The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 4993


Soon, Long Fei re-entered the auction house under the leadership of the auction house. But it was teleported directly to a special room, and neither Galo nor Carlo could enter.

In other words, what the other person sees is not Gallo and Jialuo, only Long Fei.

Long Fei’s forehead sank, and several black lines emerged.

“What’s going on? don’t tell me They realized that I’m not the one in this World?” Long Fei thoughts thought, hesitant.

The other party said before that they saw the three of them, but now, they have separated them, leaving only themselves. This kind of picture makes Long Fei thoughts think a bit more. But thinking more about it, Long Fei thoughts didn’t have any fear.

The so-called boldness of execution stems from superb skill, that’s it.

He is now awakening from System strength, completely fearless.

Also at this time, the room suddenly flashed, one after another rays of light turned on, and then, on the central control screen, a back view appeared directly.

Long Fei frowned, unknown.

I don’t know why, this back gives Long Fei a very familiar feeling, as if he had been with the back’s Master once and for all.

“This back, this Aura? Why is it a little familiar?” Long Fei thoughts thought.

I have to say that the back dress and dress make Long Fei feel amazing. But stunning is second and more importantly familiar.

“How is this possible? How can there be a sense of familiarity, this kind of thing is absolutely impossible.” Long Fei thoughts were surprised.

But the more I look, the more I feel familiar, as if this is my own woman.

When this idea appeared, Long Fei was startled and couldn’t help asking:

“Who the hell are you?”

But Long Fei didn’t respond at all after speaking, as if the other party couldn’t hear his voice and didn’t move.

Long Fei’s expression is more dignified. He believes that the other party can absolutely hear what he said, otherwise he won’t be able to create a space for himself to come in.

“Say, who are you exactly?” Long Fei asked again.

The emotion has been excited. If the other party does not respond again, Long Fei feels that he may be under impulse and smash the screen with a punch.

Also at this time, Transformation also happened in this room.

whiz whiz whiz!

kā chā kā chā!

It seems that the organ was touched. The entire room is in a defensive state, and the layers of armor are directly wrapped. Although Long Fei has not been affected, he can feel that at this moment he has been isolated by this room. Although he is still in the room, he seems to be in a completely incompatible space.

I feel this, and Long Fei’s expression is even more uncertain.

The civilization of this World is already unimaginable. It is actually able to make step-by-step changes based on the transformation of people’s emotions. It has to be said that it is far beyond the cultivation world.

But that’s it, Long Fei’s imposing manner is still there. Since the other party has made this change, it is enough to prove that his current Strength has the potential to collapse here.

With that in mind, Long Fei said:

“Defense? I never believe that there is an absolute defense in this World. Even if it is an isolated Space, I also have the strength to break it here. Since it is you who asked to meet, I hope you will not use any tricks See you right away. “

Long Fei’s voice dropped slightly.

However, to the disappointment of Long Fei, the other party still does not have any Transformation. Even the silhouette on the screen is no longer moving.

Suddenly, Long Fei’s eyes light up, staring at the back on the screen.

“This back is not a True Master, but a simulation based on the person who once appeared true.” Long Fei thoughts thought.

It’s too obvious. If it is the back that the True Master presents, it cannot be without the slightest reaction. Especially if you have a relationship with yourself, it is impossible to stay still. But no matter how he tried it now, the other party didn’t react at all, which made Long Fei thoughts doubt.

Everything can’t stand scrutiny, so when Long Fei found a clue, he came to this conclusion directly.

Looking at this, Long Fei’s expression relaxed.

At this time, the back of the screen disappeared suddenly.

Then the layers of protection started to disappear, and then a sound emerged from the room:

“It seems that you really know that person.”


A Time, a seventh world person appears on the screen, and talks to Long Fei through the screen.

“Who is that person? Where is she?” Long Fei asked directly.

This is his first reaction. He intuitively told him that the master of the back is absolutely intimate with himself. But now the other party has told the Long Fei people that the other party is in danger.

“You can rest assured that she is not in danger now. However, whether he will be in danger in the future depends on whether you cooperate or not.” The person on the screen said.

“Introduce yourself, I am the person in charge of this auction house, you can call me Zhongshan.”

“For you, we have already passed the memory scans of your Galileo and Jialuo, and we know a little,” said Chong Shan.

Long Fei complexion sinks, didn’t expect the other party to use this method. One Time can’t help but worry about Jia Luo and Gallo.

At this moment, Chong Shan said:

“You can rest assured, Galore and Jialuo, we will not hurt. They are of no value to us. On the contrary, they are now the safest place in the auction house.” Chong Shan said.

Long now, Long Fei’s expression eased a little.

“You are too underestimate this World. Do n’t forget, our auction venue is a suspended city. Your previous shots are equivalent to our auction venue. Then we conducted your strength Analysis, your strength does not belong to this world at all. However, we have detected Aura with System on you, and this is why we are interested in you. We would like to know that before you enter the seventh world, What kind of existence is there? And the System you control, what is it? “The person on the screen said, between the words, the excitement on his face could not be restrained, like Long Fei now, to them In terms of it, it’s a super beauty, full of temptation.

Let them can’t wait to strip them all and explore what happened.

Long Fei, under this kind of gaze, thoughts also caused a chill.

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