The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 4960

heavens and the earth are silent, silent.

This sword, which seems to cut off Heaven and Earth, seems to have broken down the source of heaven and the earth’s strength, all things and things, morals and logic, and collapsed in a moment.

Even time is getting slow. If you want to be normal.

Silhouette Lift Void, a sword of dust, a dead man.

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Long Fei dry cough.

This sword shock, heaven and the earth, Long Fei avenue fusion heavens and the earth, naturally received harm. Even in Long Fei’s Dantian, there was a great deal of pressure.

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Primal Chaos’ power was also instantly reduced.

“Is it over?” The sound of the harsh emperor slowly fell in Void, but after that, the whole man silhouette, like a no-grown, landed

suddenly between

Long Fei’s eye is fast, silhouette moves, directly picking silhouette in his arms.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Now, the whole body’s strength is almost empty, and even life chances are in a state of extreme vulnerability, with candles in the wind, a little power, or even disappearing.

“Leave the rest to me, you go straight into the hallowed building.” Long Fei thoughts for a while.

Actually, it doesn’t have to be so hard. Long Fei, however, knew that he must have feared that he would not be able to handle it before he would have brought all the strength of his life together in this sword.

That is why we have the results now.

The other side is still alive, but he has been badly injured.

“All right.” “Hardly indifferently said.

It was generally satisfactory, blinked, and then turned directly into a ray of magnificent light, which was included in Long Fei’s Halloween Building.

Long Fei’s eyes were instantly locked in Void


Ha Ha Ha, Long Fei, you think pretty. It has to be said that Hardly is really the number one, and although this man is Heavenly Dao, his Strength is enough for the beauty seat.” Hung Lot’s body, very ruthless said.

Good, it’s very ruthless.

At this point, the body has been divided into two, but in this state there is still no complete disconnection between each other.

In other words, the sword was strong, but it was just a cut off, but it did not divide Divine Soul, who had fusion.

“Don’t pay for your face, you’re Waste in front of God.” Long Fei indifferently said.

If it wasn’t for two men, strength fusion, or if it wasn’t for the sword, there wouldn’t be anything in Heavenly Dao, all under that sword.

“Huh? How dare you? Long Fei, now you’re out of shape, and you’re out of shit. What are you talking about in front of this room? Don’t you fear the courage to die?”

If so, this seat can only say courage. But that’s all, because today your destiny is doomed to death. ”

Void above, Hung Roo Tfusion, very ruthless said.

“ Fuck the courage, you really think you’re gonna eat the father? ”Long Fei’s eyes are glued, and the heart is sinking in the system.

At this point, System above, has come up with countdown.

So, less than the last minute, the system can wake up.

“ yet dare to be arrogant? Long Fei, you really can’t tell the truth. The courage doesn’t amount to Strength, and then you feel the fear of Death. Primal Chaos’ body, melting! ”


Hung Luo T., his body

split into two.
Naked eye can see, two Primal Chaos, Heavenly Dao Primordial Chaos purple and the dark chimpanzee, and fusion again


“ Ha Ha Ha, I don’t think so. If it’s just a little bit more serious, but heaven and the earth are there, the whole thing blows up, maybe we’re really gonna die. But now, there’s no chance. ”

When the Hung Luo T. was united, the sound fell and Primal Chaos was blown up, and the sky was rolling.

heavens and

the earth are blowing.

Primal Chaos’ power, like the rolling river, came out of nowhere.

“ Damn, last dozen seconds. What else do I have? ”Long Fei thoughts yelling.

Just a couple of seconds.

If you can withstood for dozens of seconds, then your system will wake up, and then they will die.

But now, for Long Fei, these dozens of seconds are very difficult.

He’s three thousand perfection lanes, and he just took care of heaven and the earth’s fate. It can be said that his Dantian Capacity, which now leaves only cultivation base, has no power of any kind.

“ There’s no way but to use the permanent coffin. ”

Long Fei thoughts as soon as they move.

“ The eternal coffin, out! ”

loudly shouted, Long Fei has a definite face.

He was never hesitant, and if the world collapsed, his quest would have utterly declared failure, even his life, to be here


There’s a dragon court, and there’s this heaven and the earth, and everything is going to have to be.

His woman, his men, his brother, his guardian, will disappear.

And if that’s the case, even if it’s a shitty Strength, it’s the failure for Long Fei.

So, at this moment, Long Fei has no hesitation to start a permanent coffin directly


But the next moment, Long Fei was shocked.

At this point, the coffin of eternal life seems to have no sense of being standing in Divine Soul Knowledge Sea above and not moving


“I am damned, the eternal coffin, although I am not the master of eternity now, but now I’m done with five Smelting Trial quest and I’m not?” Long Fei thoughts create an impulse to curse the mother.

“The eternal coffin, don’t lose the chain. It’s a critical moment, life and Death.”

The eternal coffin? I am the Lord of eternity! ”

Long Fei calls.

But it turns out, like, there’s no bullet


And at this point, Void above, Rot Hung, is laughed heartily:

“ Ha Ha Ha Ha, the eternal coffin? Now it’s useless to yell. Long Fei, get killed. ”The arrogant laugh is filled with the power of Primal Chaos, Terrying, and if it were to come together, at this moment, crush Myriad Heaven


And then, RoTChaos Body, one round down, straight to Long Fei



Long Fei went straight to good fortune.

But now his body collapses, and while cultivation base is still a good fortune, this fist may be a drastic shrink, completely unable to withstand the oppression of Primal Chaos. Two classes were


touching moments, and Long Fei’s silhouette was just blown out.
Bang bang bang bang


God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Pardon is Long Fei, now fleshy body is strong, and now, under Primal Chaos’ power strikes, blood sprays the stars.

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