A trick to crush, crazy and arrogant!

This time, he is well prepared. Moreover, for this day, he has been preparing for countless years, in order to eliminate it in one fell swoop and completely relieve the worries.

Especially now, when he sees the night child after returning, the cultivation base is only in the sacred above, and his eyes become more violent and contemptuous.

As if everything is in his control.


“Moon, how, now the courage to speak is gone?” Cang cold and open.

The night child looks fascinated, but the brief remark is sent.

As for the name of the moon fairy, it is the title of his hundred years.

“More to say, no benefit, between you and me, I have long been destined to have this battle.” Night child said.

“Oh, it’s a good talk, and there’s more to say, but it’s the pity for you, so you can live more.”

“As for now, it’s time to settle everything.” Cangheavily, the voice gradually solidified in Void.

A gown of a pale color, wrapped his body tightly, is extremely thin.

But under the thin body, there is a suffocating energy.

Where you are, it is a taboo.

Even if you look at it more, you will be self-defeating, and there is no qualification to look at it.

Brush it!

At this time, the white deer and the others felt a kind of pressure from Soul above, which swept through.

It seems that because of the hostility to Cang, it has been rejected by heavens and the earth, to annihilate them.

But at this moment, the night child is fascinated.

The body was shocked, and the sleeves were swaying in the nine-day Void, and the pressure of Cang was directly erased.

“This is the battle between you and me, there is me, you can’t move them.” Night child charming coldly said.

The word is stopped, facing the sky.

“Ha Ha Ha, a battle between you and me.”

“However, do you really think that you still have room for resistance?”

“Impossible, I have control of the number of days, the number of days is force, move with me. Among the days, Er is a thief, when it is extinguished!” Cang Laughed heartily said.

Immediately, the big hand moves and directly presses down.

Bang bang bang.

Rolling the thunder, under the dark sky, open it.

a path of a smashing Aura’s strength Void above, which swept through.

The night of the companion complexion changed, turned between the hands, an Azure Lotus appeared directly in the hand, the power of infinity good fortune from it, sprayed out.


Good fortune infinity, Azure Lotus blossoms.

Twenty Fourth-Grade good fortune Azure Lotus shines and shines Profound Light.


Cang’s palm finally fell, heavily bombarded in good fortune Azure Lotus above.


The power of annihilation broke out directly, roaring Void.

This time, it is more terrifying than the real battle caused by Long Fei battle.

At this time, Twenty Four-Grade good fortune Azure Lotus opened up, forming a huge cyan ray ring, filled with Void, a path of good fortune force like a sharp edge, whistling away, attacking Cang.

However, the means of Cang are equally terrifying.

A pair of big hands above, countless mysterious Rune flashes, as if they are arranged one after another, they can erupt a kind of strength, directly to the night of the good good fortune attack, turned into nothing.

A Time, the two are deadlocked.

“I can’t think of it, you are born again, even repaired this strength, have to say, really is the opportunity Unparalleled.”

“Just what a pity, in the face of the strength of the day, all struggles are in vain.”

“This seat is to see you, how long can it last?”

Said the sky.

A turn in the hand, countless spots of re-transformation.

Then suddenly slammed.


The strength of Cang suddenly violently increased, and it was directly crushed down, and the power of good fortune was inundated in an instant.

Kā chā !

It is also a blink of an eye, good fortune Azure Lotus’s azure light, directly defeated by this countless number of days, collapsed Void, turned into nothingness.

The body of the night is more shocked by this strength, and suddenly slams the casual li.

“You have completely controlled the number of days!” The night of the companion complexion has changed dramatically.

The eyes are also full of helplessness.

She wants to be bust, the most fundamental reason is because of the good fortune strength.

Because the power of this good fortune is the accumulation of his third, it is no longer within the number of days.

However, this time, it was only the shock of the night child’s thoughts true.

The power of his own good fortune is so unable to withstand a single blow in front of Cang.

She didn’t think about this result.

“Ha Ha Ha, do you see it? However, you think too much, not that I completely control the number of days, but that I have been incarnation days. I Am Heaven, the number of days is me!”

“So, in this world, everything is under my control.”

“Do you think that you can control a strength beyond the days of detachment to be able to contend with me? Can you get rid of the number of days? Impossible.”

“This time, this seat wants you to completely disappear.”

The sound of Cang was cold, and the fists were gripped, and then fell sharply.

Then, Void above, a sudden burst of sound.

I saw Twenty-Fourth-Grade good fortune Azure Lotus, and I was taken away by Third-Grade.

And the night child is also squirting out A mouthful of blood, complexion has become extremely pale.

“No! Master!”

Scorpio angrily shouted, blue body above, began to produce Transformation, and his eyes became scarlet, like a bloodthirsty wolf.

Then the next moment, the body of Scorpio suddenly increased sharply, and it suddenly rose to the sky.

“Break me Master?father swallow you.”

The body of Tianmian became incomparable gigantic.

It’s also very incomparable.

Directly roar, open the bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl will devour the sky.

However, there is no slight transformation in Cang’s face.

Even the extremely disdainful coldly snorted.

“A bastard? Also dare to shoot me?”

“Scorpio? Oh, don’t forget, this is the day.”

Cangyou said, then raised his hand directly, a slap fanned over.



In a flash, Scorpio’s body was directly returned to its original shape, rolled over in Void, narrowed in a circle, and finally directly incarnation a cat of ordinary size, heavily fell to the ground, dying.

“Scorpio!” Night child charming cred out in surprise, eyes hate Unparalleled, ruthlessly looked towards Cang.

“Oh, is it angry?”

“But it’s useless. Today is more than you, even everyone who is present will be annihilated.”

“Under the number of days, you have no need to exist.”

“Now, let’s die for this seat!”

As said, Cang’s silhouette disappeared directly, turned into a little light and shadow, and directly integrated into Void.


The next moment, the entire sky began to transform, as if to collapse, crushed down.

For a moment, the white deer, the Jianma, and the ‘Long Fei’ were all screaming.

As if in front of this strength, humble to the extreme.

Not to mention rebellion, not even the qualifications faced.

Even if it is night, it is extremely difficult to control good fortune Azure Lotus again.

However, in front of this incarnation, the sky is so weak.

The entire Azure Lotus, once again began to break, as if the next moment, it will burst.

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