The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5374

These powerhouses are basically the era of the most talented genius, and then embarked on the emperor road, and finally fallen in the emperor road.

Today, I have witnessed the birth of an Emperor Realm powerhouse. They are naturally admired in their hearts.

"The powerhouses, now this seat has become the Emperor Realm powerhouse, perhaps, can save you."

Ye Mo said, with a big hand plundering, a golden light swept through and shrouded the statues of many powerhouses.

However, he found that the surface of these powerhouse statues had a very powerful force that directly blocked his power.

"It’s useless, the god of fallen in the emperor road, only the fate of defending the emperor road for life, since you have become an emperor, go to Divine World."

The old voice, once again resounded.

Hear this, Ye Mo did not hesitate to leave the road directly.

"Can he succeed?"

One of the powerhouses asked.


"Then why do you want him to die?"

"If he can't, then no one can succeed, fight together, maybe not success, but if you don't fight, you will fail."

"Hey, only the true killing of Heavenly Dao can really open up a new Heaven and Earth. This Heaven and Earth is still too small for the Emperor Realm powerhouse."

"Just see if they can survive this difficult time. If even they fail, then the whole film of Heaven and Earth will no longer have any hope."


At this moment, the evil Heavenly Dao has really mobilized his own means, six evil eyes.

These six evil eyes represent six emotions, despair, fear, anger, depression, sadness, and pain.

These six emotions, turned into a path of black qi, all gathered in the body of the evil Heavenly Dao.

Everyone can feel that the Impering Way of Heavenly Dao is even more powerful, as if these emotions are his tonics, which can make his strengths rise constantly.

The evil Heavenly Dao has a cold smile on his face, and his body is full of black qi, especially his fingertips, as if there are countless devils, snarling and emitting an astonishing voice.

The voice is full of despair, fear, anger, depression, sadness, and pain.

Zhang Mofan’s face has gradually become dignified. At this time, the evil Heavenly Dao has really made him unable to afford the fighting.

This strength has completely exceeded him.

"go to hell!"

A large number of black qis swept out and turned into floods, directly rushing to Zhang Mofan.

In the black qi, there are six emotions, which are turned into a devilish face of each and everyone, constantly sweeping.

The black qi became more and more turbulent, as if the entire film Heaven and Earth was inundated, and hong long long rushed to Zhang Mofan.

Many powerhouses look at this scene, and they are desperate. Once the Emperor died, even if Ye Mo really returns, he may not be able to defeat the evil Heavenly Dao.

Especially Xiao Yue, the pretty face is also a bit pale, and even has an impulse to shoot, but at this level of fighting, she simply does not have the strength to intervene.

Moreover, she knows that once this black qi drowns Zhang Mofan, Zhang Mofan will be completely in danger.

In a hurry, she suddenly shouted: "French!"

With the fall of this voice, the black qi, like the mountain Hong Hai, is also drops from the sky, completely covering the head of Zhang Mofan.

At this time, a golden light drops from the sky, cross-cutting, and the black qi is directly cut off, in any case, the black qi can not impact the past.

"Ye Mo, she really didn't die, it seems to be promoted to Emperor Realm."

"We have saved!"

Many powerhouses are full of cheering expressions.

Heavenly Dao looked at the sky and saw a golden silhouette. His face was also revealed. "You really came back from the resurrection. But, do you think that your resurrection can bring hope to them?"

"When I completely kill this hope, they can understand what is called real despair."

Between the words, the evil heavenly beads on the head of the evil Heavenly Dao, once again bursting with the raging black qi, which caused a dozen negative emotions.

For a time, the imposing manner of the evil Heavenly Dao has skyrocketed by a dozen times. It is like a demon king. It is going to come to the world and destroy everything.

"Ye Mo, even if you are promoted to Emperor Realm, how can it be? My strength has been improving, and the distance has killed you. My strength has increased tenfold!"

Evil Heavenly Dao loudly said.

"The real Emperor Realm powerhouse, in front of you, is it impossible to withstand a single blow?"

Ye Mo slowly stepped on Void, and in front of him, evolved a golden emperor, under the throne, it was a ladder.

Many powerhouses have seen this scene, and in the heart, there is also a kind of cult.

Moreover, every time Ye Mo took a step, Ye Mo's imposing manner was much stronger. Finally, he sat directly on the throne and shouted: "This is the Dragon Blood Emperor!"

Hong long!

The horrible golden light, filled with the whole film of Heaven and Earth, especially all the eternal era, landed golden light, looking at the men in the emperor, like gods, they are crouching.

"Father, this is really going through the emperor's road and mastering the emperor!"

Zhang Mofan was secretly surprised. He was promoted to Emperor Realm. In fact, there are still some seize every opportunity, and there is no emperor.

The real Emperor Realm powerhouse is the master of the throne.

Only when you master the Emperor Realm powerhouse of the throne, you really have the strength.

"Is the emperor?"

The evil Heavenly Dao pupil is also shrinking, saying: "I can't think of it, you actually have the Emperor."

"I don't know if this strength can kill you?"

Ye Mo indifferently said.

Heavenly Dao is lightly said with a smile : "Now you are indeed qualified to fight with me, but the final outcome, or you die, because the generation is me, I am truly undying and indestructible. Unless you really kill all the creatures."

Seeing Ye Mo as a god, like Monarch, he was a bit surprised.

But that's it.

He mastered the power of evil spirits, and all evil spirits can give him strength.

Moreover, along with the discovery of disasters, many souls, each and everyone's transformation into evil spirits, giving him the power to improve, can be said to be terrible, is simply a source.

The battle of today will be the last battle, and it will be a day for him to re-establish the Heaven and Earth rules.

As long as it kills Ye Mo and Zhang Mofan, this Heaven and Earth will really fall into the dark.

This Heaven and Earth will be the Heaven and Earth of its evil Heavenly Dao!

There is no peace, no laughter, and some are endless slaughters.

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