The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 5224

In this way, they are even more sure that Long Fei is a strong second generation who relies on the little Taoist priest, and he simply has no Strength.

If there is no little Taoist to support him, he will not be qualified here at all.

That must be the case, if not, he would never say such a thing now.

When I think of this, everyone’s thoughts feel cold.

The words of the little Taoist are true, the jade is not polished, and it is not a weapon, but the key is that they simply won’t give Long Fei a chance to grow up, even if he is because of unpolished jade, he must turn it into a hard stone.

But there are still people in the field who don’t think so.

That is Zhenshan.

“Damn, he is digging a pit, he must be digging a pit, what does he want? What does he want?” Zhenshan knows Long Fei too well. In the seventh world, Long Fei was so weak that To such an extent, I dare to confront him directly, not to mention that he is now formidable so that he can’t even see through him.

Will he say such words?

It’s impossible!

So subconsciously, he thinks that Long Fei must be digging a hole now, and seems to be deliberately expressing that he is so unbearable, inspiring the murderous intention of other thoughts on him.

But he dare not say.

Even if he now knows that Long Fei is laying out, even if he wants to kill everyone.

But he dared not say it at all.

Because he knew it, from the moment Jialuo and Caleb died yesterday. Long Fei has already had a killing intent against him. If he is showing a little bit more and makes Long Fei dissatisfied, he does not guarantee that Long Fei will kill him on the spot.

Instead, Chen Zhong is also dumbfounded now beside Long Fei.

Watching Long Fei’s improvisation, he deeply felt a sense of powerlessness. He felt that he still had a long section of the road to go.

“This killer star must be ready to kill. The poor group of fools actually believe it. They don’t really think they can act wilfully if they step out of this first world, right?”

Chen Zhong thoughts.

For a time, he mourned for everyone.

At the same time, he was deeply shocked by Long Fei’s acting skills. If he didn’t know Long Fei too much, he might even be fooled by Long Fei’s performance.

Naturally, he wouldn’t say much. He wanted to use it to see how many fools would come out of this world tomorrow to die.

“Disciple, you have to learn to be self-improvement and self-improvement. You should leave first as a teacher.” At this time, the little Taoist left a sentence, and then turned into a stream of light, disappeared.

Everyone dumbstruck, looking at the little Taoist priest who just disappeared, the thoughts of thoughts burst to the extreme in an instant, but they are still forbearing, and they have to get out of this world before they will explode the Evil Thought true of thoughts.

At this time, a line of sight of Long Fei fell on Zhenshan.

There is a meaningful smile in his eyes.

In an instant, the mountain was like an enemy.

He understands.

Long Fei is not only digging a hole, but also wants him to cooperate and guide everyone to jump into the hole.

But can he refuse?

No, he doesn’t dare!

Forcibly suppressing the shock of Thoughts, he said: “hmph, now that everything is ready, let’s be ready to go, a day wasted for nothing.”

As soon as this sentence came out, a cold light appeared in everyone’s eyes.

If thoughts were a little skeptical before, they have completely disappeared now.

Even Tianneng auction houses have shown such an attitude. Doesn’t it mean that Long Fei itself is a useless Waste?

Thinking of this, their eyes fell on Long Fei, with a deep chill.

Long Fei is truly a shivered.

He even hid directly behind Chen Zhong.

Chen Zhong’s face was speechless, didn’t expect Long Fei to be so deep in acting with no opportunity, vividly and thoroughly in all aspects, even this point was considered.

As Long Fei has no running dogs, he naturally knows that it is time for him to perform.

next moment He stepped directly forward, facing everyone’s gaze and said: “What do you want to do? Don’t think that the dragon lord is gone, you can be arrogant, tell you there is me here, if any of you dare to move us Young Master, I’ll kill you!”

Chen Zhong’s gnashing teeth said, showing a determination to protect Long Fei with his own life.

As soon as this statement came out, everyone’s eyes became even more disdainful. Although Chen Zhong was formidable, he was not yet terrifying them. They are really worried about the little Taoist priest, and Chen Zhong’s performance now is undoubtedly telling them that Long Fei is now only himself.

Only Long Fei fell to the end, but after everyone entered, Long Fei’s face also appeared cold: “If you want to kill me, it depends on how many lives you have. “

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