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弑Demon Sword Sword Intent Sweeping, all evil Aura, instantly annihilated.


Long Fei’s eyes are strong and unscrupulous, like thoughts without any taboos, holding Long Sword, vertical and horizontal.



Under the sly Sword Intent, the entire Void is constantly falling.


Sword Intent is invincible, sweeping everything, any of the nine-six strength Aura that blocks in front of them, all turned into ashes.


At this time, the two fangs of light on the Demon Sword flashed, and it was a very evil Aura.


At the end of this Aura, a group of black shadows appeared directly, trampling on Void.


Long Fei’s eyes move, slightly between the heads, and the meaning of squatting is an instant.


This is what he wants.


Similarly, the opposite of the magical mystery and the Zhan Tai Ling Xiu is also a glimpse.


Feeling the Aura released by Phantom Shadow in front of me, both thoughts were amazed.


Especially the magic sense, complexion instantly becomes very white.


Even the long blade on the hand began to whisper a whisper, constantly trembled, and the magical sense of Xuanhukou cracked open, and a trace of blood fainted.


“Impossible, what is this Aura? How can I make my sword feel fear?”


The magic sense is horrified, and he keeps shaking his head, and his eyes are full of uncontrollable fears.


As for Zhan Tai Ling Xiu, there is no such perception.


She just felt a tyrannical and incomparably evil Aura. Thoughts, despite the shock, did not show up like this.


“Magic Xuan, what happened to you?” asked Zhan Tai Lingxiu.


After all, the magic of Xuan’s strength, she is also clear, at this moment, seeing the magical sense of Xuansheng such a big reaction, thinking that it is what is perceived, and even brought a bit of caution.


“This strength is too strange. It seems to restrain all evil Aura. My power of punishment is Aura, which has been accumulated by countless Immortal God. It is naturally evil. But this Aura seems to be naturally restrained to me, and even the sword feels fear. “The magic sense Xuan whispered, and then look forward to the Void, Long Fei, thoughts have come out of the retreat.


After all, he didn’t want to fight with Long Fei before.


If it wasn’t for Zhan Tai Ling Xiu’s words, he would hesitate, and now he’s gone.


Can not think of it, Long Fei has such a card.


Because Long Fei had a sword before, but did not break out of this Aura.


“What do you do? Anyway, you know that we can have it now, and all of them are given by adults. If we can’t complete the quest of an adult, it will be impossible to escape when we go back,” said Zhan Tai Ling Xiu.


There is a fear between the words and the bottom of the eyes.


It seems that Cang’s formidable has been imprinted in their bones and does not dare to disobey.


The magical sense of the mysterious eye is a flash of color.


Hate and bite, said:


“Oh, things are now, useless, fight, I don’t believe, and the power of both of us is not a waste of his own.” The magical mystery coldly said, then he raised the long blade in his hand. , suddenly squat.




In an instant, a knife was born, drops from the sky.



The knives and tens of thousands of miles, tyrannical, and the chill of the heavens and the earth, fell out of thin air.


Long Fei looked up and looked at the a blade of the drops from the sky. The scorpion flashed, there was no panic, and the backhand was a sword.


And with Long Fei’s sword, the demon is above, and the Phantom Shadow is moved with the sword. Face upwards Roar, it is a punch against the long blade.




Win the hook Phantom Shadow punch, wrap the Sword Intent, counterattack.


In an instant, the two strengths collide together, and the demon sword and the sword are directly penalized, and the explosion is incomparably powerful.


In a flash, the entire Void became unrecognizable and fragmented, and even Void began to tilt, as if under two strengths, it was difficult to support.


Also at this time, Zhan Tai Ling Xiu is also suddenly loudly shouted:


“day and night!”


As soon as the words fell, the entire heavens and the earth suddenly turned around and the light turned into darkness.


More terrifying is that this is not a technique at all, but a Law.


It was Long Fei who felt that at night, even the whole body formed an oppression.


It seems to be rip apart.


“damn, Force of Space-Time and this means?” Long Fei thoughts swears.


I knew that I would encounter this strength and I should take it from my mother.


However, this is not a key point, because at this time, the strength of Zhan Tai Ling Xiu is only the beginning, the next moment, it is directly said:


“Spring and Autumn!”


In an instant, the four-time Transformation, the power of the infinite Time acts on Long Fei.


Long Fei, I feel that my life essence has passed away at this moment, as if it has been swallowed up and disappeared without cause.


“I fuck me life essence?” Long Fei is also a glimpse. Suddenly, the line of sight looks towards towards the white deer and the others, and they found that there is no transformation on them. This understands that this strength is only for themselves. .


“How to do?”


“Now I have to deal with two people at the same time. I knew that I would have married this woman directly. I don’t have to worry now.”


Long Fei thoughts is extremely irritating.


Looking at the power of Time that swept through, I felt the fading life essence, thoughts and anger.


However, there is nothing at all.


Because now, the strength of his whole body heart is on the Demon Sword, I want to smash the magic sense, I did not expect that Zhan Tai Ling Xiu actually controlled such a disgusting strength.


At this time, the platform leader, the cold scorpion, flashed a cold light, staring at Long Fei and said:


“Hey, what is easy to tell good from bad, do you think you are more aggressive?”


“Dare to insult me? Today, let you under the power of this time, slowly decay, when you let you experience endless pain, watch your eyes, your brother, your woman, all died under our hands.” Ling Xiu said.


Long Fei looked up, thoughts burned in anger, and snorted: “Is it by you? Such a thick strength, I want to take my life essence?”


“Father stands still and sees if you can clean my life essence.”


“However, you don’t have to worry, wait for Father to kill the magic sense, that is your death.”


Said, Long Fei fully manipulated the 弑Demon Sword, holding the Long Sword, and suddenly met again.


The magic sense is also not to be outdone. Just once confronted, although he felt extremely uncomfortable, the shadow also made him feel a deadly threat.


But now, with the sharing of Zhan Tai Ling Xiu, he can also feel that Long Fei’s strength is constantly weakening.


“Ha Ha Ha, Long Fei, why bother, don’t tell me You don’t feel it, your strength is weakening? Old and sick, in front of Time, everything is a joke.”


“As long as you are still in one of the rules, even if you are no longer out of the rules, you must accept Time’s baptism.”


“Today, you are sure of death.” The magical sense of laughed heartily, the knives once again shocked, and suddenly fell.


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