The people are faint and open, cold and ruthless.

I don’t know why, I saw that the night child is seriously hurting the coma at this moment, and his killing intent can no longer stop.

It is like saying that the night child is his extremely important person.

Seeing that the night was so beautifully hurt, he directly touched his heart.

Even the woman who came with him on the 96th was a suspicious looking man.

Because this is also the first time, she saw the emotional changes of the man in front of her eyes.

And at this time, under Void, a forms struggled to get up, watching the sudden appearance of azure clothes, the face finally changed:

“You finally came.”

“In any case, be sure to protect this woman. This woman is extremely important to him.”

‘Long Fei’ looked excited and looked at the azure clothes man who appeared in front of him, dignified.

“Well? So, she is also the woman of the deity?” said the azure clothes man.

As soon as this statement is made, his identity has already come to the fore.

Yes, he is the clone of Long Fei.

“Yes, he is now retreating. It should be what happened. Fortunately, you have appeared.” ‘Long Fei’ is full of hope, heavily said.

And azure clothes clone, at this moment is also a gaze, the direction that is expected, is the space opened by Long Fei before the retreat.

The eyes are dignified.

At this time, Cang also guessed the identity of azure clothes, the surprise on his face disappeared suddenly, and the thick killing intent reappeared:

“The deity? You are just the kid’s clone?” Cangcoldly opened his mouth, his eyes were also looked towards the Long Fei retreat, a killing intent, directly through the sky.

Before, when the night boy was in love, he already knew about Long Fei’s retreat.

Therefore, Long Fei is not in the eye.

However, I did not expect that Long Fei did not appear, but clone appeared at this moment.

Moreover, he directly killed his plan.

Then, Cang’s eyes looked forward to the woman who appeared with Long Fei clone:

“Is it you? Goddess in the big sun? I can’t think of the shrinking for so many years, you are finally willing to appear. But just right, you don’t have to live today,” said the face.

“Cang, I didn’t even think about it. One of the mysterious wars in the world of Wannian has always had such a history.”

“However, since I have already appeared, it should be a full stop.”

“In the beginning, you designed me to introduce this to the world, and I want to use the strength of this number to suppress me. Just what a pity, you can’t guess I will be saved,” said Dayang Goddess.

If Long Fei is here, you will definitely feel the mistakes.

You may even wonder if you are a clone sister.

At the beginning of the world of Yangshen, his own soul, clone, came to Hong Ye, the Princess of the Holy Court.

Now that my own clone is more powerful, it is directly with the Dayang Goddess.

“Oh, I can’t think of it. Under the days of the world, there are no things that I can’t think of under the number of days.”

“The reason why this seat did not take the initiative to find you, wait for today, for the sake of once and for all, to hide your group in the dark, all elite.”

“In the right days!”

Cang coldly said.

Aura on the body has become more fierce.

Also at this time, Long Fei clone goes one step forward:

“This battle, you don’t have to step in.”

“This battle is only for the deity.”

“When the deity mother rescued you, it was paving the way for today. So you should protect them first, and leave the rest to me!”

Said clone.

The anger is burning, but I still think about it in my Long Fei.

At this point, everything is already clear.

Whether it is clone or Dayang Goddess, it has already been encountered with Long Fei’s mother, even the Sun Goddess, which was saved by Long Fei mother.

If Long Fei knows everything, he will be shocked.

Because of my mother, the layout is too big, even some of the strength of System can be included, it is terrifying.

Dayang Goddess pico nodded, dignified:

“Well, I will protect them until your deity returns.”

“But if your deity does not appear, I will take them away and return to Myriad Heaven World. Don’t blame me at that time, don’t follow that willpower,” said Dayang Goddess.

After that, just step out of the step, and then draw a hand, directly into the enchantment, will cover the white deer and the others.

And Long Fei’s clone is reversed and slightly low:

“Reassured, between this heavens and the earth, there is no way to block the deity.” Long Fei said it himself, and then looked up and looked forward to the sky.

Step out and push the palm directly.




A palm is empty, and it is very incomparable.

This palm, no extra strength, simple violent, without any bells and whistles, is the purest strength.

However, this palm seems to contain the essence of the world, indestructible and unpredictable.

Even if it is Cang, at this moment, the expression is a momentary Transformation.

“The palm of the day, give this town!” Cang loudly shouted, the same shot.

Bang bang bang!

The strength of the two palms collided in the Void, and the bursting sound swept in an instant, centering on the strength of the two, and violently tens of millions of miles between the moments.


This time, Void ruptured directly, a scene of extinction.

Who can imagine that it is just a collision between the palms, and it is so strong.

Even if it is Cang, complexion is the beginning of Transformation again and again.

He didn’t even think that Long Fei’s clone was arrogant to this extent.

More terrifying is that this palm, surprisingly contains the ‘number’ of Aura, as if it is the same as the number of days.

But this is exactly the case, in order to be able to contend with his palm.

“Number? You actually control the number? Impossible, this is impossible!”

“There is no strength in this world that can compete with the number of days. Even the moon bones of the moon are burning. Why do you compete with me?”

“Aaah, give me the town!”

Cang angrily shouted, a palm heavily pressed.

He controls the power of the day, and he can control the fundamentals of all the strengths.

So it would be so arrogant that everything is in your own hands.

However, I did not expect that Long Fei clone now controls this strength, even if it is a number of days.

“There is nothing impossible, but you, a cultivation base, all of which are cultivation to the dog.”

“The number of days is a number, then my number is also a kind.”

“However, you want to control the number of heavens and the earth, and control the number of people, but I am different, what I control is only the number of strength.” Long Fei clone coldly said.

Then the palm disappeared and a punch was made again.

Similarly, in this fist, there is also a number of strengths. When you blast to the sky, you will continue to transform, as if you are looking for a specific trajectory.

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