The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 4835

In Void, the descendants of silhouette were clearly trembling.

He was on behalf of the witch, looking for Long Fei’s alliance, and Long Fei just let the witch recognize allegiance.

As a result, what he thought about was a big margin, not even unbelievable.

“Let the witch recognize allegiance? Long Fei, you’re gonna have to be too big, right? Though you attacked Heavenly Palace and killed a lot of big Buddha, you must also know that these have not touched the very essence of the sky and the Mountain of Spirit. There are saints behind us, both in heaven and in Mount Ling.” The descendants of complexion have changed slightly, said solemnly.

“How about that?” Long Fei’s voice is cold, and he’s asking.

The descendants are definitely not the first to speak with the saints.

But the saint, though one of the giant stones on top of above, has yet to keep Long Fei afraid of it.

“It seems that today I am white.” The voices of descendants have become bad.

When it was known that the Lord of the Dragon Court was Long Fei, the descendants took the initiative. But I didn’t think that would be the result.

Long Fei faintly muttered to oneself, who naturally listened to the unhappy tone of descendants.

But his path is definitely impossible to retreat.

Otherwise, Long Fei would not be so honest when he was facing the winning day.

Renewed myth, it’s important, Long Fei can’t give up for anyone. Long Fei would not compromise even if the descendants had a blessing for his life.

“descendants, on that day, Long Fei didn’t forget, just slightly, not as simple as you thought. Even if your witch is weak, it is impossible for you to lead this era. The government has a winner, even bigger than the Lord. There’s a court, there’s Mount West, and there’s Demon Race between the spread over the sky and the earth. Do you think your witches want to go back to divine light, possibly?” Long Fei wrinkles.

The good words of descendants are alliances, not listening, or using them.

But now Long Fei moved the heavens and the earth, changed the heavens and the earth pattern, had the capital to make these so-called powerhouse moving, and how could they take the initiative?

“You’re right, that’s why you want to be more allied. Do you have a better choice between dont tell me what I am, the heavens and the earth?” The descendants say.

Long Fei, smile.


chop nails and sever Iron, Long Fei has nothing to hide.

“It’s impossible, my witch now has twelve great witches, every great witch is big, peak, and there’s and quasi-Saint-Up Ability. There is something else in the sky, which is better for my witch.” The descendants say, complexion has changed.


doesn’t seem to believe Long Fei at all.

“The Lord of Netherworld Blood Sea, the Lord of the Ghost City.”

“These two, not enough!”

Long Fei said, look at descendants.

If you don’t win, you just win. Who dares to mess with it?

Those who can fight with Old Ancestor battle are already saint peak, who dares to say no word?

Even witch cows, in the face of such existence, can only shake their heads.

“What? Winning and association with you?” The descendants are surprised. Long Fei had a connection with winning, and he knew it well when Long Fei summon was there.

It was not conceivable that winning such a level would choose to associate with Long Fei.

“Of course, it’s just alliances. Different goals, enemy coherence, that’s all.” Long Fei said.

The goal of winning is that he knows exactly what it is to win, and that Long Fei thoughts is not very clear.

But Long Fei thoughts know that whatever wins the last thing is irrelevant as long as there is no conflict with its own purpose.

It’s just that the witch, who used to be Glorious and Overlord of the heavens and the earth, is now standing by the Dragon Court, messing with the world pattern, and they jumped out at this time, and the purpose is no longer self-evident.

And then the descendants were silent.

Long Fei said good, and before winning such a presence, their witches did not count as Strongest. After all, they were not the same, and the twelve great witches said it was not the same, but the difference was not half the stars.

See, Long Fei said directly:

“On that day, you helped me out of poverty, and I would not be willing to be hard with the witch. Or that, if the witch acknowledge allegiance, on the day I repeat the myth, your witch will still be able to regain the divine light of the past and become the supreme of the heavens and the earth.” Long Fei says.

It is only because of the descendants.

After all, if not a original arrow of descendants, it would not be possible to return to Earth.

The descendants were silent and finally looked deep at Long Fei and turned away.

Long Fei has not been retained, nor has he said much. The opportunity he gave, and as to how to choose, it’s the witch thing.

And at this point, Hyun-kun took the first step:

“Long Fei, how’s Suu Su?” The Hyun-jin eyes are tears.

“Long Fei Elder Brother.” Little Jade’s face is also soft and gentle.

Long Fei, suddenly, sighs.

“Half a month, believe me, I will definitely let Suu Su come back.” Long Fei is firm.

Also at this time, the puzzles of the hills and the hills have returned.

At this time, the mountains and the mountains were clowned, followed by Hiroshima and Hiroshima. In the short and a half months, Aura on them has also become more sophisticated.

In particular, Hiroshima, the cultivation base is further and has touched the edge of Grand Lou.

For that, Long Fei was not surprised.

Because of the mountains, they’re connected to the bitter trees, the deeper the thoughts are tied, the stronger the cultivation base. And for Takayama, what she thoughts about is to paint a little red mountain. Now, the red wounds of the hills are not awake, and it is also inspiring her transformation.

“My lord, Demon Race, within a thousand miles of age, has done everything to recognize allegiance, and now has been transformed into the Dragon Court. In the name of the lord, there’s been a legend.”

Long Fei nodded.

Long Fei thoughts are very satisfied with this result.

power of Faith, he doesn’t care, but he wants to repeat the myth, which is an inevitable step.

“But, my lord, Demon Race is far from here, because Demon Race has passed away, and the demon Race of the ancient demon has regained the world, and Demon Race acknowledge allegiance, in the middle of the day, wants to be further, I’m afraid not very likely.”

“Demon Race is dead too?” Long Fei is dead.

I didn’t think there was such a big change between the time of half a month, the heavens and the earth.

The witch, Demon Race, is dying.

“Seems to be a bunch of lonely Lord. But they’d better put their eyes up and don’t mess with me.” Long Fei indifferently said.

At this time, they chose to be born, not surprisingly, in order to seize a part of the luck while the heavens and the earth were in chaos.

But it’s a pity, Long Fei won’t cut off at all.

The recreation of the myth is how Long Fei could tolerate other racial superiority in order to unify the myth world and control it as much as possible in the myth system that he created.

next moment, Long Fei turned out to be far away.

“Now, winning should have done something, too.” Long Fei thoughts don’t think.


world has come, and the next is the deer.

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