The huge long blade fell again from Void above.

And this time, it was more fierce than before, and the knife was flashing, and it was forced to Long Fei.

Among the Long Fei coldly snorted, the backhand sword, directly greeted.




The sound of a huge burst of sound swept through thousands of miles, and instantly blew up thousands of miles of smoke.

Below, the white deer and the others face are filled with worry.

However, this level of fighting, they have not been able to insert.

“It’s so strong, I don’t think this kid is so strong, even this strength is also resistant.” Tian Haomu said.

I can’t believe it in my eyes.

It seems that I never thought that Long Fei could be strong enough.

“Ha Ha Ha, stupid. Don’t look at it, what is the existence of my Master? This kind of person is slag in front of my Master!” Jianma laughed and looked at Long Fei in Void above, looking full of expectations.

But only the white deer and the ‘Long Fei’ two brief remarks.

Binoculars lock Long Fei of Void above.

“No, now the boss is in the wrong state? It seems that his strength is steadily weakening. It seems that there is a strange and unpredictable Aura covering him.” Said the white deer.

The eyes are very calm, and it is not a star or a half with the bear children who were not afraid of the day.

“Mixed kid, what do you say? I see Master strength. It will take a long time for these two people to be killed by the Master.” Jianma did not agree.

After all, with his eyes, these strengths are not perceived at all.

At this time, ‘Long Fei’ also said:

“He said it was good, but the situation is not optimistic.”

As soon as the voice fell, Jianma and Tianzhu were busy shifting their sights.

But now, I can’t see it at all.

Jianma is because the cultivation base is not enough, but the Scorpio is because its strength cannot be opened, but it is also not seen.

“Kid, what is the strength you said?” said Tian Hao.

“I don’t know. But,,,,,,”

“I believe that no matter what strength, in front of him, it is not enough to be a threat.” ‘Long Fei’ said.

Eyes are determined, very confident.

It seems that there is 100% confidence in Long Fei.

The picture went back and returned to Long Fei.

At this time, Aura of Long Fei also became dull, and the vicissitudes of the years are self-evident.

“I have a rub, is this going to kill me? I will swallow my life essence?”

Long Fei is extremely uncomfortable at the moment.

Although the strength of one’s own strength has not weakened, it is indeed different from the previous one.

Just like Mortal, the limb strength of the middle age person is definitely not comparable to that of the elderly.

This is the difference.

It is like the Force of Space-Time of Zhan Tai Ling Xiu, which has allowed Long Fei’s life essence to pass to a certain extent, and even the strength of the limb itself has been eroded by the power of the years, no longer.

Even the speed of the sword has begun to slow down.

Even the Phantom Shadow of the winning streak seems to be lacking.

“Ha Ha Ha, he can’t.”

“Zhantai, continue, you use the Gift of Time to devour his life essence, and he will not be able to support it for a long time.”

“Sword, punishment!”

The magic sense screamed and fell again, a blade.


A knives traverse a thousand miles, stirring Void, if you want to split heavens and the earth.

Zhan Tai Ling Xiu looks cold and can also perceive the transformation of Long Fei, and immediately exerts his full force:

“Looking up late, spring and autumn, I can’t help you at four o’clock, then, I hope you can hold it!”

“I don’t believe, your life essence can be endless!”

“One million years!”

Zhan Tai Ling Xiu Loudly shouted.

In an instant, Aura, a time of the year, came down directly.

And Long Fei is more groaned.

This time, even if he is, he can obviously feel the difficulty.

It’s hard to get it.

All his strengths are still there, but even the performance is not enough.

Diligence, two interest, three interest.

Just a few breaths of Time, Long Fei feels that his face is out of the sword.

As with the operation of the power of creation, I have received embarrassment.

Not working well.

It seems that the current fleshy body has been completely rotted under the influence of the power of the years, and even the violent strength of the power of creation cannot be operated.

Suddenly, Long Fei has a condensed eye.

Ruthlessly 瞪 詹 詹 詹 詹 詹 詹.

“I am damn, look at it for a thousand years?”

“This is something that no one can hold!”

“Even if Father has millions of years of life essence, it’s not enough to play!”

Long Fei thoughts is speechless, and I was extremely disdainful about the strength of Zhan Tai Ling Xiu.

But now, it is dumbfounded directly.

Originally thought that among the three, the most dish is the Zhan Tai Ling Xiu.

Unexpectedly, this is the king of true.

“No, you must find a way to solve the problem with Zhan Tai Ling Xiu.”

“This kind of strength, murder is invisible. If you continue to do so, you can’t use a bit of Time, fearing that my life essence will be deprived.”

“At that time, even if there are more means, it will be useless.”

Long Fei thoughts, thinking, the mind is constantly turning.

Even more directly connected to the System, swiftly swept through the System page, and wanted to find a strength solution.

“The Blade of the Kings, no!”

“The strength of the king’s blade is good now, but the first three knives are not enough for this level of strength.”

“As for anything else, it is even more useless.”

“What to do.”

Long Fei’s eyes flashed from System Skills again and again.

But whether it is the strength of the fall, or the strength of the former king and the others, it is not enough to solve the situation at hand.

At this time, the magic sense Xuan is even more glaring at Long Fei, the state is wrong, strength can not be displayed, but also kills and spells out.

It is also more direct, direct hand-held knives, on the move towards Long Fei 劈 而, it seems to be a blade dagger, the penalty Long Fei general.

Long Fei flashed a panic in his eyes, and the figure retreated. He lifted the sly Demon Sword in his hand and slashed it out.


The sword collided. This time, Long Fei was directly shot, and even Demon Sword could not control it, directly dropping Void.

“Ha Ha Ha, Long Fei, are you there today?”

“Just give you a chance, don’t you, now, are you satisfied?”

“Don’t dare to force it in front of us? What a pity Chu Shanhai that stupid can’t see, otherwise you will see that you are like a dog, unable to resist, will be very proud.”

The magic sense Xuan proudly said that the killing intent in the eyes is jetted out.

But more, it is the meaning of abuse and ridicule.

At this time, Zhan Tai Ling Xiu said:

“Magic sense, don’t waste Time, directly abolish him, I want him to watch, his brother woman, each and everyone died in front of him.”

“Dare to insult me, I must let him live instead of death.” Zhan Tai Ling Xiu said.

Very ruthless.

Long Fei also suddenly looked up at this moment, the thoughts hostility directly breed, and both eyes became a layer of golden rays of light.

The eternal life.

Even with the depths of the Soul Knowledge Sea, the eternal life of the seal began to tremble at this time.

The next moment, Long Fei got up straight, and the light was cold:

“Devouring Father’s life essence?”

“Resolve father?”

“The father will let you know what is called despair of true!”

“Because father is the Lord of eternal life!”

Long Fei said solemnly, the sound is like a secluded out of the nine, full of Death’s cold.

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