The No. 584 Chapter ugly Beauty

  "are you crazy! Fighting on the fight, what is the ghost? Scared me! ”Xiaoshuai cursed loudly.

  Mu Yu stared at the Red Moon, but did not expect that the most powerful "Jiujiuyiyi" sword method used by him could not easily win this perverted woman. The strength of the other side was beyond the imagination of Mu Yu.

  "Despicable Terran, you dare to hurt our great Luna! You damn it! ”

  The sound of the Red Moon was very sharp, and his face was extremely distorted. Then her body began to appear deformed under the moonlight!

  At this time, the whole person of the Red Moon has already become different from human beings. The bones and joints in her beautiful body creaked in a burst of screams, and then the whole body suddenly grew a lot of dark red ugly scales, reflecting the cold moonlight, which looked strange. extremely.

  "How is this guy more narcissistic than Xiaoshuai, still great, it is shameful!"Mu Yu stared at the guy in disgust.

  "That is, I dare not claim to be great, this guy is really shameless! It is not a demon! How can it look different? ”Xiaoshuai cried curiously.

  The shape of the Red Moon is no longer so bumpy, but it becomes very bloated, like a long time in the corpse water, and even a pair of red-red wings grow on the back, no hair on the wings, and the edges are covered with dark red. The scales are pure fleshy wings and chubby.

  Especially the face, which has been completely distorted, like being boiled by boiling water, has become very red, and there is a red feather on it, as if the feathers on the wings have grown to the face, very weird. The guy's mouth was thin and long, like a crack, and he couldn't see his lips.

  The red moon, which used to be a national glory, turned into a funny and ugly monster in a blink of an eye.

  "Damn! It turns out that her two big peaks are also fake! ”

  Xiaoshuai looked at the chest of the Red Moon with a slight regret. There were two corners. At this moment, one of the corners had been cut off by the wood feathers. Only one corner was protruding, and the cold edge was shining.

  "Listen to the sound and know that this thing is definitely ugly! It’s so ugly to have a beautiful voice. ”Mu Yu feels that the monsters that can do things in the place of the funeral valley will never be better.

  "What do you think of it like? The Yao people are not so ugly! And I don’t know this monster! ”Xiaoshuai looked at the monster for a long time.

  Xiaoshuai is proficient in all the monster language, and naturally knows many monsters, but he has never seen such an ugly monster.

  Mu Yu has never seen such an ugly monster, but he has not dealt with the Yao people for one or two times. The Yao people have a special demon power, and this ugly monster has no such thing.

  "Take what it is, kill it first!"

  Mu Yu lifted the shadow sword, could not help but say a sword gas directly greeted up, the blue sword mans rose again. However, the fleshy wings behind the red moon were forced to blow up a hurricane, and the whole body quickly retreated.

  "Comprehensive, you damn it!"

  The red moon flashed, angrily reaching out the scaled hand, stroking the broken corner of the chest, showing a painful look in his eyes, apparently breaking a corner has already caused it to be seriously injured.


  The Red Moon was constantly surging in the body, and then suddenly there were countless swords in its body.

The spurt went out and dissipated in the air. That is what the wood feathers have just invaded the body of the sword, and it was forced out by it!

  Mu Yu knows that his sword is still affecting it, so the moment is no longer hesitant, the wind and the heart of the heart again appear around, Xiaoshuai has jumped into the line, the blue light from the Xiaoshuai body lit up.

  Then a shadow suddenly spurred over and fell into the battle, and it was a dragon.

  "What about the old man?"Mu Yu asked.

  "I want him to stay."

  The dragon vines pointed out a dragon's claw and pointed a large stone in the distance. At this moment, Xu Xu was stunned to explore the situation there, clearly afraid of the situation here, and could not help but want to see.

  "Old man, hide yourself."Mu Yu shouted.

  The old Xu head nodded hard and nodded, and the head retracted, revealing half of the face, just do not want to miss this battle, after all, can see the immortal shot can let him go back and brag for many years.

  "You are coming right!" Let's cut off the ugly wings together! ”

  Xiaoshuai has a small hand on his waist, and a small hand has already held a giant sword! The giant sword began to strip out the lightning in the air, so that the white hair of the whole body was upside down.

  "Why cut your wings?"

  As soon as the dragon claws stepped, the shadow of the wood feathers spurred out and evolved into the sword shape of Long Xiaotian, which was swallowed by it. Its whole body became like a powerful but light giant sword, falling on the side of Xiaoshuai.

  "Look at the fleshy wings, it must be delicious to roast!"Xiaoshuai said with a sigh of relief, while a small hand wiped his mouth.

  "Where, how do you even eat such disgusting things, it is out of the corpse of Huang Quan!"Long Teng’s body broke out with a strong sword meaning, and it resisted the impulse to give Xiao Shuai a sword.

  "The wings I feel can boil the taste of braised pork ribs, and the taste of the meat birds in the mountains is the same. I last gave the meat birds a taste of braised pork ribs."

  "Really? Braised pork ribs? Then I have to taste it. ”

 Longteng likes the braised pork ribs that Xiaoshuai has done. He just dismissed Xiaoshuai’s taste. He turned it around in the blink of an eye.

  "Do you both eat that one not afraid of trouble? Can you still kill people directly and happily? Isn't it better for us to catch meat birds? ”

  Mu Yu has some headaches and looks at the two wonderful things around him. He is not only nonsense, but also able to discuss what he eats. So both of them are disgusting! I really don't know which rib is wrong!

  They are discussing the grilled wings here, but the red moon has already rushed over. The only remaining corner of the chest has a dazzling red light, and then the red light spurts out, as if it can tear the void, the power of it can not be underestimated.

