The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5372

Everything seems to start from the beginning, and Ye Mo returns to Stone Cliff City and returns to where his dreams began.

When he was expelled from Ye Mansion by Ye Family, he actually started a paragraph of his own.


Suddenly, there was a huge movement in the distance.

Ye Mo heard the sound and immediately found that not far from Stone Cliff City, a lot of purple poison qi was produced.

At this time, Lady Xiao rushed to Ye Mo and slammed into the past, saying: “It is because of you, if you did not kill Man Tai, no ice silkworms suppress Poison Incantation, my daughter will not break out Heavenly Phoenix Poison Incantation.”

“Heavenly Phoenix Poison Incantation ?”

Ye Mo, I can’t help but think back. In the past, Xiao Yue was born with the body of Heavenly Phoenix Poison Incantation, and was taken away by the people of Sky Poison Palace when it was about to break out.

Today, this Heavenly Phoenix Poison Incantation has all exploded, and many people have been buried in this Poison Incantation outbreak.

Soon, Xiao Yuanshan came out of the poisonous mist and held Xiao Yue.

Xiao Yue, has died completely.

Ye Mo looked at the scene and felt all around, everything was so quiet, Xiao Yuanshan and Lady Xiao, pointing at him.

Everything, then nothingness, and so true.

Ye Mo looked at the faint Xiao Yue, stretched out his arm, and saw Xiao Yue slowly opening eyes, his face smiling and his hand extended.

The scene, once again converted, came to the Azure Cloud Alliance.

Chuchu in the Alliance Battle, in order to save Ye Mo, blocked the sword of Cao Zhengchun, directly Xiang Yu Yu Yu.

Ye Mo also reached out and Chuchu opened his eyes and extended his jade hand.

When the scene was transformed, it came to the Luo Dung Dungeon. In the dungeon, Yao Yue was directly stabbed to death.

The two held hands again.

Scene conversion, Ye Mo is back to Stone Cliff City Ye Mansion, Lin Qiuer holding the faint Little Cao, come in, roaring: “You waste this Young Master, a big man hiding in the house all day closed No, your servant girl has been killed.”

Ye Mo looked at Little Cao and reached out.

The next scene, Nangong Yurou, Liu Qing Tai, Zi Yan, the tomb is sunny, stunned, proud and unparalleled, hedge….

Each and everyone woman, in his memories, died because of him, but he and everyone and everyone.

“I owe them too much!”

Ye Mo shook his head. The picture he experienced, the death of those women, was not a real death. The implication was that he sacrificed too much for him.

When it hit Eternal Realm, Ye Mo was taught to give up everything, and Emperor Realm taught him to have everything.

The emperor, originally, is above everything else and can master everything.

This red rush is not to sever, but to have everything.

All that was left in the past must be found back.

“My regret, what is it?”

Ye Mo thought of this, two eyes appeared in the eyes, one is Liu Qing Tai, one is proud and frost-free, that is, Zhou Shuang.

These two women are the regrets of his road of cultivation. Originally, he could not make up for it. Today, he has the strength to make up for it.

The two of them were resurrected, and Ye Mo was truly through the red dust.

The debts owed in the past can be truly repaid today.

“Eternal kingdom!”

Ye Mo screamed, and in the eternal era, two lives were reborn.

Suddenly, the whole scene was broken directly, and Ye Mo returned to the emperor road.

Throughout the emperor’s road, there is no longer any disaster, but a spacious avenue. Once you walk, you can truly win the Emperor Realm and board the realm that countless powerhouses have dreamed of.

“Is it finally to sit in the seat of God?”

Ye Mo looked up into the distance and slowly walked over. Every step of his life was very heavy, and every time he took a step, Ye Mo could feel that his own aura was constantly climbing.

“I actually had a red dust burglary. So, is he already going to promote Emperor Realm?”

Many experts are shocked, unimaginable, countless times, and many realms that powerhouses dream of.

Ye Mo walked to the end of the emperor’s road. He could already feel that his own power had accumulated to a very terrible level. If he took another step, he could reach another realm.

However, Ye Mo stopped and faced the Emperor in front of him, but he calmed down.

“Is the emperor?”

Ye Mo looked up and looked at the magnificent emperor, but not too excited.

“No, here is not the emperor of the emperor.”

Ye Mo shook his head and didn’t step on the Emperor Realm’s throne. Instead, he turned and returned to the original road.


Time, bit by bit in the past.

When Ye Mo broke through Emperor Realm on the emperor road, the whole film of Heaven and Earth also produced a huge shock.

The evil Heavenly Dao and Zhang Mofan have already started to fight insanely. One stroke and one style can lead to the turmoil of Heaven and Earth.

Peng peng peng!

The evil Heavenly Dao holds the Great Desolate open sword, and a sword repels Zhang Mofan. His face is also a bloodthirsty expression.

“Zhang Mofan, you are not my opponent, do you know that my strength has been improving? The longer the time drags, the gap between you and me will be bigger and bigger?”

Evil Heavenly Dao’s lips, provoked a look like a smile yet not a smile.

Zhang Mofan’s voice is low, slowly said: “Nothing makes sense until you kill me.”

“hehe, you said this well.”

The evilly Heavenly Dao sneered, the evil dZi in the eyebrows, exudes a very fascinating evil light, which makes people shudder.

“If that’s the case, then I will kill you directly!”

Evil Heavenly Dao’s body was shocked, and the billions of evil qi emerged from his body, turning into an arm, full of thousands of hands, and horizontally shot.

For a moment, the evil qi shrouded Void, and as for the evilly Heavenly Dao, it was like a evil spirit, to destroy the world.

“Thousand hands are gone!”

Heely Heavenly Dao screamed loudly, only to see the demon qi arm behind him, slamming against Zhang Mofan, and the palm of each arm contained an evil eye, which could seal everything.

Today, millions of big hands, evil qi rolling, bombardment, so that the entire film Heaven and Earth, there is a feeling of crazy disintegration.

When Zhang Mofan saw it, his eyes gradually became dignified, and his face did not dare to have the slightest effect.

“Secret Art, the tomb of the gods!”

Zhang Mofan slowly spit out a few words. Behind him, there was a phantom of the cemetery of the ancient times. There, there was a tombstone, and many Taikoo experts were buried.

The tombstone of that statue was also madly attacked at this moment, bursting out the Aura of Great Desolate, and colliding with those arm shackles.

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