The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5175

“What are you talking about? Are you going to fight with me privately?”

Zhang Liyou’s face was obviously surprised and said: “What joke are you doing? What is your cultivation base?”

He had inquired, Ye Mo’s cultivation base, because of the fortuitous encounter, only rose to the Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation, but in front of him, there is nothing, even if the ability to leapfrog is more horrible, it may not be his opponent.

This Ye Mo, in the end, what is the strength, actually dare to challenge him?

Not to mention that Ye Mo only has Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation, even if Ye Mo cultivation to Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation, it is not an easy task to defeat him.

“You don’t care about my cultivation base. If you want to replace me, at least the cultivation base should surpass me, isn’t it? If you can’t beat me, what qualifications do you have to take part in Heavenly Dao?”

Ye Mo faint said with a smile.

Zhang Lijing looked at Ye Mo, and from his body, he felt a strong self-confidence. This kind of self-confidence actually made him feel the uneasiness of the top 30 geniuses.

However, he quickly adjusted, and as Ye Mo said, if he could not beat Ye Mo, he would not be qualified to replace Ye Mo to Heavenly Dao.

What’s more, he has absolute confidence in his own strength. As the genius of the top 30 in the double list, if even the god of a Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation can’t cope with it, he is better off killing him.

Everything depends on who is stronger!

“Well, I promised to fight with you. This city outside the sky has a Martial Fighting Stage. It is very secretive in it. No matter who wins or loses, no one knows where we will go!”

Zhang Liyou is very happy to agree. He has just promoted Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation, just to find Ye Mo to practice his hand. Since Ye Mo dares to fight with him, the strength will certainly not be weak.

Perhaps, Ye Mo wants to see his strength, he will propose a battle with him. If so, he will let Ye Mo, a younger generation, to see his true strength.

The two gods quickly entered the Martial Fighting Stage, and as soon as they entered, they came to a virtual environment.

A lot of disciplines, like to come here for competition duel, because of winning or losing, only two disciplines know, and will not lose face.

“Ye Mo, if I beat you, you have to voluntarily quit Heavenly Dao.”

Zhang Liyou said it again, lest Ye Mo will repent.

“If I say that I will go out, I will not take it back. However, this war, you are afraid of losing!”

Ye Mo feels a little and finds that there is nothing, no buildings and things, and nothing is nothing.

Here, it is indeed the best place to fight.

“haha, that’s good, it is said that your Saint Physique chaos is one, has been cultivation to the extent of perfection, I want to get some advice.”

Zhang Liyou said, the arm stretched out and grabbed a long knife. This long knife has a long length of eight feet. Generally, the height of the god is ten zhang, this Long Blade, which is definitely the most that Ye Mo has ever seen. Long weapon.

Moreover, this blade presents a dark purple, giving an unknown feeling.

This is the Primal Chaos Heaven treasure of Zhang Lieyou, and it is also the top quality Primal Chaos Heaven treasure.

This knife, but it has a small origin, is the weapon of the ancient times, the heavenly king.

“Ye Mo, come on, deal with you, I won’t subordinate, though on the surface, you don’t have much chance to beat me, but I won’t give you any chance.”

Zhang Liyou never looked down on any opponent. Even if he shot his opponent against 1 Tribulation, he didn’t stay.

Not too cautious, but he is in the respect of his opponent, not to mention his current opponent, or the genius of the top two.

Ye Mo squinted his eyes and grabbed the big hand. He grabbed the Emperor’s gods in his hands. His weapon, though not comparable to Primal Chaos Heaven, is better than the weapon body, even with Primal Chaos Heaven. Fighting will not fall below.

With Ye Mo’s current cultivation base, the surface strength may not be strong, but once the 40 seven dragons are motivated, Heavenly Dao skyrockets and is far stronger than the renovation Heaven 9 Tribulation powerhouse.

“Let’s go!”

Ye Mo’s footsteps, the three dao force sources also emerged, showing a powerful imposing manner.

Today, his chaotic divine strength is comparable to those of the powerhouse that incorporates the 70 eight power source.

As soon as the chaotic divine strength broke out, Zhang Liyou felt the oppression. This was not the oppression of is Heavenly Dao, but the oppression of chaotic divine strength.

“Good and powerful chaotic divine strength, it seems that the rumor is true, you killed the Tiangong Seven Dragons, took their dragon soul, let their chaotic divine strength, skyrocketed.”

Zhang Liyou said.

“Yes, then let’s compare, how is the chaotic divine strength stronger?”

Ye Mo smiled, and the stick was swiftly swept, and a lot of storms swept out, then gathered on the stick and slammed out.

This stick did not use Heavenly Dao, but the chaotic divine strength, with a full blow, so that the entire space began to oscillate and twist.

The extent of the 70 eight power source is very terrifying.

Zhang Liyou faced this stick, his face changed wildly, and he retreated backwards and again. The demon sword was smashed again and again, and the endless blade glow, crazy sweeping, slamming Ye Mo, trying to stop Ye Mo.

However, when the infinite blade glow and the Ye Mo’s long stick hit together, the rolling blade glow broke down instantly and produced countless explosions.

The blade glow has completely dissipated invisible. As for Ye Mo’s long stick, it is like a hot knife through butter, directly hitting the head and hitting Zhang Liyou’s head.

“A good and powerful chaotic divine strength, this fellow, how could it be so powerful?”

Zhang Liyou’s face changed dramatically, and the other’s chaotic divine strength, for him, completely formed a crushing situation, which is not what he can resist.

He asks his own chaotic divine strength, which is also integrated into the 70 Six Paths power source, but in front of Ye Mo, it is completely unable to withstand a single blow.

In desperation, his whereabouts drifted and turned into a ghost, pulling out the afterimage of a path of, actually directly avoiding the attack of Ye Mo.

If there are other disciplines here, you will be able to recognize this trick. It is a move of his technique, a ghostly step.

Moreover, this is the real High Level, the book page level, also reached 600 pages, very scary, especially his Saint Physique, or the dark Saint You body, for the ghosts, there is a huge bonus .

Under normal circumstances, Zhang Liyou will not easily use this trick. Although it is a movement technique, it is used to dodge, and it will only be dodged if it cannot be beaten.

This Lie secluded face a parcile whose realm is lower than himself, and directly casts a ghostly step, which is a bit of a face.

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