The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 5220


“Boy, you are too arrogant. Fancy? No one has ever dared to rely on this Majesty’s strength like this. You will know how naive you are.” In the Void, the shooter was furious, and immediately a huge Phantom Shadow Just shake it.

Boom boom!

One after another star swallowed by refining, turned into the purest attack, crushed down.

This strength is so violent, any strength will be annihilated wherever it goes.

The stars are like bubbles, and everything is like dust.

It is conceivable that if this strength falls on the floating stars above, I am afraid it will be Shattered in an instant.

“It is good to say that you are fancy. This is a very pertinent suggestion. Fight when you fight, what to do to make yourself so big? It seems like you can’t kill you when you grow up.” Little Daoist Priest said lightly. , Immediately, he punched Void directly.


In an instant, this fist went retrograde and directly collided with the strength played by the Dark Council man.

There was a moment of silence, and immediately there was a shocking explosion.

The endless terrifying strength also rages in an instant, and the entire Silent Hill above also instantly turns into darkness.

“Not good, quickly start the defense, this strength is too terrifying, I can’t think of it, this…The Lord of the Dragon Court is so powerful, he actually has a frontal fight with the Dark Council’s terrifying.”

“This is amazing enough. Even if he can’t hold it, he can prove himself.”

“Wait, wait for this strength to dissipate, when the time comes, everything will end.”

When darkness fell, a voice came out like this.

For a moment, it fell silent.

But darkness is also relative.

Just like Long Fei at this time, there is no effect. But he didn’t bother to watch it, because the result was doomed. He glanced at Little Daoist Priest and found that Little Daoist Priest from start to finish had no Transformation expression on his face, and everything like a was under his control.

Long Fei was not surprised to see his expression like this.

He knew the Strength of Little Daoist Priest, and he had sensed it at the moment of Little Daoist Priest left seclusion.

Before, the Little Daoist Priest’s immortality question was defective due to the reason of the king of charm. Now that King Hemei has finally come to the end, his Dao Heart is mastered, and the Immortal Dao Body has truly released its original majesty.

It can be said that now the Little Daoist Priest is synonymous with immortality.

Of course, it’s incomparable with him.

He is the lord of eternal life and controls eternal life.

And Little Daoist Priest stands for immortality, the defender of immortality.

The simple description is that Little Daoist Priest is the highest peak of the immortal system, under him, sentient beings are above.

It is also because of this relationship that Long Fei knows the cultivation base of Little Daoist Priest well.

The Little Daoist Priest at this moment has entered the realm of life.

Moreover, it’s not Early-Stage.

It is peak.

Speaking purely from the level of the cultivation base, it is at the same level as him. This kind of cultivation base Realm itself represents the invincibility among the Origin System.

Long Fei has already compared this point.

The origin of System, equivalent to is the life of Realm. Tiancheng is somewhere between Siming and Eternal Life. It is more formidable than Siming, but it is not comparable to Siming.

As for the immortality of the two systems, they are in the same ranks.

Of course, this is only at the level of the cultivation base. In terms of battle strength, Little Daoist Priest controls the eternal Life Power, is more terrifying, has a cultivation base terrifying battle strength beyond its own, even if it is a Tiancheng System, it also has the power of battle.

Similarly, Long Fei is more terrifying.

So, there is nothing to worry about.

It’s just that Chen Zhong doesn’t think so.

Weakness limits his thinking, and he knows nothing about the cultivation base Realm. In his eyes, Supreme is Strongest.

But now, as soon as the Dark Council people took action, he knew that he thought things too simple, that kind of strength was a kind of instant kill his strength.

“My lord, good terrifying. Can Little Daoist Priest hold it?” Chen Zhong asked.

“Need doubt? You still know too little about Little Daoist Priest.” Long Fei said softly.

Chen Zhong was taken aback.

He can’t see what the Little Daoist Priest is now, but he doesn’t dare to doubt what Long Fei said. After all, according to what he knew about Long Fei, if there were any accidents in this battle, Long Fei would have already shot it.

“Then my lord, if those people really shot together, what will happen?” Chen Zhong asked.

He has blind confidence in Long Fei, but slightly doubts and reservations about Little Daoist Priest.

“Hey, you just watch it. Also, you can study the Little Daoist Priest routine. Your arrogance as always, not good-looking.” Long Fei said calmly and changed the subject.

He doesn’t want to entangle Chen Zhong on this issue. After all, a person’s cognition and vision are here, even if Long Fei tells him the result, his thoughts will be worried.

Instead of this, it’s better to wait for the final conclusion to shock him.

Long Fei didn’t expect it to be. The transformation of his own emotions directly caused Chen Zhong thoughts to panic.

For an instant, Chen Zhong fell silent.

A great panic directly enveloped my heart.

In an instant, the pressure that this battle put on him disappeared instantly.

In contrast, a sentence from Long Fei made him think about it!

Not pretty?

What does this mean?

Are you going to die?

When he thought of this, Chen Zhong suddenly broke into a cold sweat.

“My lord, don’t. I’m the most faithful running dog under your sect.” Chen Zhong said quickly.

Long Fei:…

Long Fei was shocked and speechless. He just said casually that he didn’t expect such a big impact on Chen Zhong.

“Forget it, just treat it like I didn’t say it, just watch it carefully. After today, the name of Long Court will spread throughout the entire first world.” Long Fei said.

Similarly, his thoughts are also a little emotional.

After all, Long Ting was founded by him. Now if he can survive in the first world, his thoughts will naturally feel relieved.

At this moment, the mountain is trembling below, and thoughts’ mind is also an instant Transformation.

He couldn’t see the battle, but he felt that Long Fei would never die. Because in Little Daoist Priest, he saw the shadow of Long Fei.

He thought this time Long Fei would personally shoot. But Long Fei directly made an arm-flinging shopkeeper this time, and simply didn’t make a move.

“He is your Master? Impossible, this is absolutely impossible. How can a person like you have a Master.” Zhenshan mutter to oneself.

He doesn’t know who the Little Daoist Priest is, but he absolutely doesn’t believe that he will be the Master of Long Fei.

He simply didn’t believe what Long Fei said. He felt that everything Long Fei said was just a joke.

He was acting with others, setting up a shocking situation, playing everyone as a fool.

But now, he can only watch, because everything is unknown. He can judge further only after he has written it down.

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