Long Fei Aura was shocked and angry.

The whole body Aura also became impermanent, a mysterious Aura, ejected from Long Fei’s body.

The eternal life is at this time the rays of light flash, the sunshine and the earth.

Enraged, disdainful, and even killing intent, multiple emotions broke out directly in Long Fei.

In this 961 moment, Void above, Zhan Tai Lingxiu’s face is condensed, and the pupil slams sharply. It seems that he saw a very terrifying thing in general, the flower color is eclipsed, and the expression changes greatly:

“Not impossible, you. How can you break free from the power of Time?”

“This is absolutely impossible!”

Zhan Tai Ling Xiu was shocked.

I can’t believe it.

Because now, Long Fei seems to be free from Time. His power of Time can no longer be applied to Long Fei. Law of Time is ineffective and can’t capture the life essence of Long Fei.

“Impossible? Nothing is impossible!”

“But, thank you, if you have swallowed up so many life essences of father, father almost forgot, father is the eternal eternal life.” Long Fei indifferently said, indifferent.

What is the Lord of Eternal Life?

That is, heavens and the earth are destroyed and I am not destroyed.

The moon is ruining and I am immortal!

You are in the sea, Heaven Falls and Earth Rends, I am free, outside of Time, between heavens and the earth.

“Lord of eternal life? Impossible. Even if heavens and the earth have an end, there is no eternal life!”

“I do not believe!”

“A glance for a thousand years, give me a swallow!”

If Zhan Tai Ling’s show is crazy.

In the eyes, it is a crazy means of exertion, and I want to recapture Long Fei life essence.

But this time it was useless, let her do it, these strengths are directly disappeared in the moment of contact with Long Fei, just like flying sand, unable to withstand a single blow.

“Swallow damn!”

“Isn’t it enough to swallow it?”

“Father’s life essence is what you want to swallow?”

“And you, the egg, just cut it is cool? Penalty? Who gives you the qualification, the execution of father?”

Long Fei’s eyes are cold, flashing from the Void, emitting endless cold.

It is like the existence of a Supreme, which is disturbed by two reptiles.


With Long Fei’s cold voice, the magic sense is also a feeling of the whole body. If the whole person is fixed in Void above, even the sword in his hand will start to have a feeling of fear. It seems that Long Fei is face to face. There is no qualification at all to harm Long Fei.

“Impossible, how could this be, you are clearly dead?”

“How could it be revived, I don’t believe it!”

“Sword, give me a sigh!”

The magical sense is also constantly embarrassing, and it is simply unacceptable for this sudden change in the eyes.

Especially now, even his own strength has a fear of Long Fei, but also makes him fearful.

In an instant, it is shrouded by the boundless terrifying.

Below, the white deer and the others also perceive the transformation of Void above, especially the Scorpio. At this moment, the pupils are constantly shrinking, and the pace is constantly retreating.

It seems that the strength of Long Fei at this time also affects them in general.

“Well, I know, the boss must have his own means, otherwise it will not become a strength beyond the number of days.” White deer, cried out in surprise, full of expectations.

But again, the footsteps are a little retreat, as if in front of Long Fei’s strength, they have no qualifications to face.

There are also horses, and even ‘Long Fei’.

But the emotions on their faces are the same, all are excited.

Incomparably excited.

At this moment, they know.

This battle has already produced results, the dust has been set!

The picture turned and returned to Long Fei.

At this moment, Long Fei, watching the magic sense Xuan and Zhan Tai Ling Xiu continue to shoot, in the eyes, is full of a disgusting color.

Then, when the light is turned, a path of eternal power is directly drawn from the soul of the above.

Surrounded by Long Fei by Long Fei’s glare.

Incomparably mysterious, but overbearing.

It seems that all the strengths in the world are wet slag in the face of eternal power, and they can only bow down.

“Enough, now, if you have been delayed for so long, you should send you back to the West.”

“Sword is coming!”

A faint phrase, Long Fei reached out and saw the Demon Sword, which was previously stunned by the magic, and rushed straight from the Void, shining the endless edge and killing intent, returning to Long Fei.

“弑Demon Sword, hey!”

Long Fei holds Long Sword and throws it out.



For a moment, Void is overturned and the rift is cracked.

The endless thunder of the sky suddenly appeared, it seems that the sky was worn by Long Fei.

Similarly, under the sword of Long Fei, the knives were shot and the magical sensation was also bombarded by the heavy bombardment. The face smashed the endless ruins of Xianting and finally fell.

But Long Fei, now has no intention to pay attention to the magic sense, but the look of the eyes looked towards the Zhan Tai Ling Xiu.

Previously, the strength of Zhan Tai Ling Xiu swallowed so much life essence.

If it is not the last to touch the eternal shackles, maybe this time it is possible to overturn the ship in the gutter.

This makes Long Fei thoughts quite uncomfortable.

There is even a little fear.

So at this moment, Long Fei has already penetrated into the bone marrow for the killing intent of Zhan Tai Ling Xiu, which belongs to the column of killing.

And Zhan Tai Ling Xiu looked at Long Fei moved towards himself step by step, and looked at the mysterious and mysterious mysterious life, and completely fell into despair.

Her biggest card is the power of Time, which is the life essence.

But now, this strength is useless for Long Fei.

That is to say, in front of Long Fei, now she has not even qualified for the shot.

“Long Fei. Don’t be impulsive.”

“Don’t you like me? I can be your woman.”

“No, I can be your slave. As long as you let me go, I can do whatever I want!”

Zhan Tai Ling Xiu said with a trembling voice, his eyes filled with femininity, and even at this time, he did not forget to seduce. I want to lure Long Fei with my own beauty.

However, it is useless at all.

“Be my woman?”

“Ha Ha Ha, are you worthy?”

“If you said this before, maybe the father can still sleep for you.”

“But now, you don’t even have the qualification of the slave.”

“Give me death.”

Long Fei word stopped, killing intent stunned, and then a sword smashed out, directly smashed Void, smashed to Zhan Tai Ling Xiu.

Puchi !

A sword wears a chest, and a drop of blood falls from the Void.

Zhan Tai Ling Xiu unwillingly looked at the chest he was pierced, wanted to curse, but had no chance, and finally his neck slammed and died.

As for Long Fei, it is a sharp sword, and then step out, directly to the front of the magic sense:

“Do you think that your strength is also a nourishment for Demon Sword?”

“弑Demon Sword, hey!” Long Fei was indifferent, without hesitation, a sword stabbed to the serious feeling of mystery.

The next moment, the endless magic is like a dyke, pouring into the Demon Sword from the magical mystery, just a moment of Time, the magic sense is directly swallowed into a person.


At this time, Long Fei even smashed two people, System Sound, as scheduled.

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