousands of feathers, you go to buy the natural resource you need, don’t bother me, I will talk to him first.”

Ye Mo opened three disciplines, leaving Zhang Chamberus to leave the Chamber of Commerce and shuttle through the streets of no one.

“If you have anything to say, just say it.”

Zhang Liyou asked directly, he did not like to circle.

“You want to replace me. I think you are better suited to Heavenly Dao than me, are you?”

Asked Ye Mo.

Zhang Liyou stunned, and immediately nodded said: “Of course, I am also for you, and, as long as you voluntarily withdraw, I can give you six thousand merits. I personally think that you have no reason to refuse.”

“is it?”

Ye Mo’s mouth curled up in a rake, said with a smile: “Since you think you are more suitable for Heavenly Dao, it’s better to find a place to talk privately. If you win, you don’t want your six thousand merits, I still Will take the initiative to quit Heavenly Dao 擂, if you lose, you give me six thousand merits, how?”

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