The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5178

Out of the reputation of the Temple of Heaven, he naturally does not want Ye Mo to participate in Heavenly Dao, not only him, but also several Heavenly Kings, including Cang Tianjun.

“You are too small to look at Ye Mo.”

Zuo Tianjun smiled: “Ye Mo returned from the Great Desolate relics, but got a fortuitous encounter, cultivation base reached Refining Heaven Rank 5, plus his ninety-nine return, even if he can not beat the opponent, he can also play a tie Moreover, our Tiangong has a genius like Ye Mo, and naturally let the gods of the evil palace look.”

“Since Zuo Tianjun said this, then we will not say more, and we will soon go to Heavenly Dao, and explain to the disciples, the three disciplines sent by the evil palace.”

That day, the king continued.

The hearing this, the ten disciples’ eyes, are looked towards Zuo Tianjun.


As for Zuo Tianjun, the arm is also a wave, a huge scroll, opened directly, suspended in the air, presented in front of ten disciplines.

On the reel, there is a portrait of a tall C man wearing a black robe, holding a pitch-black long knife, his eyes are turbid, and he looks very godless.

“This god is called the sword demon. It is the weakest of the three guards. The cultivation base of Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation, and the arrow demon slayed by Ye Mo. Double “sword”, he is also the disciple of the emperor evil spirit, although the innate talent is not comparable to the emperor, but it is the ninth genius in the evil palace.”

Zuo Tianjun introduced it directly.

The evil palace announced three guards, and they naturally told all the information they knew about ten disciples.

The so-called knowing ourselves and knowing each other, fight every battle without defeat.

As a guardian, the disadvantages are great. However, once the defending platform is held, the morale is naturally great for the defending party.

“What? Double ninth?”

One of the disciplines was screaming. Among them, Ye Mo was only able to reach the top ten in the double list. However, Ye Mo’s realm is too low, only Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation.

As for the other disciplines, the face is also slightly dignified, this sword magic, they have never heard of, is actually a ninth genius.

Although the list of evil palaces, the gold content is not as good as the list of the Heavenly Palace, but it is not easy to rank ninth.

The weakest discipline is the ninth in the double list. Isn’t the first two disciplines stronger?

Thinking of this, several disciples took a deep breath and felt tremendous pressure.

At this time, Right Heaven Jun also spoke: “This sword demon, from the information we collected, is a powerful attacking god. His evil body is the evil spirit, and it can be released. Devil, very powerful, and, his enchantment, is likely to have been cultivation to the extent of perfection, who are you sure to defeat it?”

This Heavenly Dao 擂, Tiangong is incomparably attached, naturally sloppy, not to mention Yang Jian is not, their ten disciplines want to capture the Heavenly Dao downfall, may not be easy.

Therefore, they naturally have to develop tactics, each and everyone, since the sword is a powerful god, it must be a good defense defensive.

“That sword magic, give it to me.”

A strong discipline, slowly came out.

Compared with other disciplines, his body is like a giant mountain. He is the genius of 40 in front of the double list. It is called Yanfeng. It also achieves the defense method of Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation and cultivation, especially his Saint Physique. The sacred Inextinguishable Body, once mobilized, is almost invincible.

It is natural for him to deal with the swordsman. There is naturally no problem.

“Yan Feng, by your means, against the sword magic is indeed credible, with your strength, in the ten disciplines, it is enough to row to top 5, you do not have to play immediately, let other embodiments first test.”

Right Tianjun nodded, directly confirmed the first policy, by Yan Feng to deal with the sword magic.

Then, Zuo Tianjun took out a reel, and above it was a purple-haired man wearing a dark purple robes with a staff in his hand. The top of the staff was inlaid with a huge Demon Pearl.

“Magic Chen, the descendant of the nine-day evil emperor, Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation, is said to be the fifth genius of the double list, the strength is unfathomable. It is said that he is rarely shot in the evil palace, even if we are, there is no How much information was collected from him.”

Zuo Tianjun began to introduce the second discipline of the evil palace, and the magic is still a very powerful genius.

Moreover, compared to the Sword Devil, the intelligence of this magic dust is almost insignificant.

“Take this magic, give it to me.”

Ye Wuhen couldn’t help but say.

Among the ten disciplines, he is second only to Song Yuxue, and this magic can only be left for him to deal with.

As for Song Yuxue, it is natural to deal with the strongest.


Zuo Tianjun nodded, and took out a scroll, the above silhouette, Ye Mo is very familiar, not only Ye Mo, even other discipline, is also very familiar, it is the emperor.

“How is this possible? Why does this royal crest become the strongest discipline?”

Ye Mo stared at the scroll and his face was unbelievable.

At the beginning, the Emperor of the Emperor had only the cultivation base of the Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation. Now, it is directly in the Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation, which is absolutely unacceptable to him.

You know, he got two fortuitous encounters, only from the Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation, directly to the Refining Heaven 7 Tribulation, the emperor evil deity, what else did you get a fortuitous encounter?

“The Emperor of the Emperor, in the battle of God, has just just Refining Heaven. In just a few years, has it been promoted to Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation?”

“The cultivation of him by the evil palace, plus some fortuitous encounters, may not be promoted to the Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation. However, the evil spirit of the Emperor’s evil spirits is not in the too high position?”

“His innate talent is indeed powerful, but in front of all the geniuses in the evil palace, it may not be able to monopolize the gimmicks? Why does the evil palace tell, the strongest of the three disciplines will be him?”

“The emperor is the disciple of the emperor evil spirit. The innate talent is terrible. He can cultivation to the Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation for a short time. He must have a fortuitous encounter. Perhaps he also got other means. In short, this emperor Bone evil must not be underestimated.”

Several disciplines have argued that this emperor is the strongest, and certainly makes sense.

“You don’t have to analyze it. According to the information from the spies, Emperor Blessed also went to the Great Desolate ruins and got a lot of fortuitous encounters.”

Zuo Tianjun indifferently said: “This emperor evil deity, there is Song Yuxue to deal with.”

“no problem!”

Song Yuxue, who has never spoken, leans on a column and is nodded. He is the strongest and the strongest of the other, and he is naturally dealt with by him.

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