“Hey, congratulations player kills Zhan Tai Ling Xiu, Strong Wind Slash 50 billion, Lingyuan worth 5 billion, Rage value 1 point.”

“Hey, the congratulations player kills the magic sense, the Strong Wind Slash checks 50 billion, the opportunity source value is 5 billion, and the Rage value 1 point.”

“Hey, the congratulations player won the water.”

“Hey, congratulations player obtain.”

“Hey, congratulations player, 弑Demon Sword level up, the current level 弑魔 4th Rank.”

System sounds constantly appear.

However, the results still make Long Fei not satisfied.

“Damn, System, is this intentional? Even killing three, haven’t exploded the Power of Law they got?”

Long Fei thoughts.

“System, violent!”

Long Fei said directly.

At this time, there is no other choice.

Long Fei thoughts is really not reconciled if it doesn’t really burst.

The strength of the nine cows and two tigers was abolished, and even the power of eternal life was drawn. If we finally got this thing, it would be a sneak out of the sky.

And System is also a short silence.

“Hey, congratulations player obtains the power of Law.”

“Hey, the power of the congratulations player obtain Law of Space.”

“Hey, congratulations player obtain the power of punishment.”

System three times in a row.

After three times, return to silence.

Long Fei, heartbeat, is mad as the System sounds down.

A violent, three harvests.

Originally, Long Fei had not expected Chu’s Space Power to burst.

Unexpectedly, it is really a surprise to appear in this way.

“Ha Ha Ha, can you do this? System, excellent.” Long Fei thoughts couldn’t help but secretly thought.

It can be said that there has been a change in the system.

What I had not hoped for before, but now suddenly appeared, this kind of impact, but more powerful than originally expected.

At this time, as the two were desecrated, the entire Void above returned to calm.

Long Fei’s body gradually fell from Void.

Jianma and the others are coming close.

However, from Long Fei and the hundred zhang distance, it stopped.

Not that they don’t want to, but they can’t.

At this time, Long Fei still exudes a strong Aura to crush everything, not at all they can resist.

“Old. Boss, now people are dead, Aura can also draw with it.” Jianma said hard, complexion has become extremely embarrassing, it seems that in front of Long Fei’s Aura, there is no support.

The white deer and the others are also embarrassed. Now they are better than Jianma, but they are still not enough.

Long Fei is also a glimpse.

But immediately, it was a bitter smile.

I was immersed in the impulse to kill the magic sense Xuan and Zhan Tai Ling Xiu. There is no time to think more. Now, when the horse is opened, I realize that I am now Aura. It is violent.

The power of eternal life is unbridled and vented, even if he has the heart to stop it, he can’t do it at all.

It was like breaking the water of the dike, and at the moment he opened the gap, he was beyond his control.

Long Fei thoughts also gave birth to a few points of caution.

Although the power of eternal life is strong, the identity of his eternal life is now extremely embarrassing.

Because you have the name of the eternal Lord, you can’t really control this strength.

It can be said that since he took over the eternal life in the temple of eternal life and from the hands of the Tao, this strength has never been controlled by true.

“Damn, no, this strength must be in control. In this state, maybe there will be any accidents.”

Long Fei thoughts is also a tight one.

Quickly said:

“I have to go to the retreat to give this strength to the refining. You are now prepared to be prepared here. If you arrive, remember to call me.”

“If you force, you must force me to left seclusion.” Long Fei said firmly.

The power of eternal life is important, but it is more important than the safety of your own brother.

After that, Long Fei did not wait for everyone to react, and immediately moved to open a space, and the silhouette did not enter.

Only the white deer and the others are left in the original.

“The boss said it is good. Our main quest now is to guard the return of the big man.”

“Everything else is a small thing.” Said the white deer.

In love, whether it is because of Long Fei, or because of his mission, he can not give up guarding the night.

Even if he wants his life, he will not hesitate.

Surprisingly, Jianma and ‘Long Fei’ did not express any opinions.

Obviously, it is extremely recognized for the words of the white deer.

Even if it was Scorpio, there was no speech at this time.

Even very well-behaved to hide aside, there is no arrogance.

Even in the presence of the white deer, they dare not continue to force.

No way, everything is just because Long Fei is too strong.

Strong enough to let him suffocate!

Therefore, now he has no courage to be arrogant in front of Jianma and the others.

For a time, peaces and the earth fell into silence again, as if nothing had happened.

However, the collapsed Void, as well as the violent thunder, all prove that there was an unusual Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering great war.

At this time, within the fairy court.

Endless fairy, twenty Fourth-Grade good fortune Azure Lotus’s strength is also pouring into the body of the night.

At this time, the night child is standing in the middle of the lotus platform, surrounded by a path of azure light.

And Aura, who is on the night, is extremely arrogant. If Long Fei is here, he will be amazed.

This kind of Aura has far surpassed everyone I have seen in Long Fei.

Including the former respected clone, in front of Aura, who is at night, is not worth mentioning.

At this time, the endless floating fairy light gradually began to recede.

The eyes of Mei Zimei also slowly opened.

“Tongxian Tongxian!”

“A million years have passed, I am finally back.”

“Cang, there are days, this time, I must break away from your control.”

“And .Long Fei, I will not let you down, anyway, I want you to get the number of days of this Continent.” Night child is very determined.

Immediately, the body moved and straightened up.

In the moment when she got up, there was a burst of roaring in the entire Xianting, and then suddenly collapsed. Twenty Fourth-Grade Azure Lotus was also directly integrated into the body of the night.

At this time, the white deer and the others are also attracted by the sound here, and they look at the past directly.


“Great Emperor!”

Scorpio and the white deer exclaimed at the same time.

Night child looks at the two, faint nodded, and then gaze, directly look towards Void above.

Similarly, at this time in the heavens and the earth outside of Void, Cang itself is interpreting comprehend before the pattern of countless sequences, but at this moment, he directly opened his eyes.

“Waste !”

“It’s all Waste!”

“After all, I will let you return. But how many cultivation bases do you have now?”

“I was able to destroy you that year, this world, the same can be.” The face was full of anger and anger.

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