The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 5222


In sight, the entire Star River broke, and a star fell directly.

Upon the Little Daoist Priest, all strength is involved.

The floating stars in the Dark Council and System Center are no accident, in a flash vanished.

If it weren’t for the people above, they would have known the danger and left early, maybe they would have died now.

“No, how is this possible.”

“Damn, what strength is this anyway.”

“It is the Temple of Promise, the strength of the Temple of Promise, damn, damn, damn!”

At this moment, a scream broke out.

However, this is the most useless.

No matter how angry and miserable they are, they can’t stop the erosion of Life Power.

In an instant, their strength disappeared without a trace, only the strength of Little Daoist Priest still wreaked havoc in the Void.

Immediately afterwards, the nine silhouettes were also directly entangled. Without any accident, the body began to become nothingness.

“no! ”

“Lord of the Dragon Court, if you dare to kill us, you are declaring war on the first world. No matter how strong you are, you will never be able to hold the Dark Council and System Center.”

“I will leave here. Your Dragon Court won. In the future, your Dragon Court will be the number one Four Great Influences in the world. How?”

The threat and the begging for mercy appeared at the same time.

But Little Daoist Priest remain unmoved.

“My disciple said that those who beg for mercy will kill them directly. As for the threats, if there is an opportunity, get them to the Nine Clan. So you should die.” Little Daoist Priest said.

Following his voice, it was tantamount to directly condemning several people to death. In an instant, their silhouette disappeared completely, erased from the space between heavens and the earth.

No longer exists.

The entire Void was recovered and calmed in an instant.

Only the silhouette of Little Daoist Priest is still floating above the Void.

As for Silent Hill, it’s dead silence.

Two people with super influence… just so destroyed?

That kind of strength makes them feel desperate.

I didn’t expect, even if it was formidable to that point, it was still flying ash annihilation in the hands of Little Daoist Priest.

One Time, no one dared to speak.

But not speaking, does not mean that their thoughts are not shocked.

This is the giant of the first world, the supreme existence of aloof and remote. But in the end, he fell to the altar and was erased because of the Dragon Court.

Although only a few experts were erased, it was already extremely shocking to him.

“Who else?” At this moment, Little Daoist Priest suddenly said.

The tone is still indifferent, without a shocking imposing manner.

However, these simple words seem to be a nightmare for everyone, and all of them Divine Soul trembles in an instant.

“I said in the discipline that after killing the enemy, I must ask who else? Only then can I know and see if there is still who is dissatisfied with me. If not, I will leave. If there is, I will continue. Kill.” Little Daoist Priest’s voice fell faintly.

Long Fei’s thoughts are also quite shocking.

These words…he didn’t say it, but he did.

Let Little Daoist Priest come to stand up, but Little Daoist Priest has never done such a thing, maybe only at this time, add a sentence that my discipline once said before speaking, can he make his thoughts more stable.

Long Fei never expected it.

The personality of Little Daoist Priest was established in this way.

And that sentence, as I said in the discipline, swept the entire first world in just a few days.

And the reputation of Long Ting also spread.

Long Fei looked at the Little Daoist Priest on the Void, though it was slightly warm. He could feel that the current Aura of Little Daoist Priest was extremely weak, and he was just holding on.

Or, he didn’t have to stay.

The reason why he was waiting for the world to be quiet, said this sentence, he thought he was very arrogant, in order to complete the explanation of Long Fei and make the world scared.

“Master, there is nothing wrong here. Leave the rest to me.” Long Fei said quickly.

I can’t help but say that I just passed the Yong Life Power directly, which made Little Daoist Priest’s complexion better.

The Little Daoist Priest silhouette flashed directly into the floating world.

But of course, this is for everyone.

Little Daoist Priest not at all enter it, but directly introduce Long Fei into the coffin of eternal life.

He is too weak now. If he is not replenished in time, he may damage the Dao body.

Now he is leaving, if Little Daoist Priest can’t be in a peak position, his thoughts will not rest assured.

But all this was done quietly, and no one simply noticed.

“Now that I am in this position, who else is upset? If I am upset, I can tell. My Master is still there anyway, so you can discuss it with him.” Long Fei said proudly.

However, this is already a blatant threat.

“No need, the dragon lord is strong, and the dragon court is in that position, as it should be by rights.”

“Yes, yes, let Senior take a good rest, no need to come out again.”

“I can’t wait to have any comments!”

For an instant, everyone said one after another.

There is no rebuttal.

Long Fei was very satisfied with nodded, but looked towards the direction of Zhenshan.

Coldly snorted.

But it was this sound that made the shaking mountain on the floating stars like a great enemy, whole body shivered.

He saw the battle behind him all the way. He sees the terrifying of Little Daoist Priest deeply. This kind of strength, even if their auction house can achieve this level, will definitely not exceed the first-hand tree.

Similarly, the Dark Council or the System Center, who can mention on equal terms with Little Daoist Priest, will definitely not exceed this number.

“Good terrifying strength, really strong Yong Life Power. However, I still don’t believe that he is your Master. Long Fei, you can fool others, but you can’t fool me.” Zhenshan thoughts.

He still believes in his own judgment and does not believe that Little Daoist Priest is the Master of Long Fei.

On the contrary, he is more willing to believe that Little Daoist Priest was cultivated by Long Fei himself.

“Zhenshan, keep talking, I think it’s almost time now. Since the System Center and Dark Council people are gone. Then you can continue. Tell me the purpose of this operation.” At this time, While his thoughts were still thinking, Long Fei’s voice suddenly fell.

Zhenshan suddenly regained consciousness.

I didn’t dare to hesitate, and went straight to the floating world, looking at Long Fei aloof and remote, with a look of gaze, his eyes dodge, and he didn’t dare to meet Long Fei’s eyes.

At this moment, Long Fei really achieved Supreme.

He said that no one is allowed on him, that is, no one is allowed.

But in the face of this, no one dared to question it. Because this is Long Fei, born out of it.

Who dares not accept?

If you don’t accept it, you will die!

He seemed to be asking, but everyone knew that he was only asking Long Fei.

“I’m tired, I’ll talk tomorrow.” Long Fei smiled faintly and said softly.

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