  "Braised ribs!"

  Longtan screamed, the whole body had already greeted the red light, and a dragon spurted out from its mouth, turning into a sharp blue sword, all of which covered the red light all at once.

  However, the red light was very strangely circumvented from the shadow of the sky, and the sacred water of Huangquan swept up, and all the swords and shadows of the dragon vines were swallowed up.

  "Spicy grilled wings!"

  Xiaoshuai also shouted, and then the sword in his hand flashed blue and slammed toward the distant red moon.

  Its Tianjian with a magnificent lightning, the thunder and lightning, as if to be able to repel thousands of evil spirits, when Huang Quan corpse encounters electric light, it seems to be deliberately avoiding the general, not dare to confront each other.

  This Huangquan corpse fruit is afraid of lightning!

  However, Chiyue himself was not afraid of thunder and lightning. Its red light flashed and rushed to the front of the wooden feathers. It suddenly exploded. Thousands of red and white glare flickered and turned into thousands of thin silk threads, which entangled toward the wood feathers.

  Mu Yu’s sword in his hand was wrongly added, and the red line of the cobweb was completely destroyed. The red moon had already been deceived, and the long corner of the chest turned into a weapon to the top of the wooden feather door.

  "If you have just come over the big ball that has just surged, I will let you forget it."

  Mu Yu snorted, but the action in his hand was not slow. The shadow sword crossed the chest, and the violent sword gas collided with the horns again, repelling the red moon.

  At the same time, Mu Yu’s momentum has risen again, and the shadow sword is divided into nine, and the fierce sword is once again differentiated.

  The red moon does not dare to smash the sword of the wood feather. Its horn is a powerful weapon, but it will be crushed by a sword that is unstoppable by Mu Yu. Therefore, it must be careful not to let the remaining corners be broken. .

  Huang Quan's corpse water rushed to the ground, and the dead bones smashed in the corpse water. He was controlled by Chi Yue in his hand and turned into a thick shield with a skull with a red eye.

  The shield is very heavy, and the whole body has a yellowish color, which is the solidification of the sinister water. Its hardness has already surpassed everything.

  At the same time, Mu Yu once again stabbed the simple sword!

  A sword is illusory, and there is only one sword!

  The horrible swords are swaying in the blink of an eye, and the road is simple, and the sword is unbeatable! Jianguang has risen up and down, and all the auras around him have been smashed, and even a fissure in the void has appeared. The sacred sword of the world is so stabbed on the shield of the solidification of Huangquan corpse –

  "Card wipe!"

  The indestructible corpse water shield suddenly appeared a crack, the red moon smashed, the whole person pulled back and the shield was also split and split into a powder. A sword of Mu Yu was killed in the corpse of Huang Quan, and a large piece of Huangquan corpse was evaporated again!


  The burial valley can no longer withstand the degree of swordsmanship, the ground has been cracked, the stone is falling, and the gap in the entire burial valley has become more massive.

  Mu Yu gasped, and used it twice in a row. It cost him a lot of spiritual power. At this moment, the black and white spirit in the body is flowing fast, and it seems that it is far from being supplied.

  I am afraid that Mu Yu wants to use the third time ninety-nine to return to at least several hours!

  "Exhausted? Then it's my turn! ”

  The red moon suddenly grew up with a narrow mouth. No one thought that its mouth, which had only a small slit, opened up in no way to the python's mouth, and a terrible suction came from its mouth.

  The chaotic rock debris around it has been sucked into it, and what is even more terrifying is that the khaki yellow corpse is turned into a water column and poured into its mouth!

  This ugly eight stranger is actually drinking Huangquan corpse!

  "Vool–" Xiaoshuai and Longteng both retched, and Mu Yu also felt that this guy was really abnormal, even Huang Quan corpse drink.

  However, after the sacred water of Huangquan was irrigated by the Red Moon, the atmosphere of the whole person in the Red Moon was getting stronger and stronger, and even faintly surpassed the distraction period. It seems that there is a tendency to reach the fit period!

  "Not good, can't let it suck! Stop it! ”Mu Yu shouted!

  The belly of the Red Moon was getting bigger and bigger, and then stopped smoking, like a full, rancid corpse like a sword, splattered.

  The pattern of the foot of Mu Yu has not yet had time to flash, UU reading www. The yellow corpse of has been sprinkled on him and flicked him out.

  Xiaoshuai and Longteng were directly swallowed up by the swift yellow corpse water and disappeared into the ruined valley!

  "Little handsome, Long Teng! Are you both right? ”Mu Yu shouted.

  He was splashed with disgusting things, and he was going to use the spirit to put these east
West cleared it, but he suddenly changed his face, because Huang Quan’s corpse water directly sucked away the spiritual power of him! He disappeared with his spirits and disappeared immediately!

  This strange and disgusting Huangquan corpse water also has the effect of restraining spiritual power!

  Mu Yu looked at the slimy water of his hand and found that even the spiritual power to maintain the flight was swallowed up. The whole person suddenly fell to the Huangquan corpse under the burial valley!

  "Can't fly? Then go to hell! ”

  The silhouette of the Red Moon is very fast. The corner of the chest is suddenly on the chest of the wooden feather. The wood feather is slightly shocked. The front side is sharp, the sharp corner is scraped from his shoulder, and his shoulder is a shocking wound. Deep visible bone!

  "Not so much!"

  The red moon kicked on the back of Mu Yu and dragged him into the corpse of Huang Quan. The sacred water of Huangquan was turbulent, and the huge waves of the sky rolled over, forming a huge skull-like appearance, opening a large mouth of blood, and swallowing the wood feathers at once!

  The dark and rancid corpse shrouded the wood feathers!

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