The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 4880

The white bone Legion, which was earned in the fairy world, was only then reinstated into the system and modified after solving the problem on Immortal Path.

Now, if not System Sisters, Long Fei would have forgotten that there was such a group of odd soldiers under his own hands.

“Yes, the winning power is still strong, but it is not enough to be hostile to that group later. But if he enters the main white bone Legion, he will be able to step up again.” Long Fei thoughts think.

Read this, Long Fei said it directly:

“Win, when I summon you, you remember throne of White Bones, and the white bone Legion?” Long Fei asked.

“Remember, the existence of those groups, though not strong, can also be said in the past.” Win the blood essence of Long Fei, indifferently said.

More than Long Fei said, winning is clearly more interested in the current drop of blood essence. He can feel that in Long Fei’s blood essence, there is an incredible Aura.

This Aura is strong enough to give winners a sense that, if they can swallow, they may not be able to go further.

towbase reached such a level that it would be difficult to go into a small level like heavenly ascension, which is the closure of thousands of years, without necessarily breakthrough. So now a drop of blood essence gives him this impulse, and naturally it’s shocking.

Long Fei complexion changed slightly, without thinking that his white bone Legion was so worthless in the win-win column.

Long Fei wanted to open his mouth and choked his life back.

“Master, now that the white bone Legion has been renovated, it has multiplied several times more than before, and now the lowest battles are beyond the limits. Even if it was less weak than winning.” At this point, the system sister suddenly said.

Full of crumbs.


seems that Long Fei’s strength was won and couldn’t be seen, and it felt like thoughts were upset.

Long Fei, it seems a little confused. After all, when the white bone Legion fell into the system, it was really not strong.

How long have you been in the past, Time?

“Master, don’t underestimate the system strength. There’s a lot of impossible things, all in the eyes of the system.” System sisters say, no pride.

Long Fei nodded, that is unquestionable.

The system’s formidable is positive, and at least so far the system has never disappointed Long Fei.

Read this, Long Fei thoughts smiled and said to win:

“Well, if I say, I’ll give you Throne of White Bones, make you the master of that white bone battle?”

Long Fei tried to talk sexual.

But he knows that it takes a process. That’s what’s going to win in the income system. So far, with regard to the secrets of the system, even if they were their own women and their brother had no idea, it was now not possible to let the winner know.

After all, it’s too much, and Long Fei won’t risk it.

So what Long Fei can think of is to get the winner back through the gods building so that he can get the winner back into the system, so he can be the master of that white bone battle.

As you know, that white bone battle will be true’s close to undying and indestructible. And after each other fusion, it will be more formidable, absolutely not simple.

“Let me be the master of that bunch of existence? But those things aren’t in your world, Dont tell me you can still give them all over?” Win doubt.

But the spin, again, is laughing:

“Yes, on you, nothing is impossible. Even if I can get through, there’s naturally a way to get those villages over.” Win, not all of them.

Long Fei, no loud smile.

It’s good to win, though he knows slightly. If he knows that these exist on his own right now, he doesn’t know what it feels like.

“This is simple, as long as you promise. You and I don’t have to say much more, and you do it three times, and I can’t let you float.” Long Fei says.

The next war is the brutal start of true.

This can only be a little trick compared to today.

When that race came across the sky, it was only true that the disaster had come.

And with the power to win now, in that battle, even the strength of self-preservation will not be too easy. Unless win-win turtles can be narrowed under Netherworld Blood Sea, the fluctuations in that battle can be avoided.

But according to the temper of winning?

It’s impossible.

Long Fei promised that as long as there was a fall, winning would kill the past.

After all, in the face of the saint’s victory, put aside all the considerations of the face, waiting for that race to emerge, and winning even death would choose battle. So what Long Fei is thinking now is to get the winner out of the fast-formidable.

“Flying? What do you mean?” Winning is sensitive, Long Fei’s voice goes down, and he sees the problem, and he starts asking.

“Naturally, it’s about the future battle.” Long Fei straight to the point, not at all.

Now let them know that they can also be given a little more precautions and pressure from the future completely unprepared.

And then, Long Fei will win the dialogue, talk to the winner.

“Bastards, all of them Kanby pilgrims? Or a race? Undoubtedly, I break the quadrant, breakthrough that level, and then I get rid of Heavenly Dao, but I feel a deadly crisis. As if the same pair of pairs were staring at Void above, hate had to swallow this place, and the problem was here.”

Winning said solemnly, there’s no doubt.

“Yes, that’s why I wanted you to be the master of Throne of White Bones, who then led the white bone Legion against the enemy.” Long Fei said.

“There’s nothing else to say, it done.” Win up and promise, there’s no doubt.

Long Fei thoughts, hearing this answer, is ready to contact the system’s sister for the next move.

But right now, in the mind, the system’s voice again appears:

“Tink, player triggered 2nd floor quest, Lord of the Underworld.”

“quest Level: A-Rank.”

“quest Time: One day.”

“quest reward: 500 active volumes, Legion 10000.”

“quest punishment: no.”

The system’s voice fell down.

Long Fei, close to complexion, became extremely weird.

I was just thinking about getting the winner to be the head of the white bone Legion, and I didn’t think the system was going to blow up quest right now.

And, quest, for what it looks like, is made for winning the volume.

After all, the winning book is the head of Netherworld Blood Sea, the recognized allegiance landscape, and any dark spirit must fall down before winning.

It can be said that if he wins, he’s always in the country.

“Master, the white bone Legion, I’m ready in the Legion System, and you just let the winner get into it, don’t worry, about the secrets of the system, he won’t notice.” That’s when the system sister says.

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