The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5177

This floating squad has a tens of thousands of pages. Ye Mo has moved out of a large box. Inside this box, it is the shogun.

Open the box, Ye Mo took out the front page, began to page through and watched.

What is recorded above is a stick method.

This floating martial art is divided into nine kinds of sticks. Each type of stick method costs more than 900 pages to explain.

The first kind of stick method is a pole stick, the first one.

The Second Type stick method is a two-pole stick and a floater.

The Third Type stick method is a three-pole stick.


Each kind of stick method contains a very strong concept, nine kinds of stick methods all cultivation success, together with display, formidable power comparable to the high-level Upper Grade.

Now, Ye Mo began to understand the first method of sticking, and I learned from the understanding of the stick method that Ye Mo looked through those pages with almost no difficulty.

“This is a great thing, I don’t know which powerhouse was cultivated.”

Ye Mo saw the back, and his face was shining with strange brilliance, as if he had discovered a new continent.

In the past, Ye Mo’s stick method was only used in a martial arts, and this stick method was a combination of the method of Heavenly Dao’s practice.

In a few days, Ye Mo has read a thousand pages. He has already observed the Second Type stick method. Moreover, he also found that the fordable power of this stick method is similar, but the tricks of the stick method are quite different. .

Buddhism I, a stick of bombardment, it seems that people have spent the first spring and autumn, Futu two instruments, and even able to differentiate two two silhouette, launched a storm on the place.

In twenty days, Ye Mo has watched nearly half of the pages, comprehend four sticks.

For the rest of the day, Ye Mo was in the canyon, continually cultivating the four sticks.

Generally speaking, if you want to cultivate High Level, if you don’t have one year, you can’t do it.

However, this day technique is the best method that Ye Mo is good at. Naturally, cultivation is fast and incomparably fast.

At this time, Thousands of feathers came over and saw Ye Mo’s stick method, which was even more surprising. “Ye Mo, have you bought the High Level? Did you let Zhang Liyou replace you?”

Ye Mo took back the Emperor’s sacred pillar and couldn’t help but say: “Of course not, just make a small deal with him, and change him a little merit.”

“originally is this way !”

Thousands of nods were nodded, and then asked: “This time, I went back to my hometown and just returned to the Heavenly Palace. I listened to the surrounding discipline and said that the three disciplines of the evil palace are already announced. You know that Three?”

Generally speaking, Heavenly Dao , , , , , , , , , , , He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He

Once the list is published, the information of Tiangong can naturally be known with no difficulty. The detailed information of these three disciplines, whether it is means, Saint Physique, weapon, or even any previous deeds, will be recorded clearly.

As a guardian, it is very passive, but it is definitely a very powerful genius who really dares to stand up and defend.

“The three disciplines of the evil palace have been announced? I have been repairing the Heaven in these days, and I don’t know much about the outside.”

Ye Mo indifferently said.

“Maybe, in a few days, Tiangong will bring you together, and make a strategic layout for the three disciplines of the guards. In any case, we can’t lose!”

Thousands of feathers said.

“What? This time, the three disciplines selected by the evil palace are very strong?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but ask.

“I heard that it is very strong. It is said that the three disciplines are among the evil palaces and the top ten in the list.”

Thousand feathers frowned, said: “Ye Mo, you have a good cultivation these few days, a little more cultivation base, otherwise, once you really hit your attack, it is very dangerous.”

When he spoke, he stopped talking, suspended on the mortal stone, and began to cultivate.

“These days, I didn’t see those disciplines. I am afraid I went to Divine World. There are a lot of disciplines here, and they are all specially recruited.”

Ye Mo muttered to himself, in fact, he did not even think about going to Divine World to see what happened to Lin Qiuer, but also to the gods.

However, he is probably already stared at it now. Once he leaves the Heavenly Palace, he will be chased.

Therefore, the Ye Mo plan is promoted to the heavens in the Tiangong, and waits for the breakthrough to go to the opposite world.

Ye Mo went on cultivation and it quickly passed in seven days.

Ye Mo was finally summoned by Cang Tianjun, gathered in the Lingtian Temple. Inside, except for the Tianjun, there are nearly ten Tianjun, sitting side by side, and Cang Tianjun is naturally among them.

As for the temple, there are still nine disciplines, of which there are two disciplines, and Ye Mo knows.

Ye Wuhen and Song Yuxue.

Obviously, the nine disciplines are the nine disciplines that participated in Heavenly Dao’s attack, plus Ye Mo, which is exactly ten disciplines.

The nine figures saw Ye Mo coming in, and they also looked in. As for Ye Wuhen, they greeted the past and said, “Ye Mo, you are finally here, let me introduce you.”

“He is called Song Yuxue. He is a genius of Yang Jian. At present, it should be regarded as the strongest of our ten geniuses.”

Ye Wuhen pointed to a snow robe man.

Song Yuxue, among these disciplines, the oldest, innate talent is also very powerful, strength, naturally needless to say.

Even Ye Wuhen is not as good as himself.

As for other disciplines, they are also the top 30 geniuses in the double list, almost every period, the most dazzling existence.

Of course, the most dazzling of them is Song Yuxue. This time, Heavenly Dao collapsed. Whether it can win or not, it depends on the performance of Song Yuxue.

Ye Mo listened to Ye Wuhen’s introduction, one after another and greeted them. As for Song Yuxue, seeing Ye Mo coming, he was surprised: “You actually came to the competition? Did Zhang Liyou not find you?”

“Do you mean replacing me?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but smile: “How can I get someone else to replace it with such a good opportunity? I have to take good care of the opportunity that Tiangong gave me.”

Ye Mo’s words, naturally have a voice, and only a few Tianjun, can understand.

“Let Ye Mo, the young fellow, participate in Heavenly Dao, what’s the problem? Although he doesn’t expect him to achieve anything on Heavenly Dao, he can’t lose face, isn’t it?”

An old man spoke up. He is the master of Song Yuxue. Although he is not the Eight Great Heaven, he is also a highly qualified Tianjun.

The reason why he said this naturally does not quite agree with Ye Mo’s participation in Heavenly Dao.

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