The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 4837

Dragon above, lucky.

Long Fei touched the Immortal Sect Rock with a heart and felt the terrifying strength that erupted on the Immortal Sect.

This time, Long Fei can clearly feel that all thoughts are being repressed.

The seal is 34999; the bracelet can be called 88577; the beef saddles 32497; and forgive.

And the key to this is too weak.

So, this time, Long Fei integrated the faith, Demon Race’s luck, and Dragon Race’s luck, as well as the courtroom’s original luck.

Long Fei was also concerned about the different types of luck that could have had an impact.

But this whole clock, Long Fei found out, thinking about it.

Under the Immortal Sect Rock, there are no classrooms, all the power of luck, directly becoming one after being swallowed, and only the dragon courtyard.

There’s nothing else.

Of course, if the only thing that can be said to exist is that of the local government.

Looks like Golden Dragon didn’t want to give this strength to fusion.

At this point, Long Fei also found that the strength could be used for him, but could not true fusion.

“It seems that this gas dragon is more suitable for winning, and now even Demon Race and the witch come out, don’t know if he’s going to do it.” Long Fei thoughts guess.

Suddenly, in the bedrock of Immortal Sect, the gas drain opened its eyes, and the black dragon was blown out of the light.

See this scene, Long Fei thoughts:

“Has it finally begun?” Long Fei’s mouth moved without saying that the gas was swallowed into the abdomen, and then look to the far-reaching and gossip behind him:

“There has been a change in the land, and you are in the township of the Dragon. If someone comes to commit a crime, I will naturally come back.” Long Fei says.

Eat a long shot.

After the last thing, Long Fei was afraid of nothing, and the Immortal Sect has been profoundly sacrificed, and Long Fei First Time can be sensed as long as the Dragon Tribunal has changed.

“My lord is reassured that the gods of God, the shock of the heavens and the earth, should not be committed.”

Long Fei shakes his head, but not much.

The saints have passed away, and even if it were him, they cannot guess what the saints would do.

But it doesn’t mean anything, it’s useless to tell them it’s useless.

next moment, Long Fei silhouette, one step out, the earth’s direct turtle, and the cosmic passage opens.

And Long Fei’s silhouette, too, went out and entered it.

The ghost, all of them.

Millions of Ghost Soldier, thousands of ghosts, stand in camp.

The goddess’ depression is on both sides of the victory, and look at the dark heavens and the earth, full of clouds in their eyes.

“Your Majesty, it’s all in place.” God says, “A face of pride looks at the winning of the eyes.

The same is true of the depression.

And they, they were the meditation of the local government, and then they were defeated, and in them they were waiting for two thousand years, and they were waiting today.

“Wang, Mong, Chao, Ben has ordered you to fall by 300,000 Ghost Soldier each, three blocks to attack the Ten Temple of the Government. Where it goes, there’s no grass left.” Win in the desert.

“subordinate, yes!”

That is, the three ghosts will move forward, with baleful Qi Unparalleled.

“In vain, I commanded you to carry the Purity of the Emperor, with millions of men and soldiers coming to the meditation river. Old Old Ancestor, or acknowledge allegiance, or die!”

Winning again, bullying Unparalleled.

“Whisper the keynote.”

Let’s just say, winning hands, painting at Void’s moment, each and everyone with the words of Supreme Emperor willpower appeared in Void, and then winning a wave of hands, turning into a path of light and falling in the hands of white hands.

“The gods are depressed, and you go to hell with the emperor, and Ben wants to see that a few Japanese empires have taken care of him, and that he can be Buddhist.” The winner says, silhouette is gone.

And the gods are depressed, even more afraid of nothing, and they go after it.

And then in the humble government, the Prince of the Eight gathered together, a panic in his face.

“It’s over, big army pressure, my government is over.”

“How dare he, dont tell me that in his eyes there’s no saint, even the saints don’t care?”

“A few hundred and a hundred thousand dudes, Ghost Soldier, and three big Supreme ghosts, are going to exterminate my government. No, please call Old Ancestor out.”

A few kings argue.

But it’s the cold of the face.

“It’s too late for the Lord to be able to ask us for forgiveness today. The only thing we can do now is that the court can note that the saints can notice that, otherwise, today’s local government will surely be extinguished.”

He’s in charge of the book, but it’s okay to deal with the general powerhouse, and it’s useless in front of the winner.

And at this point, a slaughter is coming.

A couple of people, one by one side, walked out of great hall, were seeing millions of Ghost Soldier, coming from three routes, screaming, Kingo turbulence, where the local government belonged to rip apart, soul destruction.

One Time, a few king faces like ice cream, a face of fear.

Nobody noticed that the local government Void Blood above, Long Fei’s silhouette appeared quietly.

Looking at the whole of the local government, Long Fei’s face was shocked.


knows that winning has always been a hegemony, King willpower, Daisy heavens and the earth.

I didn’t think it was so simple.

“The ghost of terrifying will be the ones in history who are great, and who die as heroes.” Long Fei thoughts are grateful and look at the first ghosts who already have large peak, as well as the other eyes on winning.

With such a soldier, in Myriad Heaven, even the Sky Court and Mount Ling are completely blocked, let alone a trifling local government.

“Good for his goal, the only one, or I want to repeat myth, hard heavily.” Long Fei thoughts think.

Suddenly, a silhouette came to the top of the river, and Long Fei’s eyes were set to pass.

“Old Old Ancestor, a grandson, commanded you to recognize allegiance by the Emperor of the Great Qin.” The whisper opens, and the eyes are steadfast, even in the face of the first person under this saint, there is no fear.

And Long Fei, thoughts are at this point.

“A man slaughters white, a murderer?”

This name, Long Fei, is not stranger, and at this point baleful Qi of this body is seen, even more so.

It’s just that he didn’t think that winning was so crazy that even Old Ancestor wanted to accept it.

Even if he didn’t even come, he just sent a whisper.

“impudent! If you win too much for yourself, even I want to take my meditation?”

It is at this time that a sound of anger emerges from the river, with no fire, with Void.

There’s no fear in white, looking at the old Ancestor of Void above, fighting intent in the eye.

“War, or drop,” whisper, why don’t you just let Long Sword in your hand, face the river.

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