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Long before, Long Fei knew from the night singer that the existence of stealing Tiandan was already on the heart.


Stealing the day, darkness Chen Cang, one step heavenly ascension!


Moreover, the transformation of the night child has also explained everything.


Even, the night child Mei did not take stealing Tiandan, just a fusion of a magic bone, it has already undergone qualitative changes.


Today’s cultivation base is stronger than the so-called Ten Great Elder.


In just a short time, this kind of transformation can be achieved, that is, Long Fei feels incredible.


And Long Fei, the way to go now is to copy and paste completely.


Perhaps the strength of stealing Tiandan is not enough to compare with a magic bone swallowed by the night, but Long Fei believes that his super Pill Refining Technique can make up for all the shortcomings.


However, the night child is ridiculous and laughs:


“Stealing Tiandan? Do you believe this kind of thing?”


“If there is a real steal, isn’t the expert in the sky all made casually? But it was originally for you to help me, but casually.”


Night child said.


But after that, the face was slightly apologetic.


“The devil is impossible for you, you know, it has been fusion in my within the body.”


“However, if you want to use my strength and let him recover, it is easy.”


“Even, I can give him a trace of the bones of the devil, let him break through the current Realm, re-cast the heart, reunite the meridians.” Night child said.


Looked at Long Fei, and looked at the ‘Long Fei’ that has become a bloody person, faintly said.


But there was a suspicion in the eyes.


It seems to be guessing why Long Fei would be so heart-warming.


Moreover, even those doubts that can arise from the outer door discipline, at this time, the night thoughts of the child, also gave birth to this feeling.


However, this feeling is also extremely vague in her view.


Can’t see it.


So, even if there are doubts in thoughts, nothing is said.


And at this time, Long Fei smiled softly at the corner:


“No, stealing Tiandan does exist.”


“Maybe you are talking about it, but in me, as long as I think, it has to be.” Long Fei said.


Very plain words, but at this time it is a great confidence.


If I want to have it, there is no day!


It’s so arrogant.


“Blow it, you really think you are God? Can you control everything?”


“Things that the world doesn’t exist, you can make it out of thin air.”


The night child smirked and thought that Long Fei deliberately said this in front of her.


But the next moment, his eyes were directly caught.


Because of Long Fei’s hands, there are nine different strengths at a time.


Nothing else, it is Shanhai Avenue.


Shan Haizong Ten Great Elder One of the nine fundamental strengths.


They were blown up by Long Fei and all the strengths exploded.


Night child is charming:


“How did you do it, the strength of the avenue can still be taken for yourself?” Night child is horrified.


This kind of thing is unheard of.


“You don’t know much about it!” Long Fei smiled.


Immediately, the hands began to be noisy.


Jiudao Shanhai Avenue, under the control of Long Fei, turned into a ball with an amazing speed.


Then, the compression is compressed until it only becomes a peanut size.




Long Fei screamed.




Only for a moment, nine strong strengths quickly spread only.


Aside, the night light flashed in the eyes, watching Long Fei perform alone, the eyes are extremely hot.


“You should not want to refine all the strength into a medicinal pill, to fulfill this person?” Night Zimei asked.


“Yes, I just said that it is not accurate to Refining to steal Tiandan.”


“Exactly, this Dan is more suitable for naming it, taking Tiandan.”


“I want to refine a medicinal pill between heavens and the earth.”


“Take the good fortune of heavens and the earth and let him step heavenly ascension.”


Long Fei said, his eyes are full of expectations.


Immediately, his eyes turned and looked at the night.


“I don’t know what the magic bone of your fusion is, but I can feel that this strength can become the core, and it can capture the meaning of nine days.


“So, I need your strength.”


Long Fei’s eyes are full of urgency, looking at the night, and his eyes full of desire.


The night is charming, but the eyes are very dark at this moment.


As the stars twinkle, the depth is hard to determine.


At this time, among the scorpions of Long Fei, the light disappeared instantly.


Because of this moment, the night child has changed.


Another personality is almost without warning.


Or, it is another kind of existence of the night with the body, appeared!


“Oh, I can’t think of what you hide so deeply.”


“On the last time, you were just fighting for extraordinary strength. I can’t think of it, I can already crush the world.”


“It seems that the Little Bai is looking for you to help, but it is really a cat that encounters a dead mouse.” ‘Night Zi Mei’ said, cold and unparalleled.


Among the twins, the calm is terrible.


Not even with meaning emotions.


“Little Bai crazy?” Long Fei.


Directly understand, the night child Mei said, it should be that big nerves, open mouth will become the night of his own woman.


“Everyone, you are not hiding.”


“And, the Little Bai who is in your mouth is already a man of father.”


“No matter who you are or what relationship you have with her.”


“But from now on, you’d better hide in the dark and never appear. Otherwise, I don’t mind killing you directly,” Long Fei coldly said.


“Destroy me? A big tone. Just rely on your current cultivation base?”




The night child is disdainful and full of contempt.


“Through these is enough, if it is not because of the night, you think you can still stand in front of the father?”


Long Fei said.


It is impossible to think.


Moreover, Long Fei now has an impulse to make the night of this character look eliminate.


If it is not yet clear what secrets there are in the night, and fear that it will affect the original character, Long Fei has already shot.


If you can’t make a big increase, you can always get rid of 1st Rank.


“Too arrogant, this world is not as simple as you think, even more arrogant than the madman that came at the beginning. And even the means are so similar.”


The night child charmingly coldly snorted, and immediately looked at the strength in the hands of Long Fei.


“But in the end, he was still counted as someone else’s pawn. Now, the Time you appear, the person’s Aura also appears. It seems that your appearance is just the other’s expulsion.”


Night child said.


And Long Fei, the eyes become more and more complicated.


Night child did not say a word, there will be a figure in Long Fei’s mind.


That is the Dragon Heaven.


“Dragon tyrants lost?” Long Fei thoughts moved and fell into meditation.


However, this idea was only a moment, and it was forced by Long Fei.


“He is him, I am me.”


“In the father’s dictionary, there is no impossible.”


“But now, you still think about it, are you taking the initiative to give me the strength of the bones, or I will come and pick it up!” Long Fei looked at the burning position, staring at the chest position of the night, and said.


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