Hong long!

The eternal life is suddenly closed.

Immediately, as if the merits of Perfection, slowly rising out of the Long Fei Knowledge Sea, the portal that was built through the System Girl instantly disappeared.

At this time, in the outside world.

The sky of the rays of light escaped from the body of the night.

Instantly shield half of the sky and directly isolate the strength that Cang exhibits from Void.

In the hands of the night child, a piece of pure white jade bone is burning constantly.

Moreover, every burning point, the complexion of the night child becomes more and more pale.

“Oh, don’t, don’t continue.”

“You go, with your strength, leaving here is definitely not a problem.”

At this time, because the night child is burning the bones of the sky, the attack of Cang has been resisted, and they are proud of Recovery.

But just as soon as I was awake, I saw that the night child was fighting for the battle.

Thoughts anger broke out directly.

However, more is the torment of heartbreaking.

Because in front of this strength, their cultivation base is simply weak and has no resistance.

At this time, Jianma and ‘Long Fei’ also awakened.

Looking at the night of the heart that constantly burns his strength in Void, the eyes are also sorrowful.

“Master, don’t care about us.”

“Being able to follow the Master to the present, it is enough to see such a magnificent World. We die without regrets, but the mother, you must live.” Jianma shouted.

Now, he has already accepted his life.

The result is that life is dead and it is no longer important.

However, the night child is a woman of Long Fei, they must not watch the accident.

Moreover, it is still because of their affairs.

Otherwise, let alone Long Fei, they will not forgive themselves.

Plus, the current battle is too wrong.

It was completely shackled by Cang.

Without any backhand power, they are dried up. This result makes their thoughts have been suppressed to the extreme.

Such a drag out an ignoble existence is protected by the night child, and it is a torture for them.

Therefore, the first thing after their recovery came at this time is to let the night child give up and leave alone.

However, the night child is completely ignoring them.

The eyebrows are as original, indifferent, with a decisive decision.

Like, it is desperate.

Yes, it can be said that the night of the night is just desperate.

Just use your own Life to win Time for Long Fei.

She doesn’t know what Long Fei is doing now, but she knows that if she can hold on for a minute, Long Fei will have more hope.

So now, she can’t back down at all.

And Cang, obviously lost patience at this time.

Looking at the night of the burning bones, the smile on his face is more and more hazy:

“tsk tsk, burning the bones? Moon fairy, you are a self-destructive road, originally you will leave now, maybe there is a chance.”

“But now, the bones of the sky have burned, it is equivalent to saying that there is no shadow of yours within the number of days.”

“Ha Ha Ha, the night child is charming, since this is the case, zsew I have no scruples.”

“Days, annihilation of the odds!”

Cang angrily shouted, laughing wildly.

The next moment, Cang expression changed.

Immediately after the entire sky, there is a path of infinite mysterious Aura.

Invisible, endless.

However, the whole sky is above, but there is a kind of willpower that is overwhelming, and a pressure.

Everything collapses.

Even the celestial bones of the night child’s hands are squeaking at this moment.

Then, a path of crack appears on it.

And the endless light of the bones is also shattered between the moment.


The silhouette of the night child, completely lost support at this moment, like the rootless duckweed, slowly falling from Void above.

“Ha Ha Ha, is that all right?”

“At the end of the settlement, this seat knows that this game, the ultimate winner can only be me.” Cang Laughed heartily.

At this level, they have only one result since they started fighting.

That is life and death!

Either live or die!

It is absolutely impossible to have a second result.

Especially between the night of the child and the celestial, can be said to be the cause and effect of the hundred years.

Therefore, from the beginning, Cang knows that the night child will never retreat.

In other words, everything he did was to step by step and let the night child be completely determined to battle.

Until I saw the night of the child burning the bones.

The purpose of Cang has been achieved.

Now, watching the night body charm from the Void fall, Cang’s eyes are full of embarrassment, and immediately point out, control the power of the day, to make the night child completely thorough.


In an instant, one finger turned across the sky, directly penetrated the endless obstacles, and forced the night to go.

It is conceivable that if this blow falls, the night child will never have the possibility of surviving.

Cang’s face is full of expectations, and he is already waiting for this finger to fall. The night’s eyes are fascinating, and he is completely the master of the whole film Continent, true, and there will be no any change.

Yes, but for a second.

The smile on the face of the face disappeared directly.

Instantly freeze.

It has become extremely embarrassing.

I saw that a form inexplicable came from the Shuttle in the Void, and caught the body of the night, and then raised his hand, directly pressing the pointer of Cang, and blocking it in Void above.

“Impossible, this is impossible, the bones are gone, I am orthodox, under the number of days, who can stop?” Can’t believe it.

Especially now, his strength is resisted by a hand with no difficulty.

It is even more shocking to him.

Among the consciousness of talent, the only thing that can compete with oneself is the night child.

I don’t believe that there will be others who can contend with their strength.

But now, it is ruthlessly slap-faced, and one hand is given to his own strength by Shattered.

This is one of them. More importantly, the emergence of this person directly broke his plan.

For him, this is absolutely not allowed.

One thought of this, the gaze of light, the ruthlessly directed people, coldly said:

“Who are you? Dare to break my business?” Cang eyes must, ask.

However, this sudden appearance is simply ignored, but the eyes are again looked towards towards Void:

“Come out, it’s the end of the matter, it’s time to count the general ledger.” Silhouette indifferently said.

Azure clothes, already dancing with the wind, long hair volley, it is like blood, in this moment becomes scarlet.

At this time, outside of Void, once again fell on a form, looked at the night with a dignified look, brief remark hair to catch the night child, and then slowly placed on the ground, waiting at peace.

At the same time, the people looked down at the night and looked at the night, and immediately sneaked in the eyes, and a raging anger burst out from their eyes:

“You, damn it!”

A heavy voice, the people said directly.

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