The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 5006


Come out of Underground City, Long Fei let Chen Zhong control the floating world and continue to move forward.

The suspended World at this time has completely changed its appearance, as if soaked with blood, it is full of terrifying.

Even, at the highest point of the suspended world, there is still a skull hanging from the head of Underground City City Lord.

“This person is vicious and merciless, a master who is not afraid of death. Such acts are simply a direct challenge to the Dark Council.”

“Well, I don’t know how many bad luck eggs will be met by this person’s poisonous hands.” Chen Zhong thoughts thought.

Long Fei’s actions puzzled his thoughts, but the attitude shown by Long Fei was too indifferent, but ignored. This calmness made him thinks feel terrible fear. With that, thoughts began to sweat the Dark Council.

“Chen Zhong, your System is also a companion?” When Chen Zhong wanted to get into trouble, thoughts worried about the Dark Council, and suddenly a Long Fei’s voice came to his ear.

This sound directly awakened Chen Zhong thoughts, and intuitively told him that Long Fei’s question seemed to be casual, but of course, it had a hidden meaning.

With this in mind, Chen Zhong’s forehead began to show a slight cold sweat.

“Damn, I’m also worried about the Dark Council. I almost forgot that I’m the one who seeks skins with tigers.”

Chen Zhong thoughts for a while, then gave birth to 120 vigilance, the complexion changed, and a charming smile came out, saying:

“My lord, my System is the primary system. You ca n’t do junk. You do n’t need to pay attention to my lord.” Chen Zhong said indifferently.

Long Fei Seeing Chen Zhong’s expression on his face at this time, thoughts thought it was funny.

He even thinks that his System is wrong.

The system owned by this spleen person will really have the same origin as his System and come from the same person?

Thinking of this, Long Fei thoughts couldn’t help but doubt slightly.

But then, Long Fei thought of the insipidity of his System, how many times that he was unable to vomit, and thoughts thought it was very likely. As soon as he thought about it, a smile appeared on Long Fei’s face.

“You don’t have to be so nervous, we just talk casually,” Long Fei said.

But what Long Fei didn’t know was that he didn’t laugh. It was okay to smile, so that directly alarmed Chen Zhong’s thoughts, and suddenly raised a grade:

“Not good, this person is ruthless, killing people like scything flax. How could they laugh?”

“There must be monsters when things go wrong!”

“don’t tell me Is this tempting me? Yes, it must be so. If I really act recklessly and talk about him casually, leaking a disrespectful expression, and then he will use this as an excuse. , Shoot yourself. “

“Pervert, Demon, Executioner, Ingenuity! But what a pity, I ’m Chen Zhongzong, Seventh World, I ’ve seen people, more than he ’s eaten. This trick ca n’t fool me. . “Heavy thoughts thought again and again, then cautiously looked towards Long Fei:

“My lord, Chen Zhong dare to swear by my life. My System is a primary system, and it is not a threat to big man. If my lord doesn’t believe it, I can open up the power of my System Research. “Chen Zhong’s face was determined, a look of death.

Long Fei for a moment, thoughts an impulse, I really want a slap to kill the other directly.


It’s just shameless!

Long Fei asked about Myriad Realms, and I’ve seen countless people who have to slap horses, but compared to the current Chen Zhong, it’s not a grade at all. It can be said that Chen Zhong is afraid of dying, already afraid of going to a new height.

Thinking of this, Long Fei complexion sinks, a touch of cold is already on his face:

“Okay, since you are so frank, if I don’t do what you want, I’m going to be lightly sorry.” Long Fei’s voice was extremely cold, and Chen Zhong was in an instant face pale.

The screen turns again. This is a special area.

Here, it seems to be a separate heavens and the earth.

There is no sun and moon, no stars, nothing is born of Spiritual Qi, and some, endless darkness.

But in the darkness, it is not empty. A black building stands in the clouds and is shocking. This building is like a castle in the middle of the world, but it stands in the clouds, with an incomparable gigantic chain hanging upside down and rooted under the endless earth.


At this moment, a squeak appeared, breaking the silence here.

A voice followed shortly thereafter:

“Dark Council is on.”

The sound of glomyy and cold is so incomparable, like a child who is scared, sharp and with an amazing sense of heart.

Tight, with this voice, under the endless dark starry sky, suddenly take the eye of each and everyone black hole on New Year’s Eve.

whiz whiz whiz.

Then, you see each and everyone silhouette coming out of Shuttle from the eyes of this black hole, and then moved towards this building.

A few moments later, after waiting for dozens of silhouettes to enter it, the eyes of the black hole in Void also disappeared gradually. And the door of this building closed suddenly in this brief moment.

Everything comes back to silence again.

In the room, there is only one round table.

The round table above has forty places, and at this moment has been filled by those who come in. There is only one theme, still idle.

“How long has this Dark Council not been held for a long time.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what the Darkness Lord is at this time, what’s your plan, don’t tell me to prepare for a lightly big move.”

“It’s possible, after all, Long Batian has already appeared. Long Batian did not treat us like Dark Council.”

A few voices came out.

They thought, they instinctively thought that something must have happened this time, and they thought that the Dark Council would finally make a big move.

Suddenly, a black dot appeared in one direction.

The crowd made a momentary expression, and all stopped talking, without a word, in awe.

The black dots start to enlarge a little bit, and finally freeze into a one-foot portal.

Then a silhouette emerged from it.

A silhouette of a scarlet and darkened light group wrapped this silhouette tightly and did not leak anything. Outsiders could not see the true face at all, full of mysterious feeling.

The crowd in this brief moment, also rose up suddenly, looked towards this silhouette, with awe on his face:

“Have met my Lord!”

Singing in unison, everyone worshiped directly.

silhouette Nodded a little, then sat down.

But said nothing.

At this time, two figures, like ghosts, came directly to this Darkness Lord, suspended in midair, one person controlled a Long Sword, and one person controlled a book.