The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 4881

Almost at the same time, at a time when the system’s voice fell, the system’s sister’s voice appeared.

It’s all, definitely not coincidence.

“System sister, what if I let the winner win the white bone Legion?” Long Fei.

“Master, you think too much. Who told you to control the white bone Legion, you can’t be Lord of the Underworld?” System sisters say, mysterious smile.

And then in Long Fei’s dumbfounded and confusion, say again:

“Master, you have no idea that Throne of White Bones is already in this paragraph of Evolution, and further, it should now be called the Spirit Throne, more appropriate.” System sisters say.

“What?” Long Fei was surprised.

The swing will come to light, and the tongues will have a lost angle.

“Shit, that’s not saying my quest’s done?” Long Fei thoughts were surprised.

First time, finish so easy quest.

As in the past, there has been a constant accumulation, and then at the time of rewarding, madness receives general acceptance.

And that’s it now, quest just showed up, and it was done.

Read this, Long Fei directly looks to win:

“You take care of God, I’ll take you to a place.” Long Fei says.

There is no doubt that there is him, that the eyes are closed and that the hearts are sinking.


next moment, the winning silhouette disappeared empty, while Long Fei also manipulated mind power, entered system space directly and entered the white bone Legion.

silhouette must have felt that Long Fei was close to himself.

White bones.

Long Fei saw Throne of White Bones with a crystal light.


The throne above, together, sounds like a white bone.

“It’s getting stronger.” Long Fei is very generous.

Otherwise, from this throne, it is no longer a sequence than before, when Throne of White Bones was strong, but only the white bone Legion was in control, but now Long Fei felt that, once the throne came out, the evil charm between heavens and the earth had to be recognized allegiance.

And winning is the time to see Throne of White Bones.

In the eye:

“Impossible. This was the original Throne of White Bones?”

“The one I gave you when I met? How could it be so tough?” Win doubt, not even slightly, can’t believe it.

Just one eye, he recognized that this throne was the one he had been sent to Long Fei summon by Sky Monarch, the white bone Sky Monarch, and he didn’t think he was now transformed, stretched, even if he was touched.

“Good, it was a present you gave me. But now, it’s yours. Now, it should be called the Spirit Throne.” Long Fei indifferently said.

And the eyes of the white bone also look for the winner, and the next look, as if you win, there’s qualification in the throne.

“All right, kid, this throne I’m sitting.” Win laughed heartily, arrogant. “

And the latter step went out, sitting directly in the throne above.

next moment, the whole white bone Legion gets mad.

A white bone starts in a dark color, with a blade in his hand, and kneels on his knees.

Even the white bones float on the winner.

In the meantime, the forced Unparalleled, even Long Fei, has a little bit of gratitude.

And winning at this moment, the face became complicated, looking deep at Long Fei, and joining hands.

The next move is no longer to guess.

And when he sat on the throne, he became a man of the system. And Long Fei is in charge of the system, in exchange for his master.

But without waiting for his next move, Long Fei immediately stopped:

“Don’t do that, you’re my friend, my brother, a few times, no more to say. I let you sit on this Throne of White Bones, making you God of the Underworld, naturally trusting you absolutely.” Long Fei said, “Re Fei refused to win the emotion Transformation.

Win and smile.

“Don’t worry, you win me as brother, and I won’t let you down. After this day, I am here, and when you need it, I will kill your enemy for your sword.”

“Okay, I wait and see. By the way, this demon Sword, just for you.”

Long Fei bites his teeth and takes Demon Sword out.

His means now are too confusing, and in Demon Sword, heaven defying Fight Plans has been exhausted, and for him the use is no longer significant. But the winning is different, and the attribute of Demon Sword and the winning match are good enough to stay in the winner’s hand to get the luxury of true.

“en? No, this is your Magical Treasure, you gave me, what do you use?


knows what Long Fei means, and he can feel that he’s passing out his desire for Demon Sword. Just, he can’t let Long Fei lose because of himself.

“My means you don’t know, next step, I’m going to develop new tools. This demon Sword stayed in my hand, and has not been very useful.” Long Fei indifferently said.

The winner would also like to argue, but Long Fei has not given him this opportunity, silhouette, to withdraw directly from the white bone Legion.

“Good life cultivation, hoping to see you next time, above the battlefield, you’re still whispering at Unparalleled.” Long Fei’s voice fainted.

Winning, silhouette pulled back, sitting directly in the white bone above. Thereafter, the white bones were silent and the entire space was once again fragmented. It’s just in this endless, a chimpanzee red blood breeding slowly.

Look at Long Fei, consciousness just returned to the body.

In the mind, there’s a system voice:

“Ding, congratulations player completed quest, creating Lord of the Underworld.”

“Ding, congratulations player obtained quest reward, 500 activation volumes, 10,000 legion coins.”

“Tink, the system is detected to increase demon Sword, and demon Sword Skills is dispersed.”

System voices continue to fall.

Long Fei, too, saw his own Skills column, and Skills about Demon Sword disappeared as much as possible.

But it doesn’t matter.

His goal, whether Dantian or the Force of Forever Force, has not been developed, and the strength of the Crown Prince has yet to be developed. Focusing on Demon Sword is the end of the request.

That is why Long Fei gave Demon Sword to win.

“Systems, continue to activate the Legion store.”

Long Fei has no doubt that he directly chose activism.

Long Fei is not a slave. There’s a vibration, naturally.

“Tink, congratulations player consumes 420 activated Legion Shops. The Legion store is now all activated, and player can purchase the Legion coin.”

The system’s voice goes down.

“Activate Legion Totem.” Long Fei said.

“Tink, congratulations player activated Legion Totem. Totem Level 1 Rank, level up needs to consume activism.”

“Legion Totem: Similar to immortal sect transport. Under Legion Totem, player is in charge of Legion Force, upgraded to one.”

The system’s voice slowed down, and Long Fei looked towards Legion Totem, and thoughts were satisfied.

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