The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 5223

It has caused an uproar.

Each and everyone is obscure, with a vague silhouette of rays of light shining with alternative rays of light. At this time, a terrifying to indescribable Aura erupts on the body.

“What a dragon court, this is hitting our System Center in the face. I can’t bear it, absolutely can’t bear it.”

“Yes, if we endure it today, we will be the jokes of the entire first world. The supreme majesty of our System Center cannot be provoke.”

“Several origins can’t help but a small dragon court. It seems that it is time to dispatch our heritage and let the world know the formidable of our System Center.”


One after another sound fell among several light curtains.

The words are full of anger.

This is an unprecedented thing. Anyone in front of their System Center must timid and be careful.

But today their System Center is completely planted.

Long Fei a slap directly pulled down the altar. If they don’t show their own posture now, it is undoubtedly telling the entire first world that they have admitted that it is not the opponent of Long Fei.

This point is unacceptable to them anyway, and it is precisely because of this that they will now show this kind of emotion, to suppress and kill Long Fei, warn others from following bad examples.

On the other hand, in an unknown place, in darkness. Thinking of forcibly terrifying broke out from it:

“Damn, damn, humble existence, dare to provoke my Dark Council, it cannot be tolerated.”

“Kill him, you must kill him. This time out of the first world is his death date!”

“Now start to convene powerhouse, prepare to kill outside the first world, must let the heavens and the earth know who can’t provoke.”

One after another sound fell. They were full of anger like System Center, and wanted to kill Long Fei to show themselves.

And all of this has nothing to do with Long Fei. At this time, Long Fei was on his floating star, looking at the little Taoist with concern.

“How do you feel? Why do you fight like this?” Long Fei asked.

This time the little Taoist really did it, and now he has been suppressing his injuries. Others can’t feel it, but Long Fei can know it clearly. Because he is the Lord of Eternal Life, he can naturally feel the current body condition of the little Taoist priest.

“Senior Brother has done so much for me. I haven’t done anything for Senior Brother. This time Senior Brother wants to stand in front of everyone, how can I let Senior Brother down?” The little Taoist said firmly with a face .

“What a big deal, at worst, I personally shot it, and I can also shock them.” Long Fei said, and now Long Fei thoughts are a bit regretful.

If he wasn’t too obsessed with hiding himself, the little Taoist would not have to suffer such pain when he was alive. But from another aspect, this time the little Taoist fights to death is also good for him. Although the little Taoist has tyrannical means, he has experienced too few battles. Only by struggling between life and death can he Let him see through that he walked on a new path to immortality.

Otherwise, his immortal Dao body will never be able to release its true rays of light.

“As long as I can satisfy the Senior Brother, I will not hesitate.” The little Taoist said firmly, without the slightest regret on his face, he was still very firm.

“You don’t have to be so risky in the future. With me, I will definitely protect you.” Long Fei said.

This is his belief, and the purpose of his cultivation is to protect.

The little Taoist priest is now one of the people he needs to guard.

“Ai, Senior Brother, you don’t really need to be like this. I’m already very strong now. I can also block one side. You will leave it to me when you go out of Long Court this time. I will definitely protect the sister-in. -laws.” The little Taoist said, with a touch of cold light in his eyes.

It seems that if someone wants to come to Long Court to make trouble, he will definitely suppress and kill one party ruthless.

“Don’t worry, of course I don’t worry. But your current state still needs to be adjusted. So, anyway, there is Time. You continue to cultivation in the coffin of eternal life. I will naturally find a way to send you away tomorrow.”

Long Fei said.

This is his true purpose. He previously said that he wanted to sleep, not to get tired in front of everyone, but to give the little Taoist time and let the little Taoist recover as soon as possible.

Only in this way, Long Fei thoughts can be more assured if Long Ting is handed over to the little Taoist priest.

“Well, everything is subject to Senior Brother’s orders.”

Long Fei no longer hesitated, Brother directly activated the Light of Eternal Life and let the little Taoist priest enter it.

In a blink of an eye, one day Time passed.

There was still no sound in the entire Silent Hill, and if Long Fei did not speak, they would definitely not dare to say one more word.

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