The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 4834

The clock, the moment, the moment, is the end of the month.

Half a month’s time, Long Fei has been in the Dragon Court.

The Dragon Court was silent, but it was called Myriad Heaven because of Long Fei battle. Long Fei’s name, too, is hot to be one of the first of the three communities.

“The saints have no enemies.”

“The Mount of Heaven will also fall down.”

“The Lord of the Dragon Court, without enemies and the earth.”

The Immortal Sect between the heavens and the earth is also ethnic and is all cold.

Long Fei was too strong and too powerful to direct and hardly overthrow the court, which, for human influence, was not just deterrent, but terrifying.

As long as the Dragons appear, they will have no resistance.

One Time, countless Demon Race started to get away from the Dragon Court.

what a pity, they’re too naive.

Long Fei has been recovery’s battlefield under the breeding of the dragon courtyard.

Plus with this ultimate weapon, and the puzzle of the hill, the Dragon Court is basically a crossroads and a quick collection.

It’s only half a month, the Dragon Court is located, within a thousand miles of scope, all of which is covered, and the luck starts to explode.

It is not just that, before, the human tragedy caused by the meteorological landscape, the heavens and the earth were the same, and the harvest is now beginning to be realized under the operation of the puzzle.

Thousands of people believed, began to abandon the Mount of the Spirit and fell in the Dragon above.

A short half of a month, between heavens and the earth, could be called Big Transformation.

Take the whole body together, that’s all. As the butterfly effect is general, the volcano movement has directly contributed to today’s outcome.

In the Dragon Court, Long Fei opened his eyes from cultivation.

Half a month, not enough to get Recovery over here. After all, the side effect of using a permanent coffin is too big to be able to carry out two permanent coffins in his soul long time ago and after winning King willpower’s breeding.

“I don’t know when clone’s buried in this permanent coffin to be able to fit and then use the permanent coffin.” Long Fei thoughts think of it.


strength of the permanent coffin, the more it is used, the more Long Fei can feel it.

Even if he was the head of the Dragon Court, he felt increasingly harsh.

“It seems that the focus should be on fusion clone when the system’s sister is awake.” Long Fei thoughts think.

Through this station, Long Fei thoughts also have a new knowledge.

In anger, though Heavenly Palace was logged, shattered.

But the response of the Emperor also made Long Fei realize that the opposing party is not simple. Even to say, there’s a feeling of being seated on a fishing platform.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have hit Approaching Heaven Treasure Temple, and it wouldn’t have happened to each other.

Either the Emperor is the vegetable to the point of pointing, or there’s another plan. Obviously, the second is more likely, or how could the Western Mountains be silent for thousands of years.

So Long Fei also intends to fight steadily until the system reaches out.

next moment, Long Fei walked out of the closures.

Now, it’s called a blink, 20994; a school, 29517; 25963; and a predatory feather and a grapefruit.

Long Fei looked at the front eye, 20981, and paid for the barrel wrestling.

For her master’s history, Long Fei is clear, that’s the body of charity.

But charity is a man, but this body is a woman’s image.

One time, Long Fei thoughts are all slightly dumbfounded.

“Long Fei, Master now seems to have entered a fake status, extremely unseen, and your blood essence strength has absorbed refining, but there is no sign of sobering.”

It’s been more than half a month, but there’s no trace of awakening.

“I don’t know about this, but I’ll figure it out in a few days.” Long Fei says.

Now, there’s no other way to do this. There may only be a solution after the system’s sister is awake.

It’s not just him, it’s even the same thing now.

Long Fei is full of guilt.

He’s still able to see the shadow of Suu Su, just for him, and for the Dragon Court, there’s only one last breath left.

Long Fei took the first step, lightly touching the red head of the mountains:

“Don’t worry, as long as I’m here, it’s never gonna happen to you.” Long Fei is crying out.

But at this point, Long Fei suddenly felt thoughts moving.


“There’s powerhouse coming!”

Long Fei nodded, not by division, just walk out of the room.

At this point, Void above, outside the Dragon Court, a silhouette, remained calm.

Aura on this man is very weird, no fairy, no spell, but a very terrifying feeling.

“Who are you? Why do you come to my courtroom?

The whole person seems to be a different person, like, not laughing, just like two former personalities.

As for the corn, even more simply, the cobra’s sword in his hand has been directed to Void.

Now they’re both dead before the truth.

As can be seen, the last time Yang Jian came to the table, it had a great impact on them.

“I came to Long Fei.” Void above, together, the sound fell down.

Why don’t you just, Lizzie, not a little hide.

“And you’re not my opponent, and if I want to do it, you can’t stop anyone except Long Fei.” Void above, voice coldly says.

“How didn’t you jump out when Long Fei stripped Heavenly Palace?”

But this time, there is no response from each other.

That is also when Long Fei’s silhouette has appeared before the Dragon Court above.

Long Fei was also evident at a moment when Void above silhouette was seen.

that person, he’s not stranger, even once had a source.

Even to say that the other side is with him, there is a blessing for life.

“descendants.” Long Fei indifferently said.

Come to the myth world, he hasn’t been looking for silhouette of descendants, and he doesn’t think that the descendants have come on his own initiative.

“Lord of the Dragon Court? Good. I just thought you’d listen to me in order to get out of trouble. I didn’t think you had reached that level in short time. Just fine, I have something to ask you to negotiate alliances.” Void above, descendants indifferently said.

“I didn’t think I’d see you again so soon. Are you coming on behalf of the witch or on your own?” Long Fei stood up and asked.

“What’s the difference?” The descendants say.

“Witch? Either acknowledge allegiance, or self-government, but one day, I will reunify heavens and the earth, without exception to the witch.”

“But if you’re personal, I owe you a promise, you may stay in the Dragon Court, and you will be the leader of the witch.” Long Fei said, “Be strong.

Among the witches, powerhouse countless. If it is possible to acknowledge allegiance, it would be better, but even if it were descendants, even if it was not that Ability, to speak on behalf of the witch.

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