The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 4836

Turn around. Seven more days.

Seven days time, Long Fei town guarded the Dragon Court and rehearsed the dragon courtyard.

And as Demon Race and the witch passed away, Long Fei did not allow Dragon Race to continue to expand. The Dragon Court now stands at 100 000 mountains, one hundred thousand miles across each other, and the earth, although it is not a big deal, is sufficient at this stage.

After all, now the whole sky and the earth are no more than before.

Lich was born, and more complicated by the complexity of the influence between heavens and the earth.

Although still calm, it will soon be rising winds, scudding clouds.

And what surprises Long Fei slightly is that this time, Buddhist Sect or Heaven, has become silent and has been silent since Long Fei picked up the court on that day, killing Buddhist Sect Venerable, without any sign of marking Long Fei.

Even if Demon Race and the witch were born, they did not show any attitude, as if they had never found general.

And all of this, Long Fei didn’t care about it.

At this point, Long Fei thoughts all thought no, and the only waiting is for the system to wake up.

At that time, it was just a few days away from what the system sister said.

“Come on, come on, wait for the system to wake up, there’s gotta be a way to get you back.” Long Fei’s looking at the red, faintly said.

And what Long Fei doesn’t know is that, at this point, both in court and in the Mountain of Spirit, Recovery has a calm.

Everybody’s been waiting, and it’s full of excited faces.

“Your Majesty, the saint is finally dying. Previously, the saints were unable to show up to these riots, unfilial son, who felt that they had the opportunity to take advantage of themselves, no one knows, under the sacred, to be ants, and that my court was the ruler of the sacred, and that they were only rebellious.” Old Monarch Taishang said so.

It’s just that the Emperor at this time was just a fresh look at the dome, not at all of the reactions. As if the saint had sent down, not at all excited for him.

But the rest of Immortal God is different, and before the angel, they were three Sects disciple, and the saint, the three Sects Sect. God, is here today, and naturally, they have the floor.

Also at this juncture, a sunshine dropping from the sky.

Van Ri, one of the serious moments!

“Come on, the saint finally came.”

“Ha Ha Ha Ha, this is the end of my court being able to reopen the flag drums, what the Dragon Court, what the Mountain, is all a joke.”

“Yes, under the saint, everything is clouds. Who dares to blast in front of the saint?”


Immortal God of the Heaven Court has no excited, and this moment they’ve waited too long.

And it was not said that before, the fire was taken away by the Mount of the Spirit, and they only swallowed with patience. More importantly, now, the Dragon Court is suddenly starting, killing the sky, and even more so they are afraid. The so-called Immortal God, the so-called Sky Court, is more a joke.

And now, since the saints return, they are the opportunity to turn around.

The Emperor asked for a sigh, looking at this dropping from the sky’s “Purple Qi”, complexion, from previous silent calm to a smile and excited face like many Immortal God.

sou sou sou sou.

Also at this juncture, three silhouette are directly present.

It’s the heavens and the earth’s saint, the Lord of the Three Sects.

Section Cult all day, articulating the beginning of the Church, and teaching too much.

Three people, silhouette, have appeared in heaven above, and all of them are directly kneeling.

“Meet the saint.”

Sounds all the same, all the same as excited.

“The Emperor, what’s going on?” It’s too angry to look at a broken court and ask questions.

“Why would the court suffer so much when I left so short?”

As for the day, his face was silent, brief remark, as if it had nothing to do with him.

After all, heaven above, he’s got Immortal God in Section Cult. And he was a big loser in the sanctuary, and he naturally did not want to be involved at that time.

“To the saint, save me in court.”

“My court, it’s too hard!”

When the Emperor took the first step and started crying, he had no authority whatsoever.

And a lot of Immortal God, at this point, is silent.

Look at the Emperor’s performance, and they thoughts, though they don’t feel so subjective, don’t dare show up. At this juncture, only the Emperor has this qualification power to dialogue with the saint.

Moreover, for the practice of the Emperor, they are highly accredited with thoughts. After all, the child who cries has milk.

In front of the saints, they are the saints, disciple of grand disciples, who naturally have to perform a little bit to dissatisfaction the hearts of the saint.

“Say, what the hell is going on!” The first voice is sinking.

The Emperor was a minor shock, and the opening would have been established from the Dragon Court, and the army would be recruited, and then Long Fei would have been beaten to the court for one after another.

Even, Long Fei was described directly as a decriminal, malicious and perplexed defeat.

“impudent! It must be a man of the chaos in his ancestral mouth who can’t imagine being so bold, damn it.”

At a moment when the Emperor’s voice fell, they had guessed that it had to be related to the collapse of Heavenly Dao.

“Looks like Dawu said good, and this man really has the power of adversity. Moreover, the talent of this house has doubled, and the loss of Mount Ling is not limited or related to this person.”

“Even though he has been associated with heterogeneous groups in the Government, he has close ties with the one who was in heaven defying more than 2,000 years ago. Looks like they really don’t put me in the eye anymore.” It’s too heavy.

It’s just furious.

When they were summoned to maintain Heavenly Dao, they had guessed that the human race might be a big mess.

It was not thought that today’s results were worse than they thought.

It’s the heavens and the earth.

hmph, stupid, I don’t know. I’m still waiting for a kid who doesn’t know where to come from.

“This is where this is going to be repressed.” The founding anger is irresistible.

In the entire court, they explained that all the people in the church were in a position of paramount importance. But now that Long Fei is so killed, the loss of terrifying is heavy.

“Junior Brother is slow, and now the strong people of the ancient heavens and the earth are dead, Lich is dead, the local government is turbulent and there is no one else. But why is it not an opportunity for us?” It is precisely at this point that the furious elements have been stopped.

The beginning of the coin, the light in your eyes, the spinning nodded:

“Senior Brother is right, and now there is a great deal of trouble between heavens and the earth, but it is also an opportunity for the court, though harsh. Those two Junior Brother, when they took our peaches, and it was time for them to spit out with interest.

And then, in the mountains of the Spirit, it was just as angry as ever.

The two Western saints who followed and quarantine, listen to the report, and the anger of their own is also difficult to suppress.

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