The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5373

Those arms, like the Tombstones of the Tomb, are also the power of seals.

Nowadays, when they collide, the arms and tombstones are broken and the whole space is completely chaotic.

The sound of collisions continually resounded and formed a severe storm.

One arm, from the storm, directly explored it and slammed it into Zhang Mofan.

However, Zhang Mofan was indifferent and said: "God and Demon are buried together!"

The broken tombstones finally condensed together to form a huge tombstone, full of more than a thousand feet, on the tombstone, engraved with a path of quirky rune.

The tombstone was pushed across the ground, smashing the arm of the strip, and finally suppressing the evil Heavenly Dao.

Now Zhang Mofan is promoted to Emperor Realm, Godd and Demon's formidable power. I don't know how terrifying the promotion is. Just such a tombstone is enough to suppress an Emperor Realm powerhouse.


In the face of the suppression of the huge tombstone, the evil Heavenly Dao did not retreat, and Laughed heartily, sent out a voice like a man and a man, like a woman and a woman.

The whole body of the evil qi, constantly gathering, wrapped in the open sword, in the most fierce posture, directly slashed out.

The screaming screams, like the thunder, passed to the entire Heaven and Earth, and even the eternal era, there was a huge sensation.

The huge tombstone was broken directly.

Zhang Mofan holds a long sword and gathers thousands of swords. The energy in Heaven and Earth is madly gathered in the sword qi and turned into a Heaven and Earth sword qi.

As for the evil Heavenly Dao, the evil bead of the eyebrow is also the power of madly absorbing thousands of evil spirits.


The top powerhouse between the two Heaven and Earth, the impact of the smashing, the strength of the two, are all condensed into a huge enchantment, a black and white, representing a positive and evil, constantly impact.

For a whole hour, both of them are in the power of the fight, all around the space, one after another, constantly broken.

At the same time, the two men retreat thousands of miles away and hit the heavens of the seats. Those days, the instant destruction is not the same.

At the same time, they are once again impacting the past, two long swords, constantly colliding, one move and one turbulence, enough to destroy a piece of Taikoo.

It can be said that every time they are recruited, it is a huge disaster for Heaven and Earth. Every time they collide, there will be many gods, turned into statues, and then broken up.


It was another powerful collision.

The evil Heavenly Dao holds the open sword and stands in Void. As for Zhang Mofan, he is retreated after being shocked. At this time, his body clothes have been smashed and broken, and his arms are faintly numb.


Evil Heavenly Dao laughed: "Zhang Mofan, I can't think of you being able to fight me to such a degree, but unfortunately, you are still not my opponent."

Hong long long !

However, at this time, the whole film of Heaven and Earth, began to continually oscillate, Wind, Fire, Thunder and Lightning, crazy began to sweep, such a vision, let all the gods, all look toward towards the sky.

"How is this going?"

All the gods looked towards the sky, and the eyes are full of incredible.

Zhang Mofan looked towards Void and laughed too: "Is it father? Is he finally going to promote Emperor Realm?"


Heavenly Dao startled, said: "What do you say? Ye Mo, he wants to promote Emperor Realm? How is this possible?"

Ye Mo is not killed by him, how could he still be alive, and he should be promoted to Emperor Realm?

However, this horrible Heaven and Earth vision can only be produced if the powerhouse is promoted to Emperor Realm.

All the powerhouses were greeted by the news, and an Emperor Realm powerhouse couldn't deal with the evil Heavenly Dao, two Emperor Realm powerhouses, which could definitely kill the evil Heavenly Dao.

Listening to the cheers around him, the face of the evil Heavenly Dao is also showing an angry expression. He hates those gods, even those creatures, and shows laughter and laughter.

What he wants is those people who show anger, fear, and evil.

"Then I will kill this Zhang Mofan first!"

The evilly Heavenly Dao sneered, the hands of the fierce seal, the evil beads in his eyebrows, directly flew out, said: "Let you see my real strength, six evil eyes!"


Among the emperor's roads, Ye Mo did not go forward, but instead stepped back.

Sure enough, the golden emperor behind him actually began to break up, and the broken power was enough to tear any powerhouse.

"Really, there is not a real emperor!"

At the end of the day, Ye Mo did not choose immediately because he immediately chose, and the final result was not the emperor, but the fall.

The moment was just the biggest test.

"The throne, just underneath!"

Ye Mo screamed, and a golden throne appeared behind him, and he sat down suddenly.

For a long time, his whole body is directly golden, and at the same time, a layer of golden light is shrouded.

A force, like the one from Heaven and Earth, permeates into his body.

For a long time, Ye Mo felt that his body, strength, and thoughts began to change.

His Archaic Dragon Blood body is directly transformed into a body, only the Emperor Realm can be transformed into a body.

The three poles of strength, the ancestral strength of Dragon, the power of rebellion, finally merged at this moment, and turned into a new power, and this power is the true power of Heaven and Earth.

Moreover, the power of Heaven and Earth mastered by Ye Mo is not the power of ordinary Heaven and Earth. It contains the power of Zu Long and the anti-life. Once it breaks out, it is much stronger than Zhang Mofan.

Zhang Mofan was promoted to the semi-emperor. In fact, the power has not reached the level of Heaven and Earth.

Therefore, he was born and reincarnation, and from the body of Xiaofan, he got the embryonic form of Heaven and Earth and directly promoted to Emperor Realm powerhouse.

However, Zhang Mofan is still weaker than Ye Mo, who is really self-promoting to Emperor Realm.

The golden light of the throne was constantly exuding, and all of them were integrated into the body of Ye Mo. He suddenly felt that his own with the body seemed to have endless power.

He suddenly loudly shouted, said: "This seat has finally become the real Dragon Blood Emperor."

Now he is a powerhouse that is truly qualified to call himself the emperor.

While speaking, his body golden light blooms, the whole body is like a sun, the rays of light are like a sword, the vastness, the imposing manner, the shocking billions of souls.

This scene is extremely shocking and eye-catching.

Seeing this scene, the powerhouses on the entire emperor road were amazed. They were truly a process of seeing Ye Mo, and it was too shocking.

Today, Ye Mo is finally promoted to Emperor Realm. In their hearts, they are shocked and more admired.

Being able to become Emperor is definitely the existence of most strong in Heaven and Earth.

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