Void above , terrifying battle is still going on.

Whether it is Cang or Long Fei clone, it is already a real anger.

This is a counter-strength confrontation.

The sky is used by the sky, and Long Fei clone uses the number of strength.

Between the two sides has been played True Fire, between the fist change, the endless strength of the explosion, even the heavens and the earth Void are unbearable.

The sky fell, the nebula was Shattered.

The violent anger.

Below, a few people who have been protected by Dayang Goddess have long lost their faces.

Before, they also wanted to use their life to win Time for Long Fei.

But now, when they see this battle, they know.

They have always been wishful thinking.

In front of this strength, their lives are really worthless.

However, at this moment, they are thinking.

Under this strength, can Long Fei win?

Do they still have the hope of victory?

At this time, the night child smiled slowly and opened his eyes, and his face was exhausted.

Looking at the battle of Void above, there was a sigh of sadness in his eyes: “He is not an opponent.”

Night child is indifferently said.

Although she was seriously injured before, the dialogue between Long Fei clone and Dayang Goddess was clear.

So there is no doubt about the identity of the two.

“How can I see? Cang is forformable, but this person is also pursuing a kind of extreme strength. The cultivation base in front of him has long been just a concept, his strength, fear is already already overridden in the cultivation base to define above.” Dayang Goddess said.

It seems that I know a lot about Long Fei clone.

“No, he is very strong. Even though it was my heyday, it was no match. Even if I was in the previous life, I would not be able to say that I could easily win.”

“But the true terrifying strength has not been applied. Otherwise, I don’t have to burn the bones to delay Time.” Night child said, some kind of anxiety is also a bit strong.

It seems to be extremely worrying.

The complexion of Dayang Goddess also hangs down instantly.

She is extremely limited in her understanding of Cang. She only knows the identity of Cang in Myriad Heaven and even rarely sees her hands.

But the night is different, she has a few thousand years of causal grievances between her and Cang.

Even in the last world, it was given to suppress and kill by Cang.

Therefore, she had to believe in her words.

However, her thoughts still hold a little hope:

“don’t tell me, is there any possibility?” asked Dayang Goddess.

“No, but I believe that as long as it can be dragged to Long Fei left seclusion, all this will be solved.” Night child Mei said, extremely firm.

Between the talks, the nephew also became a little gentle, looked towards Long Fei retreat direction.

“Long Fei?” Dayang Goddess whispered.

But in a flash, it is also a bitter smile:

“If you really have terrifying so you said, even if Long Fei returns, what can you do?”

“I am not believing Long Fei. Even if he is the son of the Curtain, I don’t believe that he can be better than the clone in front of him,” said Dayang Goddess.

When the words came out, the night child turned around and suddenly turned his eyes to the Sun Goddess:

“If you are also saved by an adult, you should know your own position.”

The night of the child’s voice is cold, obviously it is not to see the big sun Goddess look down on Long Fei.

Dayang Goddess closed directly, and did not want to be entangled with the night child on this issue.

In turn, looked towards Void above.

At this point, the battle between the two sides has been heated up.

Long Fei clone is almost violent, with a punch and a punch against Void.

Even the silhouette of Cang was beaten and bruised.

However, Long Fei clone is not so good.

Under the days of strength, his body has long been riddled with blood and blood flowing.

A path of Force of Heavenly Dao, like a sharp blade, splits his body and blood stains azure clothes.

“Ha Ha Ha, the number of strength? Have to say, very strong!”

“But I have already said that under the days, everything is Phantom.”

“In this world, there is no strength, and it can resist the number of days.”

He said with a deep voice, watching Long Fei clone, who is still fighting hard, laughing.

At this moment, the outcome has been divided.

Even though Cang was extremely hurt, but under the strength of the days, he was still invincible.

Long Fei clone complexion Cold, coldly looking at the Void above arrogant laughter, both fists clench.

There is also a flash of light in the scorpion, and it seems that I still analyze the strength of Cang and want to disintegrate it.

But at this time, Cang’s silhouette turned into illusion again, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

And Long Fei clone, complexion, at this moment, is also extremely embarrassing.


A blood arrow ejected from the mouth, and the Long Fei clone’s body slowly bent, as if it had been crushed by some kind of strength.

It’s not just him, even the enchantment of the Dayang Goddess, which sizzles at this moment.

“This” Dayang Goddess complexion changed and finally realized the seriousness of the problem.

And the night child is charming, but also at this moment strong support the body, stood up, solemn:

“This is what I said about the terrifying of Cang.”

“He can already incarnation days!”

At this moment, in front of the incarnation of the sky, all their strengths are insignificant.

Even if the cultivation base is strong, it will not help.

Because at this moment, what they face is no longer a simple one.

It is in the face of the whole Tongxian World’s strength.

At this time, Long Fei clone was suddenly forced, and his hands were directly emptied, forcibly stood up.


Long Fei clone loudly shouted.

Obviously, he also realized the terrifying of Cang, so at the moment he also wants to fight himself, let the night child and the others leave first.

Dayang Goddess did not hesitate to hesitate. In the twinkling of an eye, a strength was played, and everyone was guarded behind them. Then they broke through the sky in a blink of an eye and wanted to break the barrier of this world.

However, just as their silhouette was about to approach Void, a pair of big hands suddenly fell from Void.



Dayang Goddess is completely unprepared, hit directly by this strength, and heavily falls from Void above.

“Walk? Going?”

“This seat has long said that you all have to die today.”

“And you, your strength is extremely special. The number of strength? Yes, this seat is going to be.”

“As for you, let me die now.”

The voice of Cang appeared from Void above, and there was no trace.

However, it seems to be everywhere, lingering in the hearts of everyone.

Then, Void above is even more shocking, and immediately countless spots drop from the sky, and then incarnation into a chain of general, moved towards a few people swept away.

Hua hua hua!

Hua hua hua!

In the blink of an eye, countless chains directly lock Long Fei clone to Void above.

Then, it’s the Dayang Goddess, the night child, and the white deer.

In the blink of an eye, few people could not be spared, and they were controlled by the strength of the number of days.

Even if Cang didn’t notice, at this moment in a certain direction of Void above, Space cracks appeared quietly.

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