The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 5221


One Time, a clear moment of panic enveloped everyone.

None of them are stupid, the terrifying of the strength just now is enough to annihilate a galaxy.

But now, the strength is gone, but one person is missing.

No one would think that this was the Dark Council powerhouse escaped.

Then there is only one reason, and that is he died!

On the Void, several people who belong to the Dark Council instantly looked at each other in blank dismay. They looked in front of them, harmless to humans and animals, still with a simple Little Daoist Priest, with sudden changes in their eyes.

Even the people on Silent Hill knew that that person was dead, so they also had this answer long ago.

“You…you killed him!” Someone gave a horror.

“Is there anything to the outside? I came out, didn’t I just kill you? By the way, you should go together. My disciple said, it’s useless for me to take you up and kill each and everyone. Anyway, you finally It’s also inevitable to die, so let’s go together and I will give you a good time.” Little Daoist Priest said lightly.

Long Fei ;……

“Do you want to tell the truth this way?” Long Fei was helpless.

But I feel that the passage of Little Daoist Priest now has a different flavor.

Although it shows that it is calm and quiet, the words are heart-shaped, which brings inexplicable pressure.

“You…you are too arrogant.”

“Lord of the Dragon Court, you don’t know what awe is.”

“If we act together, you won’t even know you are dead.”

In an instant, a loud rage erupted directly from the Void.

Not only the Dark Council, but also the System Center.

All furious.

Because they know that the Little Daoist Priest sentence also includes what they gave.

Although they have been afraid of the Strength of Little Daoist Priest, they still have to show such a gesture now. Because their representative is the Dark Council, which is the System Center.

So they must not bow their heads.

“Then what are you waiting for, I said in the disciple. Let me act more simply, don’t give you a chance to talk nonsense, the most annoying thing about him is seeing you guys pretend to be in front of him.” Little Daoist Priest continued. .

After that, he took a sudden step and came directly to the middle of the two floating stars.

“Come on, I’m ready.” Little Daoist Priest looked determined and took a deep breath, as if going to a great war.

But only Long Fei thoughts knew that Little Daoist Priest took a deep breath, but he was not used to such a scene yet.

I’m not used to having such a person in front, but using an invincible posture to get rid of everyone.

That’s it.

Not because of fear.

After all, these people have no capital to scare Little Daoist Priest.

For a while, Void above, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, they felt an unprecedented insult.

They have always been aloof and remote.

They dominate ten Supreme worlds.

Who dares to be arrogant in front of them?

But today, they felt that they had been pulled down from the altar, and their dignity was crushed to the ground by the Little Daoist Priest, rubbing wantonly.

“Go on, kill him!”

“Go together, since he was courting death, we will fulfill him.”

“Yes, let’s go together. For this kind of people who have a little influence and act recklessly, there is no need to talk about any principles. Let’s go together!”

Immediately, one after another sound erupted.

Rarely, the Dark Council and System Center people contacted for the first time.

next moment, one after another terrifying strength bursts on several people.

Their strength is beyond the ordinary level. Supreme is the peak of this world. But their strength has reached the origin level.

So their strength, for this world, is a kind of suppression.

But this is completely useless for Little Daoist Priest.

He is not a member of this world.

His strength is not System strength, so this suppression is completely useless.


Heavens and the earth roar.

The strength of the nine origins can be called extinct heavens and the earth, and their strength erupts at this time, directly forming a Death Space. It seems that there is only one result within the envelope of their strength, and that is death!

It seems that everyone just wants to die at Little Daoist Priest.

So each of them now has strongest strength, no specific moves, and no specific Merit Law.

Only the purest and most violent strength.

Below, Long Fei looked at Thoughts with a slight worry.

Others can’t see this operation, but they can’t hide it from his eyes.

The strength they used at this time seems to involve some kind of rule, which directly maximizes strength.

“System, what kind of strength is this?” Long Fei asked hurriedly, silent.

“This is the strength that the System can reach after reaching the origin level. The place of origin is the Place of Origin of the System civilization. Anyone who can reach this kind of strength in the System can imprint themselves in Ancestral Land System imprint.”

“When the time comes, an existence similar to the brain will be born out of their strength. The strength they display at this time is the strongest strength that the brain can display after the brain does the work. “System explained.

Long Fei’s heart is shocked.

Suddenly he thought of Girl System.


Isn’t the System girl just the brain? Don’t tell me that your System has reached the origin level at that time?

As if seeing Long Fei’s question, System explained: “The intellectual brain that you awakened at the beginning does not belong to you to a certain extent. It is the remaining intellectual brain after you deciphered the supercomputer. The brain shadow, then fusion System, appeared briefly.” System explained.

Long Fei was suddenly stunned.

He never thought that the origins of Girl System were so complicated.

“When you go to the place of origin in the future and find her again, true will become your System brain, and you will find that it is more heavenly defying.” System said again.

Long Fei click nodded.

He will naturally not forget his quest.

But at the moment, he is more concerned about whether Little Daoist Priest can resist this strength.

“Can Little Daoist Priest now be withstood?” Long Fei asked.

“I don’t know. The strength on him is not something I can understand.” System replied.

Long Fei did not continue to ask questions. He knew that System strength and immortal strength were at the same level. Influence each other, but also fear each other.

No one can do nothing.

So System said that it doesn’t know the strength of immortality, not at all, it’s strange.

On this thought, Long Fei retracted his mind, closed Space, and waited quietly.

At this time, Little Daoist Priest still has no Transformation on his face.

But the Aura on his body began to change, and his body seemed to become illusory, becoming an existence that seems to exist.

And he is still chanting the scriptures in his mouth.

“I will never die.”

“Wait, death is death!”

The voice in Little Daoist Priest’s mouth stopped abruptly.

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