Crisis heavily, imminent!

It can be said that the current form has reached the limit of extreme danger.

Under the entire sky, Cang is already invincible.

All the resistance in front of him is insignificant.

Even if it is night, it is a strong return at this time, and the power of good fortune is also unable to compete.

Bang bang nine six bang bang bang!

At this time, a few bursts of sound appeared. I saw good fortune Azure Lotus Direct First-Grade and then First-Grade, under the violent crushing, instant Shattered.


In the night, Meikou squirted a blood arrow, and the silhouette gradually curved.

Can’t help!

I can’t help it at all.

In an instant, the night is like a gray.

In the bottom of my eyes, there is also a deep sorrow.

She is not afraid of death, but she is not willing to die like this.

Long Fei paid too much to protect him from returning. But now Long Fei is still in retreat, but she can’t insist on some Time for Long Fei. If she is so dead, Long Fei’s efforts will be worthless.

Thinking of this, in the eyes of the night child, the hatred is spewing out.

“No, I must hold on.”

“Otherwise, it will definitely affect Long Fei.”

“In any case, even if I use my life to change, I must leave it to you.”

Night child Meiqiang endured the pressure, watching the sky from the sky, clenches the teeth: “good fortune power, burst!”

Night child is tenderly shouted.

Immediately after the next moment, the remaining ten Sixth Grade good fortune Azure Lotus crashed into a self-destruct.

The power of the good fortune of the sky is directly recoiled at this moment.


All of a sudden, the pressure of the sky above suddenly collapsed.

Re-recovery a trace and soberness and calm.

The silhouette of the talent can also reappear at this time.

Deng deng 瞪!

A few steps back, Aura also became a bit confusing.

It seems that he never thought about it. The night singer has such a great power, even saying self-destruct is self-destruct.

“Moon, you are really a great courage. If I didn’t guess wrong, you should be for Long Fei, the kid?”

“I want to do my best to stop my steps?”

“But, do you think this will be useful?”

Cang angrily said.

Obviously, under the strength of the night child, he was also seriously injured, so he was extremely angry.

“It’s useless, I have to try it before I know it.” Night child said, the tone was extremely cold.

She has made up her mind and will not regress anyway.

“Try? Why do you try?”

“Before you have the strength beyond this number of days to compete with me, what else do you have now?”

“Self-detail end!”

“Days, wind and thunder, kill!” The face was cold, and the hands were moving. Countless starlights began to turn in their hands.

And as this starlight turns.

Throughout the Void sky, Aura is once again violent.

Rising winds, scudding clouds, the rising of the fire, and the endless thunder are also rushing.

Moreover, this strength is different from ordinary.

Very violent.

Everywhere the squally winds pass, everything is turned into nothingness.

The place where the flames burned, everything turned into an ashes.

There is also the point where the Thunder landed, and the Void bursts in an instant.

It can be said that this strength is omnipresent.

Basic and unusual fires and other means are not at one level.

It is not too much to say that the top of the strength is reached.

At night, the eyes became extremely deep.

Inadvertently, the eyes looked towards a certain Void, and the color of grief is gradually surging.

“Long Fei, I am sorry.”

“Wasting your pains, what a pity, I want to disappoint you.”

“But I will remember what you said, I am your woman.”

“So, before I die, I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

Night child’s eyes are full of tenderness and look at a direction other than Void.

But this tenderness is filled with endless sadness.

It seems that it is like screening, endless grief, and endless.

However, the next moment, the night child winks and looks up, suddenly looked up:

“Bone bones, burning!”

The night child is sultry and drinking, directly burning the bones of the sky.


For a moment, the Profound Light, which broke out directly on the night, flew to Void.

At this time, in a certain space.

Long Fei is pulling his own soul, according to the guidance of the System sister, step by step fusion fleshy body.

After all, as the System sister said, his current power of the soul is too strong.

The power of the fleshy body has not kept pace, and there is a feeling of mismatch.

Therefore, the process of fusion is extremely slow.

Long Fei, even if he is in a hurry, is also anxious, and can’t control the process of fusion.

Yes, at this time, a touch of cone pain suddenly swept in the soul of the Long Fei.

In an instant, a pain that seemed to smash Soul’s generality swept over, causing Long Fei’s fusion process to be blocked again.

“Master, what’s wrong with you?” The voice of the System sister appeared, full of anxiety.

“I don’t know, just feel the soul of the soul is very painful.” Long Fei said hard.

Both of them are red with money.

This feeling is even more worrying for Long Fei thoughts.

Because of this feeling, I am too familiar.

Long Fei gave telepathy more than once when the little invincible was demonized by the comet.

It is the same now.

“Master, you must hold back, and still in the fusion, no matter what happens, the strength can be used after the fusion is completed, otherwise, it will be a failure.” System sister persuaded again.

“No, I can’t stand it. I have a feeling that something is unpredictable outside.”

“So, System sister, we must find a way to let me return to myself as soon as possible.”

“Otherwise, I will not forgive myself for the rest of my life.” Long Fei said with red eyes, almost in a pleading tone.

This is also the first time that he has shown his vulnerability in front of System.

This is him, his life cultivation, even if he has suffered more and more hardships, he is also guardian.

Long Fei would not forgive himself for the rest of his life if he was late and caused unacceptable consequences.

“Well, Master, now there is a way to get you back first,” said the system sister.

Long Fei Yixi, said quickly: “What way?”

“Master, this way has a lot of risks, I suggest you still not to attack!” System sister eyes suddenly lightly blame, weakness said.

“No matter how much risk, you have to do it now.”

“I can’t wait,” Long Fei said.

I did not tell the sister more opportunities at all, and directly issued instructions.

System sister sighed, and she was helpless.

Long Fei has already issued an order, and she must not be disobedient.

Directly manipulated in one mind.

In an instant, Long Fei’s soul once again moved into the depths of the Spirit Sea under the traction of the System sister.

More terrifying is that the System Wizard comes directly to the eternal life with the soul of Long Fei.

Then, the soul of Long Fei is buried directly into it.

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